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  1. Made it to the show today, haven't been there since I was a kid. Great show.
  2. Wish I had that, way nicer than my pull type😁
  3. First one arm was sore next day felt hung over for a few hours. Just got my second shot a hour ago, so the verdict is still out.
  4. Ohms law, blows the fuse put a bigger one in it????
  5. Well X-3, have a 480, after it's hooked up love it.
  6. Made a fresh rib roast from our own steers for new years. Nothing like fresh meat???
  7. Not a very good picture but its grinding corn. Stronger800 your right. $ 18 is way better price. Where have you been buying them?
  8. Have a IH 1250, got bearings for the unload auger last week. Had to order them in. 2 bearings inch and a eighth shaft, with the flanges $ 96. Couldn't find a cross for them, had a longer coller with Allen lock screws in them. At least parts are available.
  9. Cleaned the shop when I took the pictures. Normally can't see the top. Funny how a bench turns it to a catch all?
  10. Wonder if they would pay me to take it?
  11. Shiny one is my brother's, other one is mine.
  12. Agree with J-Mech. Also in the other post.
  13. Tacos over here. Tacos for lunch tomorrow. Steak is on the menu Saturday, oh boy.
  14. I remember my dad and grandfather wearing both. I wish we could still get them now like they were made back then.
  15. I'm just wondering how everyone gets a picture of me doing this stupid stuff and I never see them with the camera. ?
  16. My thoughts and prayers for his family.
  17. Me too. Oops didn't delete ?
  18. Built our own benches and tool storage in our farm shop
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