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  1. who all grinds feed still?

    Still grind for our cattle ih 1250 mill.
  2. National anthem protests

    I agree the wrong kind
  3. National anthem protests

    Holy crap don't pray, those anti religion groups will shut down the whole thing and then what will we have to talk about. I just don't under stand this whole thing, one minute people can't fly the flag high enough and the next they are doing the kneeling thing. My self I will all ways stand proud for our flag and pray for those that do not. I feel if they want to protest do it a different way, but they sure are getting attention doing it this way.
  4. 1440 Bean head

    One more question, my combine has electric controls for height control. Do I need to look for a head that works wth that?
  5. National anthem protests

    I find myself asking how many of them have served in the armed forces? My self I have not served but my father was drafted for Vietnam while there he wasn't happy but always stood proud for our country and flag from which one flys in my shop now which i am very proud of. Opinions and feels and rights are something we all deserve but giving respect is something that we all should give no matter what! It really makes me mad and very unhappy to see what is going on now, knowing that my father was taken from the farm to go and serve his country , and see a bunch overpaid ******** think that they proving some sort of a point getting this much attention. I am showing my respect to those people that are kneeling, NO RESPECT I will not watch them nor will I reason with them. They are wrong and that is my opinion which I have the right to have.....
  6. 1440 Bean head

    thanks for the info, don't think I will try the 30 if I could lift it with putting weights on the back pretty sure I would be asking you guys about a new combine to buy when it breaks in half. Lots of beans coming off in our area, I will get to play next year.
  7. 1440 Bean head

    Thanks, there is a decent 17.5 head for sale close to me just didn't know if it could do it
  8. 1440 Bean head

    How big of a bean head can a 1440 handle? Never grew beans before, but I'm going to learn just sobering how much this machine can handle. Thanks
  9. 414 injectors

    is it a injector puller? I was going to drain the coolant, figured the sleeve would come with injector. I've used slide hammers on cummins injectors, wasn't sure if that would work on these
  10. 414 injectors

    What is the best way to get the injectors out of a 1066 with a 414 in it , carbon seals leaked by and have carbon around injector? It's a freinds tractor didn't think it would be all that bad but man they are stuck.
  11. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    If the internal battery is bad you get a new ecm really pricey. You will need your engine serial number they will be able to find the flash file with that. If they can get the ecm to work at the dealer ship with out problems then you have a power or ground issue with the truck. They will ask you about the check engine light at key on, normally a teltail thing to find out about power issues. Have seen a lot of power harnesses rubbed thru by the battery box pass thru area and wire holders under tranny. Look for corroded wires some times moving them will cause them the break. The other thing check the fuses in the battery box on both sides to see if you are getting power thru the fuse, some chassis have a power fuse marked EE for electronic engine . Good luck electronics are awesome when they work and a pain in the backside when they are not
  12. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    When you turn the key on does the check engine light come on and stay on for a few seconds? If it comes on and quickly turns off the ecm isn't getting power or has an internal problem.
  13. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    Any cat certified shop should have a bench harness to do it with out the truck. I work at a peterbilt shop and we have a 40 pin one and a 70 pin one
  14. Help with the new to Me C15 cat

    What model c15? CertIn models with the prefix BSX in the beginning of the serial number years back had a service letter to reflash the ecm because when the batteries are unhooked loses it's memory. Can be fixed by reflashing the ecm . I have had several BXS and early MXS do this over the years. The other thing is to look at the battery jumper wires for the ecm if they are molded into the battery cables, on peterbilts and kW I have had them get corroded in side and make a bad connection will have volts but no amps.
  15. I love it, wish I had one just like it. Getting sick of new trucks, been thinking of doing the same thing so I would have a good reliable truck. Great job.