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  1. Muffler eliminator

  2. New turbo for 1586

    86 series Ive seen No sealing rings. Now 66 series always have seen sealing rings
  3. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Didn't say never. Cause it happened once long time ago found right away fixed it. But learn And move on better.
  4. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Good you found it.
  5. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Funny you talk about. Rod bolts stretching. I just had my dad's 1486 in the shop I overhauled 3 years ago. Like 300 hours and out of the blue started knocking one bolt had came loose. And I was kind of dumbfounded because of the way I torque rods. I use my electric 3/8 impact and tighten them then when all six are in I will torque 1,6-2,5-3,4. So I pretty much can't miss one. I save it new bolts no damage thank god.
  6. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Part of the alt light circuit is that engine off, key on it gets ground though the alt. Engine starts. Alt puts power to circuit,you now have power on power light goes out. I haven't read the book yet.
  7. 1086 Split Recommendations

    Hy capacity is ok for clutch. Ta make sure you get a Renold sprage. Do not get the factory style sprage. Hy capacity has both.
  8. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Got ya. Then check your resistor. Your backfeeding form the alt. I just can't rember if that is nature of the beast.
  9. 5488 fwd tires

    Will i have some 28 centers and 30 centers so I could buy rims. I would like to go with 18.4 r 28 or 16.9 r 30. I'm in the planning stages. I'm not sure if the mag ratios are the same. We have a 7240 running 18.4 28 on front and 18.4r42 on back. Just tryng to c if anyone has but bigger rubber on there 5488 mfd and if they would do if again
  10. 826 Gold Demo charging and wiring issues

    Do you care if it stays with the original external regulator. I need to get my wiring diagram out but you can rewire the wires on the external regulator and make a Delco 10SI work and look very close to original. Same alternator a 1086 would use. That light can work like original too.
  11. 5488 fwd tires

    So far BKT have done well. And as far as firestone they have a look everyone wants but once you get to know them they suck. They don't wear that great ether. If you want the best it' Michelin. But I'm not loaded with extra cash. So with that said I'm talking about tires sizes more then brands.
  12. 5488 fwd tires

    So my 5488 fwd is getting all new rubber. Going to put BKT RT855 on. 20.8R38 or 20.8r42. But fronts I want the biggest I can get 18.4 26 is on it but they are spendy and not available in bkt? Any thoughts?
  13. Dirt pan price per hour?

    Yep I'm with Danny and Pete. I'm running a CIH magnum 250, on a 14 yard scrapper or a 16 yard depends what im doing. But I'm to cheap at 150
  14. 1466 steering and clutch hydraulics

    Is the oil filter housing leaking oil. If it is it' also allowing air in. Causes pump cavitation.
  15. 5488 MFWD axle slop