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  1. I have a 440, love it. Ran 700 bales thru it on second crop, 2 bales didn't tie, crapy ball of twine.
  2. I have some bird poop in the middle of the tractor glass that I keep my eye on. Hasn't lead me a stray yet😁
  3. No bear, but some other issues 🤣🤣
  4. Nice thing about farming is, everyone has there own way of farming and there own preference of equipment. I love my 986, and could see myself farming with out it. Oh love my wife too😁.
  5. Getting ready for the season
  6. Love Michigan trucks, just put more axles where you can and haul like crazy. Nice truck😁
  7. 706 with 440 baler, and the 200 with new Holland 256 rake .
  8. A leaking air to air cooler will cause over heat issues too, seen it alot at the dealer ships I have worked at. Also N14s in higher horse power have been known to run high oil temps which will cause coolant temp to rise. Things to check into.
  9. I built a shop with one rule, no yelling. I don't leave there much lately 😁
  10. I must be a good mechanic too😁 just got this a year ago. My first new tool box in 20 years.
  11. Will be missed. I will never hold the line, John deere green against him. Really liked his songs. To me a true great one.
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