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  1. Tying the 5488 to the ground

    Let us know how the tractor handles that 690 this fall. I might be interested in buying one. Thanks
  2. Tying the 5488 to the ground

    What size and brand of disc ripper do you pull with it? How deep and how fast can you pull it?
  3. Rantoul HCOP pics and videos

    Here's a couple I took yesterday. That corn dryer was neat. 560 diesel turbo on the dryer and 1206 narrow front on the wagon.
  4. Half Century of Progress

    That was cool I took almost the exact same picture. Except my Side by side is in the picture.
  5. 7120 tractor hot hyd oil

    I figure it out. Flow control was turned wide open. Thanks
  6. 7120 tractor hot hyd oil

    Also I can't raise the applicator with the hyd motor engaged. Is this normal? Do I have my flow control set too high for the #1 outlet? It seems like the silver flow control knob only turns about a half turn in either direction.
  7. 7120 tractor hot hyd oil

    Yeah I'll check it with a heat gun tomorrow
  8. 7120 tractor hot hyd oil

    I'm using my 7120 on a 16 row fast side dress applicator. Hyd pump is running off #1 outlet with the return hose in the motor return port on the far right side that dumps back into the trans. How hot is too hot for the hyd oil? I can hold my hand on the hyd hoses for a few seconds but not very long it's too hot to hold. Is this normal? I have the flow turned down all the way I think? I have an early one with the silver knobs down by the tire, no in cab controls.
  9. 955 planter random row failure

    Yes I realize it could all be just bad sensors but it seems odd. Seemed like as soon as we put new sensors on 2 and 11, a couple minutes later row 3 showed fail. Put a new sensor on row 3, a few minutes later rows 4 and 6 showed fail. Moved to a different field rows 4 and 7 showed fail. Hate to keep putting new sensors on if there is something else wrong. Switched sensors from row to row and it follows the sensor so one would assume the sensor is bad. Could a bad ground or bad wire somewhere be burning the sensors out? ill do some more checking if it ever stops raining.
  10. We got a 12 row 955 front fold planter this year. We have it on a 7120 magnum. Everything was working fine when we started planting then after about 5 acres rows 2 and 11 kept failing. Messed around and cleaned them, nothing. Put 2 new sensors on then that solved the problem. Another 5 acres then 2 more rows show fail. Put 2 new sensors on solved the problem. Then 2 more show fail. What's going on with this thing. Seemed to me when I was finishing before it rained that going one way across the field the rows would fail but going the other way they would not fail. If the population count is too low on a row it will fail it. The trouble rows are counting some, it's not a constant fail but still enough to drive a guy nuts. Then I moved fields and I can't remember off the top of my head but I think the trouble rows changed from rows 4 and 6 to 4 and 7.
  11. 1466 smoking blue bad

    Could it be that the motor never got worked hard and broke in after the rebuild? Usually they will use oil and slobber until you work them good and hard to seat the rings. The bush hog may not have given it enough of a workout.
  12. 66 series tach drive

    I put a new tach drive ( right angled piece that come out of the front cover) on my 1566 a few years ago and it's bad again. The little gears inside are all stripped out I guess I didn't put enough greas in it. Or maybe the new ones are made of cheap metal and don't last. Is there anywhere you can buy just the gears inside the tach drive or do I have to buy the whole thing.
  13. Putting on nh3 with the 1566

    Yeah the 66 series cabs aren't terrible just loud inside. Good heat and ac. Mine weighs a little over 19,000lbs and is set at 175hp. It's pulls the nh3 bar alright but I wouldn't want any big hills. I may be upgrading to a 7120 Fwa soon. My neighbor has a cherry 2 owner that I'm going to look at today.
  14. Putting on nh3 with the 1566

    I do wear ear plugs while running it.
  15. Putting on nh3 with the 1566

    My grandpa was finishing up some spring plowing where we hauled manure over the winter. Tractor is a 7120 the plow is a 5 bottom 735 vari-width.