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  1. Some one rode the pto to much.
  2. 20 years ago. Theses tractor where not as old. People slapped TAs in to. That's a big no,no in my mind.
  3. Put a rub of salt and pepper and one or two other ingredients. Like garlic or red pepper or whatever you like. Keep it simple. 225 to 275 cook temp. Just takes longer at 225. Pull off meat temp 190 to 205. I like 200. PS rub aleast 12 hours ahead. I like 24hours
  4. Alot of magnums dual rims out there to be had. The best ten bolt hubs come from 4000 series 4wd. Can't rember witch ones but 10,1486 u need the 3.5 inch axle sized hubs
  5. Been very happy with this 250. Out pulls mx255 with 40 hp injectors. Uses half the fuel doing same job.
  6. The tractors that are off center is because the fuel tanks are stamped half and half. So there is a metal flange going around the center of the tank it's hard to put a fuel neck and not leak right on a 1in tall metal flange.
  7. It is a 826. Can tell by the fuel tank strap or cradle below the hood. the 756, 856 custom and the 826 used that fuel tank.
  8. lance358436


    You caught my mind. I think, well nevermind.
  9. Pull it apart I bet just the o-rings on sieves. If thats it. Be tempted to clean, and put back together. With some new parts. If piston and sieves good reuse them. They are probably better quality than what you're going to buy new at this point in time.
  10. Crazy awsome. But I want to see how he washes that nasty clutch dust,grease off his feet.
  11. Cam bearing are not a big wear item. Most problem happen because antifreeze gets in the oil no one finds it and that eats bearings. Then cam bearings have to be replaced.
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