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  1. bitty, now I see how those bead protectors would be a great idea at a farm with cattle. we don't hear of those here in vegetable country. thanks for the explaination.
  2. what are bead protectors ? thanks
  3. cabbageman

    Water in Oil

    I think you mean kerosene in the fuel oil , not the engine oil.
  4. We bought #13 built in 1971. It is used for cabbage that is going to a sauerkraut plant for immediate processing. Ours was mounted on an 826hydro ( gold demonstrater ) that we bought just for this use. Think of the harvester being on blocks and then you back into it with the 8” channel over the top of the rear axle. We would take the forklift and pick up the tractor’s front axle until the holes line up witha block that is mounted midsection of the tractor. 2 1” bolts are installed on each side and then we drop the front axle off of the tractor. Ours was built with it’s own front axle so we just had to put our front tires on it and set the tractor’s axle aside. There was a pto mounted hydraulic pump that ran the header that brought the whole plant up to a spinning disk to cut the head off of the stump, the cleaning bed with spiral shafts to take loose leaves off and then the elevator to carry the heads up and into a truck or when it was wet to a dump cart. The 2 sets of outlets ran the header up and down, the end of the elevator reaching into the truck and the steering. Long rods ran from the tractor to the operators platform to connect the hydro,speed range and the throttle. Also brake lines were ran the length. We could change this overi in about 3 hours. We had 18.4x34 tires with duals and it would go thru anything. This worked great. On later models they used unisystems as a power source. And to top it off they used ih red for the main frame and white for the elevator.
  5. CIHTECH, i’ve sent you a pm. Thanks
  6. CIHTECH, looking at the parts online it only shows a delivery valve spring which is on the side. Am I missing another that is within another part. The diagram didn’t show the top coming apart. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the help, i’ll Get back to it in a couple of days and let you know how we make out.
  8. Yes, we move it by hand at the pump with no change. Thanks
  9. I was disking , running at 2200 rpms when the motor dropped to about 700rpms. It was like a switch was flipped when it dropped. Got it unhooked and got to the shop with only idle speed. I move the throttle but there isn’t any change to the rpms. We got the fuel tank off , dumped it out and there wasn’t anything to be found. The lines were clear, so we remounted the tank and put new fuel filters on and still no difference. Mind you that it starts right up but no increase in rpms past about 7-800. Next we put a new fuel pump on, still no change. When we checked the fuel filters they are 3/4 full which doesn’ T seem right or is it leading to the source of the problem because it is starved for fuel. We haven’t touched the injection pump . This is a 5250 with 8500 hrs that we’ve had for 6 years. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. Why would one kind of battery corrode cables more than others? I never heard that before and yes we use interstate batteries and there is corrosion on some pieces of equipment. I
  11. having never looked close at one of these shellers could you tell me how the kernels are thrashed off the cob compared to a combine. it appears to be a whole lot simpler than a 1460. thanks
  12. I am surprised that you don’t have pickup reels in your area especially with the time of year that you harvest. Here in upstate New York we get thunderstorms that will put the wheat or oats partially down but the pickup fingers make it a non issue.crop lifters work pretty good. I started on a Massey Harris 70 and years later a case 600 that both had lifters. Then with the arrival of the 915 with a pickup reel i was in heaven not having to backup and unplug a slug in the header auger.the 1460 with an 810 header worked great to keep the flow of material even. Sooo, a pickup reel will make downed crops less of a headache.
  13. I was combining wheat when the final drive came apart on our 1460. I took it to our dealer and they wanted a crazy amount of money to fix it. I made a call to k&j combine salvage in Lansing,N.Y. and had the complete final in a couple of hours.and to top it off the original dealer where I took the damaged one to be be repaired called and bought my broken final to have as a spare to get guys going.the final was the left side which I was told seems to be the side that has the most problems. Good luck. We were in the field and used a forklift to move the rice and cane tire and then placed a pallet beneath the final. It is heavy.
  14. Thanks for the replies.i’ll try To find linseed oil and see how that works.
  15. what would be the material to use on the wood floor of our 28' cornpro gooseneck trailer? the i thought it would be a good time to coat it and let it sit while the weather is nice. i've used deck preservative on the previous owens 5th wheel but it didn't seem to wear very good. the trailer is 2 years old and it is looking like it is drying out and could use some protection. the dealer didn't really have an answer when i asked him, go figure. thanks
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