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  1. Plenty of room. I made sure it slides past without issue.
  2. Decided to leave it on the left side and just reused the overflow hose already on it. Pretty slick
  3. Happen to know what size of hose? Going to send dad to town but not close to tanks or tractor anytime soon.
  4. Farmall 1066, if you back up to my one post of the picture and tap on the little right pointing arrow on the top right corn of the picture it actuals takes you back the the original post 88power did in August. I just learned this trick myself last night.
  5. I believe I had to go back to page 50 plus to get to August 2021
  6. Me too and I finally went back far enough and found it. Couldn’t find it through Google
  7. Todd, not sure if you got the answers you needed but I have finally got more information on my question. I called Demco directly and Jerry was very helpful. Even though my boom hydraulic valve body is setup for closed center, I can make an adjustment on the last solenoid which is the one in the far right side of my picture. It has a pin in it and has the turn knob you see to keep it tightened down. He instructed me to loosen It and pull this pin out to make the value open center. From everything I have read this should protect the pump and allow continuous flow (open center). Jerry did say that at least for Demco they only want 30% of flow to the boom control box. He highly encouraged me to turn flow way down.
  8. Just a quick update. I had time to look around today. Used a jumper wire to the cab and the flashers started working. Weird thing was once I did it to the right one it stay working even after I removed the little jumper wire. I had moved a bunch of wires around under fender but still can’t figure that one out. Regardless i ran a new ground wire to both of the rear flashers and ground it to the cab shell and all is fine. I appreciate everyone’s help.
  9. Thanks guys. I need to blow out the cab filter so I’ll have to do some exploring this weekend and try to trace some wires inside the cab.
  10. I would agree John. If I remember correctly I was grounding the test light to the cab frame. Is there a common ground point for the rear lights under one of the fenders by chance. I don’t have any access to a wiring diagram.
  11. On my 5088 the front two cab hazard flashers both work and both work with their respective turn signal direction. Neither of the two rear ones work. I have taken both of the bulbs out and both appear to be fine. I have even switched one of the front working bulbs to the back with no change. Last fall when I was testing everything, I could get my test light to light up on the rear wires but it was constant and not flashing. What I have done so far is changed out the flasher unit under the dash with a new one from Mike at Triple R. Was really hoping this was going to fix it but it didn't make a difference. I still need to check the rear outlet plug to see if I plugged an implement into if the flasher has power back to it. Any ideas where to check next? From previous post it sounds like their is a connector under the upper fuel tank that goes to the top of the cab. I'm still a little confused how I was getting power to my test light but it was constant and not flashing.
  12. Definitely buy the caps and take the time to pull the floor. The 5488 I purchased they left the hose on with a cap. Well eventually that hose wears a hole in it sitting on top of hot steel lines and then leaks 20-30 gal of hytran out while driving down a dusty road and you don’t notice it until the steer starts not working. 😡 the caps are way cheaper than the hytran. Don’t ask me how I know.
  13. I have been wanting to put a ROPS on my 1466 for several years. Use it for a lot of different things and 4 little ones make you think about things. It showed up last week and got it put on Saturday. Very happy with it and overall experience. Angie was great at communicating with me on the shipping and kept me in the loop. All the necessary hardware came with.
  14. Local welder that knows IH’s encouraged me to find a used one too. Maybe I’m missing something but can I simply unbolt the old one and bolt the new one back on without a lot of hassle. Maybe jack up the front area to take the pressure off. where is the best place to place a jack under it?
  15. The left frame rail on my 5088 is cracked at the back where it bolts to the transmission. Can these be welded and hold or should I look for a used one? The two bolts that go into the motor mount are messed up as well and missing. Hoping they can be tapped out.
  16. Ok so I have the same question Todd does. I’m running similar sprayer on a 5088 and 5488. Outside black lever runs sprayer pump fine and is returned to the right spot. I have flow turned down so it matches the pressure I need. Now..our question is does keeping another outlet pushed forward/back all the time to supply power to the boom folding box hurt the pump. Ideally I would have constant power to the boom so I could use the joystick on ends and terraces. The block is set up for closed center.
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