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  1. Free td9 clutch disk.

    HI All, its taken - thanks for all the interest!
  2. Free td9 clutch disk.

    It’s in better shape than the pics reveal. If anyone wants any other measurements just let me know. If no one one wants it I need to start collecting more parts to build a td9........
  3. Free td9 clutch disk.

    Hi all. Pulled this out of the scrap pile. Figured someone could use. Td9 clutch disk about 13” overall diameter. 10 spline. Send me pm and all I’m asking is 20$ or so whatever for shipping. Unless you want to make an additional donation to the rusty IH junk yard users support group! if someone can identify too maybe that will help this out?
  4. mid 50's Cabovers at or under 26k gvwr?

    Hi - did you happen to discover any more details on this? interested in what you find out and do. thanks
  5. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    HA!!! on muggy days it still smells like there are Holsteins in there. When I scrapped the milking stalls I counted around 250 stations. there were two calving stalls as well. It must have been busy back in the day. the original farm was parceled up and sold back in the 80's or 90's and everything easy was either parted out or scrapped . after that things were pilfered or just plain neglected over the years. The immediate land retained with the barns is primarily only good for grazing and hay but there are many acres good for row crops. i have been slowly filling in the manure clean out trough with concrete and removing the station curbs. I hope to segment off a portion of the barn for the shop. and make the remainder stalls for storage. it is perfect for tractors, snow mobiles, etc - cars would be a bit tight to turn in between the poles.
  6. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    i got bit by my first 340 dozer back in 2004, prior to that my first IH was a 2504 backhoe. I really got enthralled with the industrial tractors, the cast grilles and the tough industrial look. as well as the fact that they are hydraulic, throttle governed, simply made and can still perform the work i need while still having fun (being antique-enough). anyway - the t-340 you see here i purchased back in 2008 or 9 and was originally intended as a parts machine as it was at some point fully submerged and been thru a couple winters with freeze damage. when my TD340 lost the left steering clutch i brought the t-340 off the back burner and determined it was a shorter putt to get that running compared to the td340 (with all the clutch and track issues)... So i essentially started the work on the machine in June of 2016. The early model C-135 is a bit difficult to get parts for. some of the more "simpler" parts places supply the late model 340 parts which essentially dont fit (outside of the accessories). the freeze damage was pretty substantial throughout the tractor as well. I'll say this - i graded my driveway and fixed a bunch of issues with my property with it. the blade is getting shiny and I'm getting happier!!!! thanks to all those who helped me out with spare parts and advice along the way. that is the true camaraderie and benefit of these forums. great people and great stories!
  7. 1976 Fleetstar 855 cummins (270) idle adjustment help

    Hi GT&T - no big deal - all good. thanks for the feedback. its nice to chat about hings before doing them! thanks
  8. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    Oh - by the way the Drott serial shows the loader model and serial and that is different from the tractor IH serial If you take a better pic of the oil filter and filler area i can tell you if its an early or late model... Id be interested in more pictures of your machine. thanks
  9. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    Hi T4 Mike, so i looked at your pic and thought - what the **** is that, the intake in on the wrong side. is that a prototype? is mine a prototype. whats wrong with m eyes. after looking in more detail - it looks like your pictures are splayyed backwards/mirror image. note the drott and the T-340 badge lettering are backwards.... anyway: the serial number is in hte same place as the tractors - on the clutch housing. see the pic - mine is missing but you can see the four holes for the rivets that hold it. addtionally, the engine serial was the same number and that is on the block under the main throttle linkage - see pic. the placement would be where the flashlight bright spot hits the tractor. I hope that helps!
  10. back in 1995/-96 we had a TD25 (not sure what version) on our coal pile in my old power plant in Utah. i used to hang out on the gang plank and look down on it and watch her work. it had a HUGE coal blade on the front, nice and shiny - polished, as well as the tracks. I always enjoyed the lines of the unit. especially the rops. one of the best looking dozers ever (outside of a 340 dozer!?!?!?) it was a lot of fun to watch. I took a couple rides in it before we had to swap it out with a D-10N hi-track. I drove that, first time with a decelerator pedal or EVER driving a dozer. the TD 25 got pretty small next to the D10. Driving it was like moving a house. sitting up looking out a second story window - i drove it on a concrete pad. it was weird moving that much power and metal with two Atari joysticks. The D10 was pretty good pushing coal and a very nice machine but it wasnt the same to watch....... I had the D10n moved about 40 miles form the mine to the powerplant. at one point the drop deck trailer ran aground and they had to get another heavy spec Peterbuilts to drag it off. it was hard to see the TD25 go down the road but I knew it was going to a better home and not scrapped. sorry for the boring pointless story.......
  11. International T6 project

    nice job! - what kind(brand ) of paint did you use? isnt it a nice milestone when the lights get hooked up and work!?!?
  12. 1976 Fleetstar 855 cummins (270) idle adjustment help

    Howdy guys - thanks for advice - just what i needed. i'll end up making the tool and giving it a go this winter. the sensitivity of the screw turns vs engine speed was of interest - bleeding the system warning is the added bonus!! kevin
  13. early model t-340 Drott rebuild & pics

    HI all - thanks for the support and kiind remarks. here are some more pics (not in any order). i hot-rodded the dozer, maybe resto-mod? i upgraded the electrical and also intake system using an old 504 diesel air cleaner housing (replacing the oil bath cleaner). The original cleaner was beat up and I also wanted to put in a filter element - which i did so it will match all my other machines. you know the routing buy a thousand of one style that fits all the machines. I had to modify the cannister intake, the outlet elbow, pipe to the carb, and make a mount. Its all bolt-in so if it ever wants to go back to original Its easy. I got some hi and low beam lights and modified the light switch and included fused relays. the hood was a 504 hood utility i found cheap ( and beat up) that only had the intake hole in it (thats what i was looking for and got lucky). It must of had a under slung exhaust. I ended up putting the vertical exhaust hole in myslef - used a brand new irwin 3" hole saw with a very light force. It looks factory. luckily the orginal intake hole lined up above the canister so I just moved the intake tube on the cannister to match the hole in the hood and did a lot of body work to the hood. It was a lot of trial fitting, tack welds, grinding, refitting, tack welds, grinding, some crying, and more grinding and fitting. it all lines up nicely now and the hood or any other component doesnt have to be removed to change the air filter. she is all together now and i just have some gages to fix on the dash, tidy up and sheath the wiring, finish the seat and then mount the rear scarifier. then its onto the track and track frames. checking for cracks, straightening some things out etc etc. it moved some dirt for the first time, fixed some washouts that have been annoying me for the last couple years. it did well. I dint clean out the fuel tank as well as I thought so I go thru a fuel filter in about an hour. the hydraulic oil will be changed soon too. that filter is clogging about every 2 hours. not bad considering I have had this tractor (sitting) for about 5 years, and when I got it it had been completely submerged in water, written off as dead, and had some freeze damage. I'll figure out how to load videos and post some of the dozer running. by the way I used Napa "commercial" paint. I should have stuck with the sherwin williams industrial paint i used on all my other machines. huge difference!!! the napa paint easily scapes off when you hit a rock, the rock scrapes off when you hit it with the sherwin williams paint!!!
  14. cool machine! later model 4 cylinder engine that you have is easier to get parts for and less prone to issues. as far as gas tank goes - you have nothing to loose in opening her up and doing it right. might as well. while your in there sandblast and use sealer. I just rebuild my machine and thought that 3000psi blaster shoved in until nothing flowed out would remove everything. well I'm on my 6th fuel filter and only have 6 hours on my machine! do it right and you'll save yourself headache- especially cause the tank is nestled in so deep within the rest of the machine . I re-learned my own lesson again - do it once and do it right or else......
  15. New child

    Congratulations to all! it is the most amazing life changing event! I think kids are the true meaning of life before kids your life will seem like it was a silent black and white movie. after kids your in full technicolor surround sound 3d HD digital IMAX Doble and moto-vision!! here is a little hint... when the wife asks - " what!?!? you bought another tractor!?" you can now say its for your daughter.....