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  1. heard on the local news today by our public utilities Commissioner that onxe it gets to a certain temp below zero the wind towers no longer can produce, but in fact have to start drawing power to run heaters to keep the hydraulic oil warm. I live in northeast South Dakota and we have two wind projects going right now around 100 and some towers. we had blackouts today. 1.75 hrs out -22° this am not having power not good on the cattle waterer.
  2. we always would plug them in when we were done with chores and they would stay plugged in for 10 hrs straight. Our backup loader tractor would be plugged in for days on end never any trouble. I was told it costs a dollar a day to run a block heater. We used to keep 3 plugged in all the time. Built a 45x48 heated shed with floor heat and it keep it at 48° and it costs around $120-150 per month with electric heat so in our eyes the shed more than pays for itself by having a warm place for maintenance and just having all the oils warm on start up
  3. I am looking at a different pickup and the used one that I'm looking at meets absolutely every option that I want, only down side is its 1500 miles away. That got me thinking what is the farthest you have gone when looking at or buying a piece of equipment?
  4. maxxum 140


    Our 1985 6788 is in the shop, for a ta replacement and also there is a bearing going out in rear end or somewhere inside not sure yet. Anyway where is the best place to get a ta really don't want to go thru Case IH but if they are the best then we will, but just looking for cheaper alternatives.
  5. Ours is floor heated and 45 x 48 with 16ft sidewalls. Dirty as heck I know and needs to be twice the size, and we should have put say more lights in it. That is my winter project to put more lights in.
  6. coming up on the wieman auction online consignment sale next Wednesday
  7. That is very common with the L600 and L700 series loaders because even when the cylinders are fully retracted the ram is still out of the tube quite a ways, and when they are fully extended there is alot of pressure on those rams. You can watch them flex when using the loader with cylinders extended. We have broke the rams on our L700 twice and have bent the rams on our L605 loader.
  8. I live in NE South Dakota and there arent any loader tractors around me without a grapple fork. We rarely take the bucket and grapple off in the winter when feeding ground hay and silage, but rarely have the bucket on during the summer. The bale spear is so quickly pit on with the euro style hookup and so much quicker when loading and unloading bales in the field and hay yards.
  9. If it is a 650 it has to be a hydraulic self leveling loader in that series they never made a mechanical self leveling loader
  10. I am guessing its in the hydraulic self leveling valve. My mechanic said they were prone to problems.
  11. my grandpa when he started farming would haul baby calves inside a vw beetle
  12. I got asked to haul some hay 40 miles one way for a local farmer. The bales weigh 1700lbs and I xan haul 15 at a time. What would be a fair price to charge? I'm using a diesel pickup. I was thinking of $150 per load. Does this sound fair, or too much or not enough?
  13. we have to run a disk or a disk ripper on our stalks to get them worked in. We have a model 55 high clearance chisel with twisted slspokes and it just plugs up in the trash. This is after we chop them with a stalk chopper.
  14. I dont see why you shouldn't be able to pull it just don't fill it full. Use it like a 450 or 500 bushel cart, and it should be fine
  15. I have 5 kids the oldest is nine and the youngest just turned 3 this month. It is very challenging at times but we make it work. I work a full time job during the day and farm at night my wife works nights so it gets hectic at times, but anytime you can spend with the kids no matter what you are doing they will look back and remember. Sometimes its not always good memories, but hey we all have those. Biggest thing just always try and set aside time each day to do what the kids want to do and everything seems to workout.
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