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    Range from baking bread, to baking the best Chocolate Black Walnut Chiffon Cake bar none, to frying better French Fries than McDonald's ever imagined in home rendered beef suet or in rice bran oil, to putting together a super Philly Cheese Steak 'wit' onions, portabellas, fontina complete with a home baked Amoroso like bun, to roasting the finest hunk of Prime Rib .......... to refurbishing Hobart Planetary Mixers for profit .......... to the foolishness of 1950's style farming, which employs the venerable tractor that brought American agriculture (and the world) into the modern productive age of farming -- the old no nonsense engineered Farmall.

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  1. Learning alot, but want more info

    The demise of International Harvester began the day they threw out the last McCormick as CEO and replaced him with CEO McCaffrey who was an early adopter of the planned obsolescence concept. It is easy to see the decline of engineering excellence as early as the mid to late 1950's. I've worked on these tractors and you can hear the ghosts of the engineers muttering: " if they want to put out s#it like this, I ain't going to fight it ,,,,, let's go have a beer". In Fowler McCormick's day a good engineer was one who could engineer a tractor to be as durable as technologically possible, yet easy to work on and inexpensive to maintain, delivering excellent customer value. The testament to McCormick's genius is the millions of the A's, the B's, the C's, the H's and the M's still plugging along. May they never pass away, for they are a reminder of when 'Made in the USA' changed world agriculture for the betterment of all mankind... McCaffery bent was to get the customer to buy a new tractor every five years or so by employing an early form of planned obsolescence. Innovation in obsolescence became the Holy Grail.. Today an excellent engineer is one that can get his engineered product to consistently destruct 30 days out of the warranty period.