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  1. We run all NH3 here other than a little starter with the planter. The suppliers mostly have pretty good equipment here but no matter what you are doing there will still be problems. If you are always ready for the worst to happen with NH3 you will be fine. Wind is your friend when dealing with it too.

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  2. Got done last night. We are 100% corn again this year all went pretty well. It was nice not worrying about wet spots but we do need some rain.








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  3. 41 minutes ago, boog said:

    We have a CIH 330 TT. Best use we have found for it is taking up valuable shed space. I think we worked 34 acres of corn stalks last fall with it. Should move it to a fence row. Rented a Salford, it wouldn't even remove the tractor tire tracks, let alone weeds. There's a few Landolls around but after a couple years they seem to stay parked in the barn lot as well.

    We traded the 335tt weed transplanter for a 345 disk that kills them

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  4. On 5/1/2021 at 8:00 AM, acem said:

    Here in Arkansas beef cattle live outside. Nobody needs a barn. They even leave their round hay outside. Thx-Ace 

    They seem to do ok outside here in Iowa also. 

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