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  1. I didn't realize the E series was an evolution of the 03 series. Point taken if I go the Deere route it would be smart money to go the M route. That just puts the Deere $15K more than the Kubota which doesn't seem to make sense on paper.
  2. I can totally relate to this. I almost bought a new tractor back in 2016 and ended up buying the Case 5230 instead because I shied away from the emissions stuff. I've also got a Ford 7710 and a Ford 7000. All are good older tractors but all of them are getting long in the tooth and are having more and more issues. We just need one that works when we need it too so my thought was to trade them all off on a new one that we could depend on. I'd love to get a hold of a cream puff, low hour pre-emission machine but those are hard to come by. That's what I attempted to do with the Case 5230 but we've had quite a few issues with it. Maybe i didn't go new enough, maybe I just got a bit of bad luck on it but my dad's kind of **** bent on getting a new one at this point ?. I'm going to hold on to the case for a while until I'm sure whatever we get will do what we need it to do.
  3. I would imagine they would. I’m planning on keeping it for a long time.
  4. We've been thinking about getting a new tractor for our farm to do hay and utility work. Largest thing it would need to do is pull a 568 Deere baler about 200 bales/ year on a flat field. Unfortunately there isn't a case dealer near where I live anymore so I've pretty much narrowed it down between a 5100E Deere or a M5-111 Kubota. Does anyone have any experience with these tractors? I've never had a Tier 4 tractor before so all of that concerns me. It will only get about 200 hours/ year use. I'm going to keep my Case 5230 as a backup when it gets back from the shop. (It's about to have to get split to get the transmission fixed.) From driving them around the dealer lot and talking to the sales people: I like the cab layout of the Deere better but I'm concerned with the build quality of the E. Deere would love to see my buy a 5100M but that's a lot more $$$ Deere doesn't seem very confident in the 5100E pulling a 568 baler. Kubota is very confident that the M5-111 will do great with that size baler and they have lots of people doing it. (strange to me since they are very similar spec wise. (This may have to with Deere trying to get me in a 5100M) The Deere salesman says they have very few issues with the emissions equipment on their tractors. Kubota seems to be less confident. They've cautioned me about the DEF injector getting stoped up from infrequent use and other issues. I've got a bobcat the same V3800 kubota engine and had been great but it's a 2013 pre-emission. I know a lot of people swear by Kubota stuff. Has Deere really had a better track record with their emissions equipment than other brands? I have a little bit more of a relationship with the Deere dealer but not much. We've only bought a side x side and some implements from them in the past.
  5. Is this something that takes a tractor split to fix?
  6. I ordered two new solenoids from case and finally had time to put them in today. I shifts smoother forward but it still won’t shift into reverse. I know it’s nothing to do with the wiring because I can hook the harness for the reverse plug onto the forward solenoid and it will work. is there anything else simple to check before getting into the clutches?
  7. Ok so unplugged the wiring harness at the solenoid and got good voltage at the harness as well as a good ohm reading on the solenoid. Just to be sure I swapped the reverse harness onto the forward solenoid and was able to get the forward solenoid to shift by shifting the FNR lever into forward so I know all the wiring is working properly. Since I'm getting a good ohm reading on the solenoid I'm assuming the solenoid must be stuck. I stopped short of taking out the solenoid until I can pressure wash and clean the area. Should I go ahead and order another solenoid valve ahead of going out again or do they sometimes just get stuck? I'm not against spending the money if it would be something that will be prone to happen again. I'm assuming you just unscrew it using the nut on the back.
  8. It does have the neutral on the shuttle. I believe it’s a 96 model if I remember correctly.
  9. Last week while feeding some hay my case 5230 suddenly quit shifting into reverse. I'm guessing an electrical issue since it was working great and then all of sudden it wasn't. The green reverse light still comes on on the dash but that's the only thing that happens. It doesn't attempt to do anything. Does anyone know some simple things I could go through and check on my own before I send it to the dealer? Where is the forward reverse valve body located and how do get to it?
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