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  1. Leave the nut loose on the pump shaft and then bump it with an air hammer. I have never had an issue getting them loose on the 4 bangers.
  2. Going back as tubeless or are these a tube type tire?
  3. Fuel gauge quite working on the ST280. Pulled sender to discover that the vertical tube was bent to the point that it has locked up the rod that runs through it. You can see about 6 inches down from the top some nicks in the tubing. There is a baffle in the tank at that location and it has broken loose it appears at the cab end of the tank and must be cracked at the back end, if you push on it with a long screwdriver it bounces around. Looks to be sheet metal. Would like fuel gauge working again so how would you resolve this issue? No access into the tank with out cutting open the top. I would guess in time the baffle will break off as much as it moves around so was thinking of seeing if I could bend it back and forth enough through the sender hole to help it along. Anyone see any issues with it laying in the bottom of the tank. The fuel is pulled about three inches up off the bottom of the tank so I doubt that it would ever cause an issue blocking the fuel port. Any other ideas?
  4. If you have enough travel for the present belt great if not a shorter belt. You will not hurt the alternator any. You can probably get the right size pulley from this place if that is important to you. https://www.romaineelectric.com/
  5. Well that is nothing. I fueled the Model T yesterday putting in $46.89 of ethanol free fuel priced at $5.919. Lets see that went into a car that sold new for around $300.00 in 1923. What I did find interesting was this information; According to the Energy Information Administration, the price of gasoline in 1920s dollars steadily fell from 30 cents in 1920 per gallon to 21 cents per gallon in 1929. Adjusted for inflation to today's dollar, the price of gas in the 1920s fell from $2.87 per gallon to $2.41, but the fall was much less steady, hitting a high of $2.90 in 1922 and a low of $2.34 in 1927. So while fuel is way more than I really wish to pay it may not be as bad as we think. Wonder what that $300.00 adjusted for inflation would buy you today? I am pretty sure not a car that would be running 100 years from now at any price.
  6. I agree most times it is the brushes that go on a 10SI. Many years ago was leaving Seattle head for home and it was just getting dark. Was driving a Ford which was equipped with a light for a charge indicator. Also I had added a volt meter. Happened to notice the volt meter was down in the battery zone yet the light was off. In that case I would have probably been out in the middle of no where after dark when the battery went dead. As it was I pulled into a auto parts store bought an alternator borrowed some tools and was underway again before much time had passed. I just wanted to point out that a magnetized shaft was not a total indication of a charging alternator.
  7. What it indicates is you have a field circuit. Tells you nothing about what the diodes of stator are doing. You can still have an alternator that is not charging. I agree though if you do not have magnetism you will not be charging.
  8. Not saying this is the case here but they do make seals in different thickness. Any chance the seal is thicker than the original. Where is the seal lip hitting in relationship to the wear on the shaft from the last seal? Might give you an idea what is going on.
  9. If I missed it sorry, what sort of boost pressure are you getting? Would be worth checking if you have not. Not sure I have every seen it happen on a 43 but any chance air intake hose is collapsing or a plugged air filter?
  10. If you are worried if the pistons will hit the head or valves, put some dum dum (silly putty) on each piston. Install head less the gasket and roll the engine over one revolution, pull head and measure thickness of each dum dum mound. Measure the thickness of the head gasket and add to your other measurement. Should give you a pretty close figure as to the clearance you have. What my machinist does if that spec is not listed and he has cut the deck or head is to rework the rods to drop the piston down towards the crank equal to what he removed. His theory is it ran with that clearance before with no issues so if I give it the same clearance again it should be fine.
  11. One issue I ran into years ago with a DT466 in a 3788 was the intervance within the pump was not working. Had many of the same issues you are having. Tractor was also new to me at the time so really did not know what to expect. Seemed short of power and it ran on the warm side. Had another issue with the pump which required going to the pump shop. They told me what they had found. They were correct, was a totally different tractor when put back into service. Base timing was correct so you can not always go by that. IH had a diesel timing light that you could check those sorts of things. Not sure if you have a dealer close by but might be worth asking them. Short of that not sure how you could check that short of having a pump shop check it for you.
  12. Have a friend with a parts machine who might part with the brackets. Send me a pm with your phone number and I will pass it on if you wish.
  13. Nyssa Tractor in Nyssa Oregon has quite a bunch of 4000 and 5000 swathers. (541) 372-4020. I have gotten parts for mine in times past from them. If they can not fix you up let me know and I will take some measurements for you.
  14. Any questions ask. If your machine has never had a conditioner on it the brackets may not be one it as everything is bolt on.
  15. You probably get a pulley from https://www.romaineelectric.com/
  16. Try to take some for you today. Unfortunately mine is not mounted at this time. Basically there is a triangle plate on the chassis up by the front tires that has a clamp that you remove and that goes around the round tube of the conditioner. Which would be on the right side of the conditioner as you have it pictured. The middle set of chains go up to a bracket under the cab in the middle about where the 3 link is. The chains that are at the front of the conditioner go to the header to lift it when the header goes up. The drive is a sprocket on the right side attached to the drive belt pulley and below that is the idlers for tightening the chain. As I recall there is also a couple of flat iron levers that attach to some brackets too. Those I do not see in your picture.
  17. John never been around on so this may not apply at all. I have a Hydro 84 and looking at an on line parts book of you tractor they seem similar. On mine you can access a lot of that through the battery cover in the hood. Or pull the hood for more room. Not sure if you have a cab or not and that might make a difference as the parts book mentions the cab. I have replaced several bulbs, the tach, and turn signal switch over the years, depending on what it was I either just pulled the battery for room or some tiems the hood. Just a thought hope it might help.
  18. I had to add the wire for tail lights and the baler I have is the only thing on the place with tail lights. It does have it's own harness to run the functions of the bailer. I just ran the wire up and tied in with the power feed to the right side tail light on the tractor.
  19. Come the later part of July through August and experience combining on the hillsides of the Palouse and Camas prairies. Then if you really want to see some steep combining head to Walla Walla, Washington. They are a couple of weeks earlier than us usually so Mid July. Jet boat ride on the River of No Return (Salmon) is well worth the day. You start and end up back in Lewiston Idaho. Two hour drive South of Coeur d'Alene. About four hour drive from Sandpoint. Several state parks in the area if you enjoy camping.
  20. Have you taken a failed pump apart to see what is going on? Might give you some ideas on what direction to go. Several things can cause pump failures. Getting air into the system, dirty oil, starving for oil, pump running at high pressure all the time to name a few things.
  21. You can get pressure gauges off EBay for around $10.00.
  22. Attended the funeral today of the first man I worked for starting my senior year of high school back in 1973. He owned the IHC dealership in Nezperce, Idaho. It was a ag and medium duty truck dealership. A interesting story was told. "Over the years, Mick developed some strong friendships, both personal and professional. One of his friends was also his closet competitor Garrett Likkel. Garrett managed Bell Motors, the local John Deere dealership located literally across the street. Their business "competition" was on unusually friendly terms. At one point, they even considered combining the two dealerships. One can imagine that the John Deere and International Harverster Corporations were not terribly excited about this, so they dropped the idea. In the end, they shared an equipment delivery truck. The two dealerships are diagonal across a city block from each other. Still are to this day. The trucks at the time were Loadstars 1700 or 1800's with roll back decks. Over the years there was more than one truck as I recall. Both men were true gentlemen. Both would take parts off a new machine on the lot if needed to see that harvest would continue for their customers. It certainly was a different world back then. The service department building still stands, the parts department building was replaced many years ago. RIP Mick
  23. Have had that happen on the 3388 years ago when Dad was operating it. As I recall there was an updated shaft that you could put in. In our case just removed the 3 point to cover and pushed the shaft back into the hi-low shift fork and put a new clip on the shaft. Never any more issues. That was probably close to 20 years ago maybe a little longer. You maybe able to see the shaft sticking back in the diff compart if you pull the top link cover. You will need that cover off to push the shaft back forward if indeed that is what has happened. Hopefully the shaft did not come all the way out if you were over 20 acres. I would guess it did not.
  24. Soon as spring work is done I will dig into it and fix it correctly. The way it keeps raining and snowing around here it may be done before it ever gets started.
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