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  1. I would take it. Comparing it to my current project, it could be worse.. Brett
  2. On my 1086 I bought the emblems, but used automotive double sided tape to attach them. I didn't want the rust from the holes, looks really good and 7 years on they are still there. Brett
  3. Thank you Danny that helps me out. Interesting to know that Brett
  4. Out of a Truck, an Acco I think he said. Brett
  5. Hi While my engine project is underway, it's time to get the injector pump and injectors checked. I have been given some good injectors for a 466, before I use them I am wondering if they are just the same as my existing ones out of my 414 or not. Thanks, Brett
  6. That would be great, but yes there is a big distance between us! Brett
  7. The previous owner purchased this 414 as a spare for a tractor pulling 786. He used the oil cooler for that tractor along with a few other parts, the hose was just made up to keep dirt from getting in while in storage. Engine turns over fine, but has a broken rocker. Brett
  8. Thank you very much for the replies, gives me a few ideas to consider. The complete engine I just picked up is sitting on a low stand so it is close to the ground and fairly stable. I will see how I go, Im thinking the suggestion of hanging it back onto the tractor would be the best for time and effort. Thanks again This is the engine I just got Brett
  9. Hi As the title suggests I am wondering if someone has a method of fitting a cranking motor to a 414 on an engine stand? I am working on a 1066 here in New Zealand it's not in a good way, the engine needs a lot work. So I have found another 414 that was said to be ok before being stored other than a couple little issues. I would like to do some testing on it before tearing it apart. Any help greatly appreciated Brett Couple pictures of the engine and tractor
  10. Hello murray, I found it just outside of Hamilton. It had been used on a large drystock farm pulling a sam spreader around and taking care of all the cultivation. Getting off old lime/fert dust has been the biggest headache and has caused 90% of the rust in the cab. Here is a few updated shots I took over the weekend..
  11. My 1086 project. It has A LOT of rust which was covered over by about 2 inches of bodyfiller, I brought it last November and here is a few pics before and a bit of progress made.. I fixed up the front axle with new bushes and bearings, tie rods, and re-furbished ram etc while I was on my Christmas break. It has had the front left wheel fall off at some point and when it's hit the ground it has broken the axle knee, so a few repairs there also to tidy it up. I have been so busy lately with work I have only had about 5 hours a week to do anything, but currently have the cab getting all th
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