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  1. There should be a signal wire coming off of the alternator, makes sure it is in good condition and not broke or cut.
  2. I'm no mechanic either but did own a mtx140 McCormick. In general a lot of electrical issues can be caused by bad grounds or loose connections on +and - so I would make sure you are all good there. I had trouble on my 140 with the pto not staying on. It gets signal from the alternator and if the voltage is low or drops it won't stay running. I changed pto speed sensors, checked voltages, RE programed based on manual and never did it get. Guy I sold it to changed alternator and still has issues with it. It has less problems with 1000 and acts up more on 540. (This all started too after I had the pto fall out so to snap ring issues while mowing). When trying to fix the pto problem I read several forum posts and one potential issue that was brought up was the safety sensor in the seat. You might check to see if it has one, if it does, will bypassing it fix the problem? It was said that it can cause the pto to not work and potentially the neutral switch.
  3. I'm wondering if it is just the battery as well. Left one seemed just fine and not the slightest bit hot. I'll check the alternator to make sure. Batteries are Interstates stamp for March of 2019 which is a little disappointing.
  4. Mowing hay today and while switching with dad I noticed a smell. After a series of events I discovered the right battery was smoking. Nothing seemed wrong with the left battery. Parked it outside and unhooked both batteries. Alternator was recently rebuild and actually had it rechecked out before the start of spring. (Volt gauge maxes out and it didn't use too, hence the reason I had it checked) I wanted to make sure it wasn't over charging and was confirmed not to be. So I know over charging is going to be the first thing everyone says. Could one battery be bad causing this? or would both batteries be effected if it was truly over charging? I didn't take the time to test with a volt meter. Was more worried about a tractor not burning and finishing mowing hay.
  5. I have ran two Demco pull types on my 5488. The first was a 60' which had a hydraulic fold box that could be switched from open center to closed center. Attached picture is the pin that goes in for closed center and out for open center. My current Demco is a 90 and the fold box is only for closed center. Last two years I have ran the pump on lever closest to door and down to pump and float to off. Return line turn into the return line below on the tractor. I have been running the boom on the inside lever locked backwards using the slide rod. I have been returning the boom back into the remote directly. I have too many terraces and need for the boom to be shutting it on and off so this year I ran it on all the time. It seemed to get along fine. I'm not sure it is necessary to return/T your boom into the other return line. If the pump is deadheaded then there shouldn't be any flow coming back to the tractor unless your are activating a boom function.
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