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  1. Have you thought of trying a chisel plow instead of a disk ?
  2. I sure would like to find a 48” mower deck to replace mine. I have a 312-8 that I bought new I think in 1988. I have over 2300 hours on it and it starts and runs great, but the deck is rusting thru in places so probably another year I will have to retire it if I can”t find a replacement deck. You can get the all the parts except the deck. Anyone know of a wheel horse salvage yard that I could contact? Thanks
  3. We got a set of cat3 from A&i for our imported 5250 with the claw links
  4. I think you are thinking of what is now Empire tractor in Waterloo on rt 318. Years ago there was F& W equipment in Geneva that had a narrow front IH that had a boom lift mounted and was driven in reverse like a forklift. That was a beast of a machine at the time.
  5. bitty, now I see how those bead protectors would be a great idea at a farm with cattle. we don't hear of those here in vegetable country. thanks for the explaination.
  6. what are bead protectors ? thanks
  7. I think you mean kerosene in the fuel oil , not the engine oil.
  8. We bought #13 built in 1971. It is used for cabbage that is going to a sauerkraut plant for immediate processing. Ours was mounted on an 826hydro ( gold demonstrater ) that we bought just for this use. Think of the harvester being on blocks and then you back into it with the 8” channel over the top of the rear axle. We would take the forklift and pick up the tractor’s front axle until the holes line up witha block that is mounted midsection of the tractor. 2 1” bolts are installed on each side and then we drop the front axle off of the tractor. Ours was built with it’s own front axle so we just had to put our front tires on it and set the tractor’s axle aside. There was a pto mounted hydraulic pump that ran the header that brought the whole plant up to a spinning disk to cut the head off of the stump, the cleaning bed with spiral shafts to take loose leaves off and then the elevator to carry the heads up and into a truck or when it was wet to a dump cart. The 2 sets of outlets ran the header up and down, the end of the elevator reaching into the truck and the steering. Long rods ran from the tractor to the operators platform to connect the hydro,speed range and the throttle. Also brake lines were ran the length. We could change this overi in about 3 hours. We had 18.4x34 tires with duals and it would go thru anything. This worked great. On later models they used unisystems as a power source. And to top it off they used ih red for the main frame and white for the elevator.
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