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  1. I will find the bulletin on the fender hole and step>
  2. I have the plugs in the shop, i can look tomorrow. I believe it a 17-s cap plug.
  3. Usually those seals leak from getting old and hard and make sure the seals do not spin in the housing.
  4. I’ll see if I can find the spec., yes I would be concerned about piston protrusion.
  5. To add to this I believe when fenders were ordered on a 66 series, you got both steps. I can’t remember without looking if 56 series came both steps or the right step was still an option.
  6. To add to your picture, those are later 66 series fender mounts on your double light fenders.
  7. There is a service bulletin when the right side step became an option. You may find an early 06 or 656 that has a hand hold in the right fender because you could have ordered the right step attachment for these early tractors. In the attachment there was a pattern to cut a right hole in the fender. After the right step became an option, all fenders had a right hand hold no matter if the right step was ordered as an option or not. And the custom did not have a right step or grab handle.
  8. Sounds right, I would have to find the info. There was around 750 made of the 756 customs.
  9. If you want send me a phone number I can send you a picture of the weights. I don’t know how to put pics. On here.
  10. I can’t say if you can do a German without removing the bolster. I remove it, gives me more room to work . Case Ih or there is an aftermarket kit that includes the seal, o ring, and the wear collar.
  11. The Pto delete and what I call a western drawbar is not unusual in the dakotas and Canada. Even thru the 88 series I see pto delete and western style draw bars.
  12. If you used an Ag parts spring kit, it will be too high. The spring they send is always too long. You will have to trim the spring or use your old one.
  13. I really haven't found an answer to the AA on the 1256. according to the parts book the single speed 1000 is the only option from the factory. so it is confusing why some 1256's have AA and others don't.
  14. I agree, those are not 66 series wide coverage fenders.
  15. A common problem when the expansion plugs were removed, was oil seepage at the axle caps. it raises the oil level in the rear axles and can create leaks because these caps don't have the seal ring in the caps like the later tractors that didn't have the fill plugs in the axle.
  16. 06-56 I-model tractors could be a Standard or a Wheatland model. the Standard could be equip a variety of ways, basically any configuration of add-ons. A true Wheatland 06-56 are actually kind of hard to find. They were PTO delete, T/A delete, Hitch delete, would not have the adjustable front axle option and would not have big tires. would be 18.4-34's or 18.4-38's. wheatlands had few options, could have single or dual had. outlets, could be equip with duals, could have the rear platform extension and or equip. with a cab.
  17. There are 4 different variations of the wedgelock tool. I have the bulletins on these and the first variation as Brian shows lasted just a few months before the 2nd. variation was released.
  18. We live about 15 miles from Gary. Dads bought some tractors from him off AuctionTime. Great person and he always represents his stuff well. He always takes lots of pictures of the items he lists. Wouldn’t worry a bit.
  19. From what I've seen somewhere in 1969 the IH bolts started to fade. By 1970 a majority of bolts went to WP stamp for West Pullman. Even in 1970 you will find a few IH bolts in certain areas.
  20. One of very few resto’s getting the correct bolts!
  21. Since this is a 1967, it could be ordered with flat tops, crown fenders (clam shell) or fender delete. Does yours have the flasher light bracket and also your tachometer will tell a story, can you get a picture of it?
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