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  1. I run a Kanati tire. Tread like duratrac, they have been really good tires so far
  2. Does a 6788 2+2 use a sentry box like the 50 series or is it a different setup?
  3. I am lucky with location I am less than 20 miles from Case IH, John Deere, Kubota, Vermeer, and New Holland so I have many options. We have a Kubota dm2028 dice mower and have had zero issues with it. Price is a big consideration as Kubota is close to $10,000 cheaper than any of the rest.
  4. We are in the market for a new baler. I have been looking at a Kubota Bv4580 I believe that the number. Does anyone have any first hand experience with one? We plan to demo one later this fall when we start on cornstalks. Seems like good pricing too $42500 and 0% down and 0% for 60 months. I think that sounds like a pretty good deal if the baler is worth a darn. We would mainly bale stalks (we bale about 1500 a year) and also some alfalfa. Will keep the 8480s to do ditches and rough ground yet.
  5. where is that located on the tractor?
  6. We have I believe a 1979 186 hydro with the turn knob digital display on the dash and I have no mph. If you are driving wide open it will register for a couple seconds then just starys to decrease until it gets to zero then it just stays at zero. How do I fix this?
  7. thank you I will look at it later today
  8. I have a 1997 mx135 and the telescoping part of the steering wheel doesn't stay in place, you can pull it all the way out and if you hit some bumps or push to hard on the wheel it will slide down. Is there a way to tighten that up or what needs to be replaced to fix it? It is getting very annoying
  9. So my montitor was always cycling power while using it so I sent it to Ag Express in IA, they replaced the touch pad, the cord and a couple other little things and sent it back. I went to use it yesterday and first off they kept my $140 ground speed radar to monitor cord, so I need to call them about this, then I hook everything up and seems to work. I go to shut the tractor off (using a mx 210) and I turn the key switch off and the tractor won't shut off gauge cluster, radio shut off, but not the tractor or cab fan. So I unhook shut off solenoid to kill tractor and unhook ground cable to kill power, talked to my mechanic he figures a relay is sticking so ok will fix Monday I figure. Went back out to mess with monitor and planter settings anyway start the tractor and do my stuff go to shut tractor off and if I unhook power to the monitor the tractor will shut off like normal but if I hook the monitor back up using the plug on the cab post the cab dan starts back up with the key switch off. What the heck did they do at An Express to make this happen?
  10. We have a 3900 32ft rock flex disk with a 3 bar narrow. I know the narrow makes the disk very heavy in the back but how do you adjust it to get the front to go deeper? Right now the back cuts deeper than the front. We also have brand new blades on the front. I attached pics of the adjustment handles.
  11. heard on the local news today by our public utilities Commissioner that onxe it gets to a certain temp below zero the wind towers no longer can produce, but in fact have to start drawing power to run heaters to keep the hydraulic oil warm. I live in northeast South Dakota and we have two wind projects going right now around 100 and some towers. we had blackouts today. 1.75 hrs out -22° this am not having power not good on the cattle waterer.
  12. we always would plug them in when we were done with chores and they would stay plugged in for 10 hrs straight. Our backup loader tractor would be plugged in for days on end never any trouble. I was told it costs a dollar a day to run a block heater. We used to keep 3 plugged in all the time. Built a 45x48 heated shed with floor heat and it keep it at 48° and it costs around $120-150 per month with electric heat so in our eyes the shed more than pays for itself by having a warm place for maintenance and just having all the oils warm on start up
  13. I am looking at a different pickup and the used one that I'm looking at meets absolutely every option that I want, only down side is its 1500 miles away. That got me thinking what is the farthest you have gone when looking at or buying a piece of equipment?
  14. Our 1985 6788 is in the shop, for a ta replacement and also there is a bearing going out in rear end or somewhere inside not sure yet. Anyway where is the best place to get a ta really don't want to go thru Case IH but if they are the best then we will, but just looking for cheaper alternatives.
  15. Ours is floor heated and 45 x 48 with 16ft sidewalls. Dirty as heck I know and needs to be twice the size, and we should have put say more lights in it. That is my winter project to put more lights in.
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