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  1. What's Different About a High Crop Utility Tractor

    460 International high utility....James
  2. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    Also there were hired hands with horses as farms got bigger, hired help was cheap. Farmers got used to hired help and liked them around. Smaller tractors were cheaper, do 2 jobs, keep old, buy a newer one, older as backup/lesser hour tractor, use same equipment go faster. Not the money for a big new tractor AND new bigger equipment. After the war, men coming back had seen the world and jobs in town were paying better money. Move to the suburbs was the thing to do and work a 40 hour week. Harder to get farm workers, that got harder as the years went on....James
  3. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    If you think 706 shifting is tough, wait till Dad gets in a 86 series, left side shifting and interesting. Also rough riding. Look at a 4240 JD. We got a 6000 hr. 4240 Powershift for $14,000. No need to use clutch pedal (inching pedal) except to hitch up. 8 gears up, 4 reverse, all without clutching. Keep the JD Hytran oil clean and change hyd filters as recommended. We run a 4040 also and have very little repair bill. If you put tilt steering up before you exit and learn and follow best way to get in or out, very easy steps and hand holds, unless big, and/or tall, works great. Great mowing tractors. Keep fuel off screens and clean screens as needed. Make sure the seals are under/around side screens and oil pump to keep debris out of radiator. Good clean, quiet cab, good air and heat, good visibility. Best overall cab at the time. The JD Hydraulic Front Wheel Assist tractors do ride better than 2wd, they do turn shorter than the other same age mechanical front drive tractors, not as short as JD 2wd and can be high maintenance if used a lot. We do like them in wet conditions and when seeding round and round, in high mode it pulls the front around the corners....James
  4. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    Remember tires were a limiting factor too, 13x38 was the big tire in rowcrops and 15x34 was the big tire in wheatlands. No 18.4x38 until the 1206. IH looked harder at 4x4 (and everyone else) to get the power to the ground....James
  5. 2404 or 2410 international series B questions

    2400B is based off a 464. The levers on the right side are for 3pt. hitch operation....James
  6. i=industrial D=diesel Yellow paint=industrial 2400-2400A same as a 454 2400B same as a 464
  7. Old wheel rakes

    Called windboards....James
  8. Old wheel rakes

    I bought a new New Idea rake in 1976. Dad had an older Farmhand. Don't put the teeth down in the dirt. The stubble runs the wheels. You can lift the 2 or 3 front wheels on the chain and use the back 2 or 3 to just flip the hay instead of rolling it up. Very nice rakes....James
  9. One dual on a Farmall plowing.

    Lots of them here. Many were just an extra hub, wheel and tire put on the end of the axle. Then came the clamp on duals, made many of them with an old rim, bent a thin band around for a spacer and used redi-rod bent to a J end. Used eye bolts screwed into the rim lug bolt and 4 short pieces of 3" channel iron with a hole drilled near the end and welded to the rim for the bolt to go through. A heavy washer and a nut. Have also cut a piece of 1/2" plate to make the hook, kind of a G shape to weld to the redi-rod for a hook....James
  10. So...what is it?

    It looks more like table beet or carrot lifter, grabs the tops and pulls them. Can't imagine a D-17 doing 3 rows though....James
  11. W6 Vs M

    A guy was moving a long way away and couldn't get rid of his old W-6 so he dropped it off at my place and said "Here". That was in 1978 IIRC. I gave it away to a FFA kid, to the neighbor and a guy came from 30 miles away but wouldn't take it. I used it on an auger a few years to keep it running. Gave it to a neighbor to put in a deer plot. It was like zucchini in late summer, you couldn't give it away. One day a friend invited us to a hay ride and asked if I had an old tractor MMMM. I run it over there. We drove over that night and had the hay ride. He drove that thing around all night, just a grinin'. I drove home after dark thinking I would go back the next day and get it. AH I forgot, I noticed the next summer he used it to haul the hay the renter cut on shares for his horse. I see him from time to time and he asks when I am going to come get that tractor. I tell him "Possession is 9/10ths of the law". His Grandfather had one there on that farm and he run it around as a kid, never see it out of 2nd gear, 1/2 throttle. He smiles and waves when I drive by....James
  12. Popular or unpopular?

    Perfect storm....James
  13. Most problem prone tractor model

    Around here it was the 1466. IF they bought a bigger 2x after the 1256 they tried to pull another bottom or 4' wider equipment. 1466's were a disaster, 'course not many big 2x's were sold here after those 1466's. They all went to a middle bender, most were Versatile but diehard IHC guys went Steiger after the 66 series 4x4 messes....James
  14. That someday thing

    Mine was a Winchester 9422 when I was 16. I got one when I was 17. I'm happy, although I have a few other Winchesters now. I had a '66 GTO and a '64 Chevy pickup. I wanted an HHR when they first talked about making them. I got the first one the dealer ordered, 2 months before you could order one....James