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  1. We have been on 20” corn for over 10 years and would never go back. We get by for under $15/ace on chemicals because of the early canopy. As 1660 says it’s about the same on good ground but we gain a lot in the hills, gumbo and irrigated ground. 

  2. We have an excellent carquest here it’s owned by an ex GM mechanic who was a truck mechanic before that. He bought it from the original owner who had it probably 50 years (Big A Auto Parts then). I have had a charge account there since I was in high school. They also do some machine work. I don’t go anywhere else or care if it’s cheaper elsewhere. 

  3. Not much fun around here today but kept going till about 2 when I couldn’t keep the wipers from freezing every 2 minutes 


  4. Pretty much back to normal here. Everyone has a sign on the door that says wear a mask but not many do anymore. Went to Texas Roadhouse Friday night, it was clear full with all the tables they could pack in there

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  5. Out of my graduating class I think 5 of us actively farmed for a while (being one) and we all went broke and had to quit. One now has some cows and works for another farmer, one started custom spraying and the rest of us started trucking. I’m kind of working into it again over the last couple years.    Out of my group of friends 30-40 years old from all over the county there are only 3 that have been farming since school uninterrupted 

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