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  1. We have a 2003 stx 275 that has 5000 hrs it had the injection pump replaced 10 yrs ago. Been using the tractor all spring and now we keep getting a 328 and 329 alarm. Have changed both filters totally drained tank and cleaned out best we could, but we are still having issues. If pump is bad it's roughly $5000 for a replacement and since they are being rebuilt in Mexico they had no idea when we might even be able to get one. I know it's not a great fuel system, but is this how they act when it's on its way out or do we have another problem? Also could a person put another electric fuel pump on to help with fuel delivery or wouldn't that make a difference?
  2. Looking at caseih balers. What is the difference between a rbx564 and rb564, and how well do they bale cornstalks?
  3. the mfwd should come on anytime the brakes are applied but should shut back off after brake is released.
  4. maxxum 140

    186 hydro

    I am in the process of putting a turbo on our 186 hydro have everythibg I need, different muffler, air intake parts, exhaust manifold, but I need exhaust manifold gaskets ordered some but they weren't right. Does anyone know the case ih part number I like to have it when I go in so I know I get the right part. Thanks
  5. maxxum 140

    2003 mx210

    We have a 2003 mx210 and the spring for the three point lever broke. How does this piece come apart so I can fix it?
  6. we hire most of ours hauled guy comes in with 4 trucks and has it all hauled in three to four days what would take us at least 3 weeks. Road speed and spreader size huge difference. Only downfall if fields are alittle soft truck will not get around, so our custom guy bought a new spreader and a case ih 340 magnum to pull it and he says tractor is almost not big enough to handle the spreader.
  7. a honey do list suppose to make a gazebo but haven't got that far yet. I have the posts and everything just have to take time its only sat there for 4 yrs, maybe this summer.
  8. Doing a little spring cleaning the fields were pretty muddy but we are getting it done. I had a couple videos but couldn't get them to load. I'm using the mx170 pulling a Meyer 3465 spreader and my soon to be 9 yr old was running the maxxum 140 pulling the case ih 1570 piece of junk spreader
  9. I have an uncle that works in the Smithfield plant and he sais its not so much that they are spreading it at work, it's all these ethnic groups that work in the same plant and then they do the communal living thing that is where they are picking it up and spreading it around. at work they wear masks and faceshields
  10. I want to make a bushing to fit in the drawbar on my mx210. I am at work and forgot to measure the hole size and thickness of the drawer. Could someone please give me those dimensions?
  11. Reading this topic got me thinking we have a 1978 hydro 186 we bought back in 1987, when we got the tractor it had a m&w turbo installed. Sometime in the 90's the turbo went bad and was eliminated. I have a turbo we took off a blown up 1460 combine that I would like to put on the tractor. My question is how much stuff could I use off the combine and would this work on my tractor?
  12. Our 2003 mx210 has the heavy front end that is setup for duals.
  13. Since my kids are out of school they have been using zoom to do some stuff with their teachers and according to my wife that seems to be working quite well.
  14. Needed to take it to the dealer for servicing so drove it to work first to save a trip to town.
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