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  1. Mine is on grain vac and mowing duty mostly. It’s a 74 that somebody thought should look like a black stripe
  2. Hendrix watchtower and smashing pumpkins bullet with butterfly wings and workin mans phd
  3. 2018 farm average was 70.6 but all of them were on ground that had been continuous corn for over 10 years. Had 54 acres do over 100 but had lots of expenses in them. Usually we are in 55 bu range. That was just a good year
  4. We have one of those on almost every bin door on the bottom sheetwith no reinforcement. I have unloaded our 48 foot sukup bin twice from full through the door with no problems. If it has stiffeners it will be fine
  5. We have narrowed up several 38” heads maybe try an 844 should be plenty around
  6. Like those guys said 4000 series way better we have 4412 set on 20s. Definitely way less corn left behind than before
  7. Uncle good friends with him and I do quite a bit of grain hauling for them at harvest. Tinys mom graduated high school with my grandma from magnolia and they are good friends
  8. You will never forget the things that man said to you. People like that shape us into who we are.
  9. Looking good here just need some rain in a couple weeks and it’s all done. Everything really tall do not need wind
  10. #1 8910 mfd 98 model preferably the one I had (probably spent more hours in mine than all others together) #2 5488 2wd square front axle #3 7140 2wd 91 or 92 model
  11. 560s were the number one cattle feeding tractor here for a very long time now it would seem that the 66 series has replaced them for the bigger mixer wagons now
  12. All in the last 10 days
  13. Our biggest farm southeast of here had two inches in the same period and ground by Missouri valley about an inch
  14. We had 0.4 last night for a total of 4.5 inches where I live
  15. We have pretty good luck with mastertrack trailer tires here
  16. Thanks guys it has been a great day
  17. My 99 7.3 has over 300000 on it and has been beat on the whole time with zero problems.
  18. It’s waist high on an 8 year old anyway lol
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