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  1. Just letting all of you IH tractor advisors know what I did to get fuel flowing. I took both filters off to start over and found that the o ring that goes into the housing had indeed blocked the Wix filter flow. Carefully installed the first filter, turned on fuel and had good flow. Put second on and then got good flow out the bleeder. Just had to crack open the supply line going into the injection pump to let air out and she started. I thought I was being careful the first time but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Thanks again for all the ideas.
  2. Thanks for the info. The filters are Wix and are solid on top like the pictured Napa filter. I was careful installing them but that square shaped O Ring seems like it would block the fuel flow no matter how it gets installed. It only fits one it way. I now have fuel coming out the bleeder screw ( there is only 1 on the second filter ). It isn’t flowing, just moist after leaving the it open for 2 hours. I never shut the fuel off so I wouldn’t have a problem with air. It filled the first filter right up but I didn’t have much flow to the second filter. It must be a problem with the filter. Thanks again for all the ideas.
  3. Yes these are the canister type with the bowl. I guess I’ll have to take them off and start over but there is just an O ring in the center that the filter goes over. Perplexing ! Tank is full and bleeder screw open. Thanks
  4. I just changed the 2 fuel filters on our 574 and now it will only run for about 30 seconds. I’ve taken the supply line to the filters and blown it backwards and have good flow to the filters. The Manuel says to loosen the bleeder on the second filter until the air is gone but I don’t get any fuel to come out. Fuel tank is full and I cracked open a line on one injector, but not much fuel there. I left the fuel run when I changed the filters and # 1 filled right up but it didn’t flow into # 2 real quick. It shows full but not any flow out the bleeder. Any ideas to get the air out much appreciated. Thanks
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