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  1. HI Rawliegh99 - is that procedure something you could email? would like to get the whole thing and print it out to study and add soem other planning. need to fix my 340 rear sprockets....
  2. Nice work!! clean and professional - looks like fun and like it will work well. quick question - how were the slides on the adjusters? my slides were cut-off at one point and reweleded on and they are not properly aligned. I need to loos to see if track frame is bent.....winter project (not stating the YEAR of which winter, just saying "a" winter................)
  3. I guess im loosing my technical prowess... I tried listing in craigslist (here https://albany.craigslist.org/grd/d/ihc-international-harvester/6591403523.html) and all i get for that and my other posts on IH parts is spam.... ugh! I did get the "see other items" going on craigslist. I also tried listing in facebook on "The IH Trader! International Harvester Classifieds" and I got one response but i cant seem to find the add. anywhere else someone know where and how to list nationwide? ill guess ill try yesterday's tractors next..... thanks Kevin
  4. So a little background, I bought most of my stuff on eBAY and Craigslist over the years but it seems that eBAY is now a parts distributor (buy it now) rather than an auction place. I also see the trend over the past few years where the availability and quantity of parts on ebay are diminishing. they cant all be bought up and hoarded??? I expect prices to keep climbing as well but some of the items are just plain ridiculous! so I was wondering if there was a new place where these items have gone to? anyone have any recommendations on places or how to search better? the parts and machines c
  5. Hi. Saw the pics and the video. This is great. Looking at the post and noticed the date. Do you still have the tractor? I have. 1936 T40 that I have never got running. Engine is about the same thing. Was going to try working on it this winter. Happen to have any detailed pictures of the engine and intervals?
  6. Looks like a typical Mennonite adaptation. Go with what makes you happy
  7. I use a arc welding rod purchased from "muggy weld". The name is unusual but the rod works great. I have welded theee blocks in varying degree and they are working great. The one crack between the holes is not going to go anywhere if the crack is entire they the thickness of the web and there are no unusual webs below the deck that the crack can continue to travel. However the antifreeze will seep into the bolt threads and cause issue over time. You can check out my recent t340 post in construction to see the webs I welded with it. Feel free to ask questions. kevin.
  8. I put some pics of my t340 I recently got running in the construction forum. I tried uploading a video but if didn't like the format.
  9. I have a td340 that Needs the whole clutch and brake service. Holding to do this over the winter. Also needs a lot of track and roller work. Ugh. Very interested in your pics
  10. jeepers! thanks for the response and your right - they are expensive! I really can't afford that much when I have other things to fix. maybe I can save up over time.

    thanks again

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    How are things?

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