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  1. 5288 seat

    I seen on hear before that some one replaced the seat in there 88 with I believe a magnum seat. I what to replace old hydraulic seat in my tractor. The seat that they used looked like a seat out of an earlier magnum. Just wondering if they used the whole seat and suspension. The seat looked like one sitting on a shelf at our IH dealer. Was wondering if that is what they used. I do not want to use a cheap setup.
  2. 361

    Also what can we do to the engine to make her preform at her best. Different injectors? The fuel pump is not very old. Is the only difference to a 407 the crank and bore? Crossed my mind on using a 407.
  3. 361

    What is the best machine shop in Nebraska to take a 361 for rebuilding the head and also doing block work liked pressing the cylinders in and honing?
  4. 358 German

    We have a 826 demonstrator with a 358 German engine. The front dampener was going bad. The rubbers was rock hard and pushing out. The engine would have a vibration at 1800 rpms only. We got an after market one. Installed it and the engine runs and sounded great. After a couple weeks I noticed the dampener was wobbling more then it did. One of the bolts was broke off and the others where lose. Removed the dampener and inspected. The rubber around the small inner pulley was pushing out. Installed the dampener again. Does not wobble but there are two rpm settings that you can hear the drive train starting to make noise. Where can I get a good dampener from. I think this one came from A and I. Will double check. The bolts where lock tight and torqued both times. Not impressed with after market. Trying to find a used one also.
  5. Air conditioning 1086

    There are placed that make a/c hoses. I would go to the dealer ship and get a new one. You should replace the dryer and make sure you clean the system very good. check the oil level in the compressor and get the right charge for the system.
  6. Replacement LED Lights

    Are these Larson lights very tough. The set AAL-745 high/low beam from Larson are cheep compared to others deals I have seen by 2 and a half times. Just wondering why they are that much less. I know they are made in China. I know speaker makes the same PAR 36 lights and they are 2 and a half times more. Thinks it quality?
  7. 1206 front wheels

    I am looking at putting new tires on the 1206. I got new 18.4 38 for the rear and thinking about the front yet. I have the 8 x 16 rims and a 10 x 16 rims. I want to put four ribs on the front. I like the look of a little bit wider front wheel the 10.00x 16. If you put the 10.00 x 16 on the 8 x 16 rim will they look right? I want the tractor to sit level also. Any suggestions.
  8. 756 question german diesel

    Our 826 germen had cavitation on one cylinder one time. It would get coolant in the oil when it was running. Pulled the pan and pressurized the system. Nothing would leak. Had the head checked. Started pulling liners. Found one that cavitation around the o-ring. Replaced the liner. We started sampling the coolant and putting additive in. Never had the problem again. We have two germen engines and they are great.
  9. Front Duals on 3388

    I have ran duals all the way around on our 3588. The wheels are set at 36in. Space your rear duals out on the rear axle and on the front axle slide the dual hub in more compared to the rear ones. Turn the tractor and see if they hit. We had ours set that when you turned tight you could barely stick the with of your had between them. Never had to insert spacer. That shortens up your turning radios. Looking at the duals you could hardly tell they where not lined up with each other. If you plan on doing a lot of heavy pulling and turning with them and put a lot of hours a year on your tractor you do take the chance of taking out the pinion shaft bearings. Front ends are not made for the pressure duals put on it. Operators manual, I think says not to do it. They are nice riding when we had ours on. Might put them on again sometime.