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  1. I have 5 kids the oldest is nine and the youngest just turned 3 this month. It is very challenging at times but we make it work. I work a full time job during the day and farm at night my wife works nights so it gets hectic at times, but anytime you can spend with the kids no matter what you are doing they will look back and remember. Sometimes its not always good memories, but hey we all have those. Biggest thing just always try and set aside time each day to do what the kids want to do and everything seems to workout.
  2. I had the chance to run a maxxum 150 with the active 8 iys a really sweet set up and don't get hung up on the joystick and the mfh being to seperate levers. On the maxxum I ran it actually had where you could shift up and down on the electric joystick.
  3. I'm guessing we must not have done it right
  4. maxxum 140

    Pro 600

    We have a 2005 2388 with a pro 600 monitor. We started in cirn last night and the monitor was saying 18-18.5 moisture when I checked it at the elevator and with our handheld moisture tester it was 12.8 to 13 what is wrong with my combine sensor and how do I fix it?
  5. maxxum 140


    $600 for this 1973 R600
  6. maxxum 140


    I actually just bought a 1973 Mack R600 for $600. It had been sitting in a farm yard for 16 years, took fuel line off and ran one into a pail of fresh fuel, put new batteries in it and it started and ran like you just shut it off yesterday. All the brakes released air pumped up to 100 in about 2 min and we drove it 8 miles home. Changed fluids only thing it has air assisted steering and when you open the steering valve it blows air out til you get to 60psi, so I need to figure that out. I figure worse case I can sell and should double my money. I will take a pic of it tomorrow.
  7. All 5 of our mx tractors are the same way you can fill the reservoir up but before long it's back down under add and just stays there
  8. We bale 1,000-1,500 per year with our 8480 balers. We either run them through a stalk chopper then the vrake or the neighbor just bought a vhoppibg head we just rake behind the combine and bale them. Let the stalks sit a day or two after combining or chopping they seem to be dry then .
  9. I don't have any pictures of it on my phone but we still combine 100 acres a year with our 914 pull type that we bought new in 1978. We bought this 2388 last year so this is our 2nd year on this one
  10. maxxum 140


    actually as much as I'm not a fan of the loader (we used to have a 510 and 2 520 loaders and another L300) this one is pretty good have yet to break a loader pin and have only had to weld two bushings for the self leveling arms. The tractor has 9000 hrs and moves close to 2000 round bales a year. Personally I still much prefer our L605 or L700 loaders much better
  11. maxxum 140


    ok I will do that. This tractor is probably twice as loud as all the rest of our mx tractors. it was suppose to have a new pump before we bought it
  12. maxxum 140


    We have a 1997 mx135 with a L300 loader and pretty much anytime you use the hydraulics be it to use the loader, steering or powershift the hydraulics howl very bad. I was told to check for loose fittings to allow air suction but none could be found. Just looking for the next step this thing is loud and annoying.
  13. Got started cutting today probably maybe cut 10 acres so we have about 210 more acres to go. Bunker will be level with the top row of bales and the sides of the bunker are twice as long as the end is and will be full to the end hopefully. Had my nine year old drivibg truck tonight as we were very short of help today. I will post the progress through out the week
  14. They are very good tractors before our mx tractors we has an early 5140 and then two 5250 tractors. With our mx170 the clutch packs went bad the first two times now we have had problems with the shaft that the clutches are on it rolls an oring out of the groove and tears it allowing oil by and then the gear slips. We have run these tractors for years and have been trying to keep finding ones to buy but now that they are getting to be 20 years old we are switching to tfying to find low houred pumas
  15. We have a mx170 set stock it has 8900 hrs loader tractor first 5 yrs of its life after that pulled a 12 row planter and a 3 row chopper have rebuilt the powershift 3 times and its short 2nd powershift again it has 1500 hrs on rebuild our other mxs all have rebuilt powershift as well. It is definitely the weak point of these tractors
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