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  1. Have you thought of trying a chisel plow instead of a disk ?
  2. I sure would like to find a 48” mower deck to replace mine. I have a 312-8 that I bought new I think in 1988. I have over 2300 hours on it and it starts and runs great, but the deck is rusting thru in places so probably another year I will have to retire it if I can”t find a replacement deck. You can get the all the parts except the deck. Anyone know of a wheel horse salvage yard that I could contact? Thanks
  3. We got a set of cat3 from A&i for our imported 5250 with the claw links
  4. I think you are thinking of what is now Empire tractor in Waterloo on rt 318. Years ago there was F& W equipment in Geneva that had a narrow front IH that had a boom lift mounted and was driven in reverse like a forklift. That was a beast of a machine at the time.
  5. bitty, now I see how those bead protectors would be a great idea at a farm with cattle. we don't hear of those here in vegetable country. thanks for the explaination.
  6. what are bead protectors ? thanks
  7. I think you mean kerosene in the fuel oil , not the engine oil.
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