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  1. 4 hours ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

    Has anyone bolted one of those grain gates that they sell at farm stores to the side and cut a hole. Was reinforcement of the bin side necessary? Anybody think it might work?

    We have one of those on almost every bin door on the bottom sheetwith no reinforcement. I have unloaded our 48 foot sukup bin twice from full through the door with no problems. If it has stiffeners it will be fine

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  2. 2 hours ago, dads706 said:


    Yep, that's the place. Couple miles north/west of me.  How do you know him Farmer John?

    Then you know that 'Tiny' just east of him lost his machine shed and a couple bins.

    Heard that a guy northwest of this picture lost a couple bins also. If you follow the path going south east, I heard there were some other bins lost down there too.

    Uncle good friends with him and I do quite a bit of grain hauling for them at harvest. Tinys mom graduated high school with my grandma from magnolia and they are good friends 

  3. 21 hours ago, dads706 said:

    My renter lost buildings and bins, neighbor a mile north lost everything but the house (buildings/bins/shop).  Everyone's bins were empty and harvest in a couple months. I would guess 200K bushels minimum of grain storage is now junk.

    A friend (I can see his place from here) has big tree on the house, several others pulled out by the roots, other trees just scattered all over. No buildings lost, but some damage. Told him I'd be over in the morning with my chain saws. Couple guys brought generators. Wanted to go over, but he texted and said he needed help tomorrow. Offered to put them up if they needed a place to sleep.  Sounds like a tornado as all three of the mentioned properties are all somewhat in a line. Me, maybe a few leaves and some walnuts blown off the walnut tree. 

    I was sitting on the sun porch watching it come through. The first blast all the rain was sideways. (reported 60-70 mph winds) That lasted 15 minutes, calm for 10 and then the next one came and dropped an 1" of rain, probably just as much rain in the first one but it didn't hit the gauge.

    Could be a long night from the looks of the radar.


    Kurt to the north?


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