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  1. do they make a block heater for them or do you have to go with the tank heater
  2. whats the torque for the fuel pump nut?
  3. Pulled the pump off my 1456 to get rebuilt. I lined up the marks on the side of the pump. The pump is an original Roosa Master with DC on the tag, I believe. I looked at my marks on the flywheel when I removed the pump and it is 6 degrees ATDC. Should I put it back on like this or go to 2 degrees ATDC like I hear its suppose to be? I want it to run smooth and proper. I had the pump gone through because it was leaking fuel from everywhere and the front drive seals were leaking fuel into the oil.
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread. If Thurmure is no more is there someone els making eliminator pips for tractors along with chrome stacks?
  5. Is there someone or a place that is high recommended that rebuilds the old ones and will work properly after that?
  6. Were can I get the tach and fuel gauges for a 1456 that are the best quality and and look original?
  7. There is only back lights behind the screen and gauges, not behind the buttons. They can be replaced. No need to spray anything on the top of the cab. The box car magnums have great working a/c systems if kept clean
  8. I looked up the Norther radiator and looked at the radiator. They say on there you will need a lower radiator hose and they don't offer it. Does anyone offer this longer radiator hose or do you just need to cut and come up with one. Does the top inlet line up
  9. I just purchased a 1456 from a neighbor. Runs great, everything works as it should. Needs front end rebuilt, seat rebuilt, and shift linkage gone through. Needs some tender love and care but I finally got one. Just wondering where's the best place to get radiator for it that fits perfect and it the proper capacity? The radiator fins are falling apart. Not worth saving in my opinion. Will get pics of it when I have time.
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