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  1. There are leaf springs underneath and I was told to add springs and that will solve my problem
  2. I am using a set of double mowers from my cousin and the mower trips way too easily is there an easy fix or replacement pieces I can put on to stop this from happening trying to mow grass hay and it continually will trip and you have to back up to reset and go again
  3. thanks for all the input I was thinking in that $35 per bale range.
  4. maxxum 140


    Going to be combining my rye in a couple weeks and I am going to bale and sell the straw, but not really sure what it is worth. Anybody in the straw selling business? These would be met wrapped round bales
  5. We just bought a 2009 Puma 180 and I am trying to program equipment width to use the acre counter on the tractor and for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how. Can someone help me figure this out?
  6. did you try Meyer's in Aberdeen last time I was there they had a couple 510, 520, and L300's which all the self leveling pieces should be the same
  7. there are alot of those loaders in salvage yards around me in South Dakota
  8. there should be a hole in the loader all you need are those pieces that are shown in the picture on this thread
  9. Just love when we can get the cattle on grass! Moved these heifers yesterday.
  10. planting with a semi mount vertical fold case ih 955 12 row planter and now when planting I keep getting a hitch fault code 4029. Left draft pin voltage out of range. where is it located and can it be unplugged? Will the alarm still sound and will the hitch still work? One more question where is it located and what does it look like?
  11. thanks thats what was looking for
  12. I was told anything from mom series forward will work
  13. We bought a 2009 Puma 180 yesterday, and we want to put duals on it. I'm looking for a picture of the rear dual hubs if anyone has one so I can see what they look like so I know what to get. Thanks!
  14. I know the book bases population numbers off of 4.5 mph so was wondering if population changed or skips changed much with increased speed. 15mph is crazy my fields aren't smooth enough to drive that fast across let alone plant at that speed
  15. I use a 955 12row vertical fold mounted planter, and I pull it with a mx210. How fast do you guys typically plant? I have been pulling it at 4.3mph, if I go a gear faster I am at 4.8-4.9. Just seeing how fast everyone else is going.
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