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  1. We must stop cutting down all the trees

    Nah. Mens bathroom line is never that long. Must be photoshopped
  2. Rescue Mission. Go!

    Got a call from a local good guy about a Scout that was getting ready to be lobbed into a crusher. Was told if i could load it. I could have it. Had to be gone by 5pm today. So. Me and my comrade Tanto loaded up the dirty max and the car trailer. All i wanted to save was the gear box and the tailgate and doors. By god we did just that. We left at 08:00 to go gather the trailer. Arrived to the Scout at 08:45. And was back home for me to go to work at 10:00. Also. Hagan will attest. It was -2 this morning. And my beard was in full popsicle mode. Honestly it's still going to scrap. But not without rescuing the parts that IH guys need for resto stuff. Two pristine doors and a neatly detached tailgate. Was a good mornin for shure.
  3. Rescue Mission. Go!

    I just got a week ban on facebook so ill have my buddy post it
  4. Rescue Mission. Go!

    Only problem is right now i live in town and i have three scouts here and two out at my hill. Cant throw a junker out der. Ive got 3 scouts. 3 motorcycles. My camper. And two trailers at my house in town. If i add one more leaf the city might actually loose their mind
  5. Rescue Mission. Go!

    Nah. Shes a Flintstones styled scout. Rescued the D18 twin stick as well but most scout people go with the 20 so we will see. I just rescued the parts you cant get new anymore. This scout has been sitting for a minimum of 20 years with no glass. Sad deal. If you know anyone who wants frame or axles shoot me a message. Shes free to a good home. Otherwise in two weeks shes just going to the crusher. Nothing left really.
  6. Rescue Mission. Go!

    And yes that was me screwing around with the farm jack. I was jacking it up as high as i could and kicking it over. About 100lbs of dirt was frozen to the drums so had to free them up
  7. AR upper receiver

    Yeah and at a buck fiddy a round it would really suck in an ar. 6.5 is the new hipster round. It barely outstripes the 06 at 1000 yard ballistics and gets decimated by the 270. I cant wait til people start examining the 6.5 in depth from a reloaders perspective. It can stabilize a very few select grains. With high bc no doubt. But with no room for cartridge capacity expansion you cant load hotter. The 25-06 and 270 shoot flatter. The 30-06 carries much more ballistic energy out to 900 yards. And it never does catch up to the 270. Guy i used to compete long range with chunked his 6.5 in the dirt and went back to 300 wsm. Even the berger bullets get insane wobble with wind. The 6.5 is a good round. But not near as good as the price of it would suggest.
  8. AR upper receiver

    300blk is what i compete with. Flat to 300 yards. Takes a dive like gerald ford after that. If you buy a lower and two dedicated uppers you can bounce between the two rounds til you find out which one you like better. 300 black is expensive. Friend hunts with the ruger american in 300 black with the nikon 300 black combo
  9. AR upper receiver

    This is pretty much an all palmetto gun. Short of a few things done to trigger and bcg. 18 in wylde heavy barrel. Guy i made it for kills prarrie pooches just fine out to 400 yards with it. I know because he kills them on my property lol.
  10. AR upper receiver

    What oil do i use in my scout? Same question. I build ar's to supplement shat income. I can tell you right now that money doesn't always get you a better barrel. Just more expensive furniture. If you want something to shoot that doesnt suck and actually cycles. Call Mas Defense, Palmetto State Armory, and Radical Firearms. And look at the prices of barreld upper assemblies. You can get the freedom uppers with bcg and ch from palmetto for 350$ and usually their stainless freedom barrels. The whole point of an ar is that if you dont like something you can change it for cheap. Id seriously consider mas or palmetto for ar parts that wont break the bank. I have a lot of guns with bravo company and daniel defense furniture that dont do f all for performance. I actually compete with my guns and i can tell you that money doesnt buy you a win out at a competition
  11. International Harvester by Fiat...

    There was a note some years ago sent out by Navistar about the use of the Scout name as well. CIH can legally use it as long as it isn't a vehicle. But navistar wont let it be used on a motor vehicle because of the history. Was a thank you note when the Scout was entered into the library of congress i believe.
  12. Is It Really Winter?

    Cause I've been out riding and screwing around and doing stupid crap. It's insane. What is going on here! Somebody give me like 3ft of snow! Im tired of 65-70 degree days.
  13. Is It Really Winter?

    On my way.
  14. Something Positive

    My homie, and i don't use that term lightly, is from a cuban imagrant family. He is first generation American. His parents fled Cuba to the Florida Keys in the early 80's. In 1989 they became legal u.s. citizens. Their son. One of my best friends. Ended up in a shite hole corner of colorado with his wife and two kids. 365 days ago to the date he was unemployed and things looked pretty grim. Fast forward to today and the S.O.B stops by my work at 7:30 at night grinning ear to ear under the sheen of a 400$ helmet. He bought his first brand new motorcycle ever. 2017 body style Yamaha R6 brand new in the crate shipped overseas. He managed to land a well paying job. Very very well paying. And is now living the American dream. He flys an american flag in his yard. Teaches his kids about the constitution. Exercises his right to bear arms. And now has a devoted riding buddy in myself. Homie looks like a kaleidoscope of nationalities wrapped into one. With big diamond earrings and a slightly homosexual haircut you would stumble upon this guy and assume he was a drug dealer. But hes just a loving father and proud american. Not Cuban-American. Just American. Congrats brother. I hope he gets everything he ever wanted
  15. Something Positive

    Meh. Yamaha has been here forever. Wish there were some quality made in U.S.A. bikes nit sadly there arent. Kinda how i feel about toyota and nissan and honda. They employee a ton of americans with their american plants lol. Always good to hear from you Randy
  16. Something Positive

    He's the sane one. I get a bit reckless on two wheels
  17. Is It Really Winter?

    Just sayin doods. Its been bizarre here. Baby honda has been zooming around for the past week now. Even broke out the V-Max one last time
  18. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Prayers from SECO. Thank you for letting us know.
  19. Super bowl add

    Came from the mind of a 30 year old artist who needed the commercial to be original by not saying huzzah or hear hear. So he just came up with the most obnoxious term he could
  20. Super bowl add

    Because Irish people were treated worse than slaves when we came to this country....but we just aren't sensitive. "Political correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston. Just all politics now. Divide a culture and race even further instead of telling someone they're an American. Tell them that they should be proud of a country that sold them off because they were culling the herd.
  21. Seeking some Ford advice

    Dunno on that truck. I know of the one behind the glove box for sure. Just ripped one apart last week. As you said the dorman blend door is not manufactured correctly. Dremel tool was used to ensure a tight seal. Blend door actuator was also an issue on the one i was working on. Factory cast metal gear had broke and allowed the actuator to rotate past its operating limit.
  22. Seeking some Ford advice

    And you verified the blend door actuators are working?
  23. considering a security camera

    Trail cams are motion activated if you have a place to hide them and have good night vision. Otherwise the systems can get expensive fast. Lorex has an amazing system. I have netgear wifi cameras. Millions of options
  24. Try it again

    Ahh. 6 years of payback incoming... Knocked her up eh? She holdin ya at knife point while you type this? Blink twice for yes. Better yet. What kind of drugs did you use on her? And can i buy some? In all seriousness. Congrats my friend. I am most happy for you. You're a good guy and a good friend.
  25. Need Some Ideas

    The Pumpkin is my 78 scout dos with my beloved baby 4 cylinder in it. Lately the fuel economy took an absolute shite. Lets do the specs super quick so you know what i have Ignition is holley gold box Ngk iridiums BWD Select spark plug wires Accel Super Coil Fuel delivery is a factory fuel pump flowing to a standard steel inline filter. Holley 5200 on top of a trans dapt adapter. Exhaust is all factory. Head was opened up years ago when i first got it for some gasket work and because i needed to clean up some bad factory casting So. Heres where im at. Last year when i did the 5200 swap i got her pulling 19/14 mpg's. 19 on the highway and 14ish in town. Mucho power gains when towing because i usualy haul my bikes or atvs somewhere and i needed some help on the fuel delivery. About three weeks ago my fuel economy dropped to about 15/10. Heres what i have done so far. Rebuilt that moody bicch of a carb with a quality kit. Checked for any leaks of the vacuum variety. Checked for any sludgey shite in the carb. New wires and plugs. Tune up all around on the beast. Compression checked all cylinders. So embarassing i dont wanna post the numbers but that isnt new lol cough *130psi* cough cough. Number 4 was at 125 but thats not new either. Basically im running out of ideas. The only thing i havent really checked is my distributor. Vacuum advance and such. Now i havent noticed any power difference at all. Still runs amazing. Can still do a 2nd gear burnout. But even driving gently on the highway she just wont get over 15 mpg and thats a huge hit over what i was getting. These are GPS miles and actual gallon numbers. Not guesswork. Any help doods?