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  1. Got around 3 inches pretty much everywhere here, little late but will still help
  2. I also miss being able to work with friends and neighbors all the time. That doesn’t happen enough anymore
  3. This might not make a lot of sense because we have way bigger and newer stuff now but for some reason I really enjoyed corn harvest when I had my 1460s, 1660, 1688. I’m just not sure why it’s different now. I think I just had more fun in general back then
  4. Could have used a couple for the new 04 6.0 Ford I bought once
  5. That’s what I’m having tonight lol
  6. Never greased one and never worn one out either
  7. Got my signs all up and plot trimmed up. Best it’s ever looked!!! Usually is too wet there
  8. Still looking good here but getting pretty dry
  9. Had a 1904 for a long time. No problem going in the ground at all, very little bearing trouble just pulled pretty hard for a 20 ft disk and made ridges
  10. Mowed 40 acres of new seeding alfalfa with the M got a really great stand this time
  11. My dad has been a vet for 38 years and can’t think of a lot of farm calls we have been on that they would let on tv. Lots of language and guys around here don’t have very well mannered critters lol
  12. Saw some corn tasseling west of rock Valley yesterday
  13. Saw him up by Sioux Falls a few years ago and he did a **** of a job!!!
  14. Corn looks as good as ever here, we have some tasseling just need a couple shots of rain and not much wind and it’s good to go.
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