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  1. Definitely buy the caps and take the time to pull the floor. The 5488 I purchased they left the hose on with a cap. Well eventually that hose wears a hole in it sitting on top of hot steel lines and then leaks 20-30 gal of hytran out while driving down a dusty road and you don’t notice it until the steer starts not working. 😡 the caps are way cheaper than the hytran. Don’t ask me how I know.
  2. I have been wanting to put a ROPS on my 1466 for several years. Use it for a lot of different things and 4 little ones make you think about things. It showed up last week and got it put on Saturday. Very happy with it and overall experience. Angie was great at communicating with me on the shipping and kept me in the loop. All the necessary hardware came with.
  3. Local welder that knows IH’s encouraged me to find a used one too. Maybe I’m missing something but can I simply unbolt the old one and bolt the new one back on without a lot of hassle. Maybe jack up the front area to take the pressure off. where is the best place to place a jack under it?
  4. The left frame rail on my 5088 is cracked at the back where it bolts to the transmission. Can these be welded and hold or should I look for a used one? The two bolts that go into the motor mount are messed up as well and missing. Hoping they can be tapped out.
  5. Ok so I have the same question Todd does. I’m running similar sprayer on a 5088 and 5488. Outside black lever runs sprayer pump fine and is returned to the right spot. I have flow turned down so it matches the pressure I need. Now..our question is does keeping another outlet pushed forward/back all the time to supply power to the boom folding box hurt the pump. Ideally I would have constant power to the boom so I could use the joystick on ends and terraces. The block is set up for closed center.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. It still has a muffler. I can’t remember if my 50 or 54 has the newer looking muffler but I’ll have to check it out this weekend. Might be the time to go to a straight pipe. I thought that the reverse fan system would create enough suction that it wouldn’t be a problem too.
  7. My 5088 really smells strong with exhaust flumes. Is there a place in the firewall to check? It has the standard length exhaust pipe so I don’t think it is pulling it in through the rear air intake for the cab. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?
  8. Thanks to all the previous posts on here about this valve i'm sure that is whats wrong with my 5088. Sound/vibration was bad yesterday and again this evening when i first started it up. As soon as i put oil in the seat it stopped. Still think i should probably replace the spring to avoid further damage. Can i remove the plunger without removing the whole valve assembly? Does anyone know the best place to actually get the right spring. I'm located in SE Iowa.
  9. What should a 5488 idle at and what is the top end? The one I recently purchased is set to right at a 1,000 idle before you slide the lever over to the kill position. Which doesn’t seem too bad. The top end is what I’m more worried about. Throttle all the way up seems like it’s screaming. I normally only run it 2400-2500 which is about an inch to 1.5 inches down in the slot. How fast is too fast?
  10. Haven’t tried mine Yet obviously But just not a fan of the look, which I know is silly. I do know I fell in love with the quick hitch on my 1466. I hook and unhook from the brush mower and my heavy blade a lot by myself
  11. Thanks, Danny. This is why I love this site. I suppose a guy should have both (set of cat 2 and 3 centers) depending what your trying to hook up too?
  12. The 5088 I bought has the claw quick hitch 3 pt arms. Not a huge fan of them. Assume you have to have the ball inserts for them like the old John Deere’s. Where could a guy even begin to find these ? Really just thinking about going to salvage yard and replacing the whole lower arms. any thoughts or experiences with them?
  13. Got the 5088 home tonight and fresh oil in it. Paint is nothing special but she is a straight original old girl. Nothing that a good cleaning/waxing and new paint couldn’t fix. got a pair of ten bolt dual hubs today from Worthington Ag parts too, should of asked if they came with the run bolts....but of course they didn’t ?
  14. Not sure on the dual mirrors yet, gonna swipe one for the 5088 since it’s original square one is bad. I have two AG leader integra’s setups i use for planting and pull type sprayer. 5488 has a newer cab kit which wasn’t trimmed and put in the greatest but has a newer air seat. 5088 needs whole newer lower kit and has new seat Cushions.
  15. Bought a 5488 and 5088 this winter. Slowly getting them set up for spraying and planting this spring. Just got new Firestones mounted on the 54 and the duals back on it tonight. 5088 is currently at the tire shop getting new step up rims and tires. Pictures to follow. Some day when I win the lottery I’ll send them off to Mike down at Triple R. Life goals and dreams.
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