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  1. Was actually looking at a incommand 800 yesterday
  2. How about customer service with any of these devices, or do they give many issues? Do I need to pay for subscriptions or if not how accurate will these units be? Would like it for planting picked up some ground will lots of hills and oddball shaped fields.
  3. What are everybody's opinion on aftermarket autosteer packages? I see Wheelman unit advertised as well as FJD autosteer units. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking for electric steer units so it would be easier to move it from tractor to tractor.
  4. We have a Melroe pickup head up on one of our 914 combines and a factory IH on the other, and at least on our farm the IH head is far superior to the Melroe in every way.
  5. We plant with a 12 and combine with a 8, works very well. Depending on how straight you plant, but for us it seems even if there is some varying in planter straightness there is quite a bit of forgiveness in the rows and the stalks will bend quite aways and still get the ears picked.
  6. My dad was driving his 186 hydro down the road it started to slow down on its own then basically came to a stop on its own oil smells burnt I am guessing the hydro has left the building. The hydro has about 20,000 hours on it so I guess it's time
  7. how did you like the hydraulic drive compared to a pto drive I can buy a hydraulic driven one way cheaper than a pto one
  8. yeah you can get a lot done with that's for sure
  9. Here is one of our 186 hydros with a double 9
  10. we pile everything and the custom guy around us has 3 cutters about 15 trucks and three all wheelers with blades plus two more packing tractors. I would like a sp cutter but we would need bigger better trucks, we have 3 trucks all single axle with 16 ft boxes the cutter would be waiting all the time. I was told custom guy is around $11-1200 per acre.
  11. I will try and get a pic tomorrow. this is the first year I have ever used double 9 mowers holy crap can you get alot done in a day!
  12. I have been trying to convince them of this for years it takes 3 weeks of cutting to get it done it is the one job I really do not look forward to. constantly fixing on old trucks and equipment I think we would be money ahead to hire it done and walk away. They would be done in a day and a half and we could be doing other stuff
  13. We run 30in rows we have 3 row heads on two of the cutters and a 2 row on the other. We cut 200+ acres per year and usually ruin 1-2 plastic drive sprocket per year. I like the angle iron or pvc pipe idea
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