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  1. On 5/1/2021 at 8:00 AM, acem said:

    Here in Arkansas beef cattle live outside. Nobody needs a barn. They even leave their round hay outside. Thx-Ace 

    They seem to do ok outside here in Iowa also. 

  2. My main 88 series problem was the priority valve under the cab floor other than that I had good luck. A magnum seat and updated AC does help a lot though

  3. We have been on 20” corn for over 10 years and would never go back. We get by for under $15/ace on chemicals because of the early canopy. As 1660 says it’s about the same on good ground but we gain a lot in the hills, gumbo and irrigated ground. 

  4. We have an excellent carquest here it’s owned by an ex GM mechanic who was a truck mechanic before that. He bought it from the original owner who had it probably 50 years (Big A Auto Parts then). I have had a charge account there since I was in high school. They also do some machine work. I don’t go anywhere else or care if it’s cheaper elsewhere. 

  5. Not much fun around here today but kept going till about 2 when I couldn’t keep the wipers from freezing every 2 minutes 


  6. Pretty much back to normal here. Everyone has a sign on the door that says wear a mask but not many do anymore. Went to Texas Roadhouse Friday night, it was clear full with all the tables they could pack in there

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