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  1. I sell more mitas AC85 than anything else they are about $850 the TD bias is $700 made in Charles city IA
  2. I have had a few of these mowers and had pretty good luck. I always change them to combine guards and bolts instead of rivets for the sections
  3. Getting more ground ready to plant
  4. My father in-law looking for one now. Planning on butchering a bunch of hogs and giving it away
  5. I like the hydraulic controls better and reverser on the colum on an MX especially for mowing and baling
  6. Same here everybody wants them for all the cheap and free butcher hogs
  7. I like your method on this one
  8. Coming up on 12 years here congratulations!!!
  9. Pretty isolated here, we are used to getting all the news while eating breakfast at the Old Home Cafe but can’t do that now!!!
  10. Sonderman charolais Portsmouth IA. Have had at least ten of his bulls and loved them. They are like pets
  11. I grew up farming with grandpa and my uncle. They farmed about 2000 acres corn and beans and grandpa ran about 200 cows and usually had 500-800 head on feed. My dad was a large animal vet at the time and has since switched to all small animal. My grandpa and dad helped me by a full line of hay machinery and two tractors the summer I turned 13 (1999). I slowly bought a few cows raised some from bottle calves and started taking over my grandpas rented pasture through high school. I also worked at a local case IH dealer, and went to Deisel school my senior year. By the time I graduated I was up to 80 cows, about 500 acres row crop and was working full time as a union millwright. After a year of no sleep and farming at night I went to farming full time. Everything went great for several years I got up to about 1500 acres of row crop, 300 cows and was feeding about 1000 head. Got caught with too many cattle on feed when we had the $7 corn lost 500 acres in Missouri River flood in 2011 then the drought in 2012 pretty much was the last straw. We still farmed our row crop ground in 2013 but sold out in spring of 2014. I bought a 97 Freightliner and and old Timpte hopper and went over the road. Never sat in a tractor or combine for 5 years!!! Trucking has been very good to us and we now run 6 trucks, have a repair business and sell seed corn, parts ,oil and tires. I started farming with my uncle last year with plans to take over within the next few years.
  12. Little different shape than the ones I’ve had but isn’t that pretty close to a slug wrench for a combine?
  13. A little bit late but here our some of our 2019 pics
  14. I sell tires out of my shop and have had good luck with Alliance implement tires but the complete opposite with the rears. I’m surprised they made it that far. Our number one seller is Mitas. Have had a few titans get bulges in sidewalls lately
  15. Nothing wrong with that!! Used 5488 and 12 row 7000 for a long time
  16. 340 and 2140 24 row 20” these days since I have started working with my uncle
  17. I always had trouble keeping my 4500 level. The cylinders were always creeping down on one side or the other.
  18. That kind of dirt looks just like Missouri River bottom!
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