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  1. Brian stortenbecker

    1206 1000 pto shaft length?

    1206 did not come from the factory with a dual pro. when yours was switched out, they used an early 7 or 806. early ones had shorter shafts than later 7,806's
  2. Brian stortenbecker

    New to me 1486

    They had some in Lyons Nebraska at northeast tractor salvage.
  3. Hi Brian, I have a Farmall Model 826 with the 358ci motor.What would you recommend for a  Turbo for this  motor.I am currently doing a major overhaul on this motor.

    Thanks for any help.  

    1. Brian stortenbecker

      Brian stortenbecker

      Hi Jim, i like the m&w for the germans. that kit is pretty tuff to find. otherwise i think you would have to fab a turbo system for that engine.

  4. Brian stortenbecker

    M&w turbo from Allis

    Compressor side is around 2.23”. Bigger than a 3 LD and I think a little more than a T04-B, slightly smaller than a 3LM-466. But still a good turbo.
  5. Brian stortenbecker

    7110 diff change

    I would go back with something from a 20,30,40, since they diff. Would have needle bearings. Probably the dumbest thing about a 10 series boxcar was no bearings in the diff.
  6. Brian stortenbecker

    M&w turbo from Allis

    ok, I can do that. That turbo you have in my opinion is the best M&W (Rajay) as far as moving air. It will work great on an 806, 856, 7, 966, 886, 986 and any 3x88’s. Not sure what you want to put it on, but it’s to big for 60 series, 706 with 282. It’s probably plenty big for 310 German.
  7. Brian stortenbecker

    M&w turbo from Allis

    What specs. Do you want?
  8. Brian stortenbecker

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Thanks for the explanation of wrist pin bushings pete23. It like valve protrusion, I like everything on the max side for starting purposes. I have machined piston before when using different profile cams.
  9. Brian stortenbecker

    1256-DT407 Camshaft Gear

    Yes, heat the gear, get it started then pull it on with the cam nut. keep the nut tight while the gear cools. then i back nut off and torque to 105ft. lbs.
  10. Brian stortenbecker

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    There is almost .250 difference in a 279 compared to a 229 compressor wheel.
  11. Brian stortenbecker

    Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    You can offset bore a wrist pin bushing, from what my machine shop said. it can be done up to .010. anytime we deck a block, he does a rod and then i check piston protrusion, if need be he can offset the pin bushing.
  12. Brian stortenbecker

    Fabbing up a turbo manifold

    It returned to the small rectangle plate in the front cover. It was just a steel plate that was threaded for an elbow. Send me your cell and I can send some pics. If you want.
  13. Brian stortenbecker

    New ta install

    Yes it is your preference, as I shop owner I won’t take the chance.
  14. Brian stortenbecker

    886 leaking hytran into clutch housing

    Also where the seal rings ride in the bushing gets wore it can leak hytran into the housing. Hycap makes an oil slinger in this case.
  15. Brian stortenbecker

    New ta install

    I never use the steel plug, it’s a safety issue. You have no manual steering with the plug installed. As long as the seat in the housing is tight, replace the spring and plastic check valve and you will be fine.