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    986 clutch booster leaking

    I'e done a few. I just got a oem seal kit
  2. lance358436

    I would like more RPMs out of my 886

    Take cable off at pump. Adjust. Idle at pump then do high idle. Then. Adjust linkage to idle. Idle. Is the bigger of the two on back end of pump, other like said is high idle.
  3. lance358436

    fuel supply line dt series

    Your pump shop could get them they are not 135 bucks.
  4. lance358436

    Mx 255. Loaded let's talk options

  5. lance358436

    Mx 255. Loaded let's talk options

    So are family owns a mx 255 that is loaded and I have not found one like it. How many made ? Options, as bought from original owner front and rear duals,triple pto,high flow Hydraulic , suspended front, luxury leather red seat cab, performance monitor, Hid front and rear lights, dual beacon lights, HD drawbar, extra wide rear fenders, 4 remotes, power mirrors. I don't know what packages of options came with what. Just want to learn more about the tractor and how case moved forward with these options. I have not found a mx 255 like it sense. We bought it 3 year ago has 2800 hrs know
  6. lance358436

    Mx 255. Loaded let's talk options

    Bought from a case dealer. Vetter something like that I'll look at the sticker. Firestone all 8. It has what I thought was a planter harness in it
  7. lance358436

    5488 mfd pics

    18.4 42.
  8. lance358436

    5488 mfd pics

    A customers ride.
  9. lance358436

    Mx 255. Loaded let's talk options

    I just ran it throw my shop and one of the things was get led lights done.
  10. lance358436

    Mx 255. Loaded let's talk options

    Nope US tractor new in southwest Iowa. Still in northeast Iowa
  11. lance358436

    One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    Seen that truck in person (nice) is not a good enough gesture. It's pretty awesome. It takes alot of time, patience ,and knowledged to do something that good. But I'm more of a chevy guy😉
  12. lance358436

    New ta install

    Do not put the steel plug in. If the plastic check look bad get a new in. It is a steering sump check. Let' the steering hand pump suck oil if engine dies. And if you are going down the road and that happened you want every chance you got the the hand pump stays primed.
  13. lance358436

    1086 1486 are rear axles the same?

  14. lance358436

    Dr. Evil

    Happy birthday doc
  15. lance358436


    I have a crank and rods.
  16. lance358436

    fuel supply line dt series

    Factory line is a bigger inside diameter too.
  17. lance358436

    German overhaul options

  18. lance358436

    Overhaul cost

    German motor is not really any more expensive than a 400 series other than line bore on the camshaft the injection pump can you get expensive and odds and ends parts that are on the outside of the motor special to the German motor can get expensive like say the tach Drive.
  19. lance358436

    Muffler eliminator

    The ones I seen did have the hose
  20. lance358436

    PTO Judas pin

    No Dave Amdahl. We had Jesus clips to lol.
  21. lance358436

    PTO Judas pin

    Lol that's what I call them. Same story funny
  22. lance358436

    Muffler eliminator

    The common style Muffler Eliminator has no piping for the air cleaner pre cleaner tube I'm guessing this style has things in it to make the vacuum system work for the pre cleaner on the air system
  23. lance358436

    Muffler eliminator

  24. lance358436

    New turbo for 1586

    86 series Ive seen No sealing rings. Now 66 series always have seen sealing rings
  25. lance358436

    Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Didn't say never. Cause it happened once long time ago found right away fixed it. But learn And move on better.