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  1. TD6 Carburetor help

    TD-6 carb should be the same as a MD wheel tractor. The have the same engine. Lots more MD's in the country. I once had two. One ran good and sold well the other was complete but did not have it running. Sold cheap. Also sold a complete parts WD-6. Salvage man bought it. Carbs changed along with the size of the engine. They are not all the same across the board.
  2. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Back when I used to do that, I bought a heavy strap 3or 4 inches wide and about 4 feet long with loops at each end. You can slide it back and forth till you get it balanced. Maybe youi know this already, but be sure to make a good mark on the steering clutch and the driven plate on the final drives. The bolt holes are fussy and won't go back together but only one way. If you can get another loader tractor over there and hang a chain hoist of the bucket you should be in good shape. If you can get the lock wire in and out and get the bolts that hold the half moon retainers in and out, then you don't need the compression tools. I made some. Gives you more room to work in.
  3. Opinions on cut out relays

    Been a while since I studies electronics. But a standard diode only lets DC voltage pass it. It knows nothing about the voltage in your system. A zener diode can be used as a voltage regulator. Perhaps a electronics expert can expand on this.
  4. TD-14A Upper Trans Shaft Bearing R&R

    I had my TD-18 transmission all apart 20 years ago. Mine was the 182 series. You can get the flywheel out with the later ones without removing the engine. The older models would not let you do it. Can't remember if I had to take the flywheel out or just wanted to have it surfaced. I got a service manual from Jennsales. It told me what to do. Worth the money. Still use now.
  5. td-20

    Does anyone sell carb kits for gas start diesels? I called a list of parts I needed. No word yet. Edit, I called FP smith. They were going to call me back.
  6. td-20

    Does anyone sell carb kits for gas start diesels? I called a list of parts I needed. No word yet.
  7. 806 steering issue

    sorry I cannot help, My late father drilled it to our heads, never bust up your machines going after a little bit of hay.
  8. Yes it had the governor. I do enjoy the aux transmission. You can get the truck up to speed faster. Mine will do 70 mph empty on flat roads.
  9. The parts guy at NAPA wanted to know what I did with the old carb. Told him it was setting on a saw horse in the building. He asked what I was going to do with it. I said smash it with a hammer and then to the dumpster. He offered to buy it. I quoted him $ 10 and gave me the money quick. Local Holley expert saw it on the floor after I sold it and he took one look at it and said "junk". Don't know if the buyer was there or not. Story told to me by the store owner. The elevator I go to is about 10 miles away. I could make 3 round trips then switch tanks. Have 3 of them. Not enough left to make a 4th trip, I admit I do push it pretty hard.
  10. I have the same setup in my grain truck. MV446 with 5 x 4 transmission. There is indeed 4 gears on the aux transmission. Best thing I did with mine was to ditch the Holley carb and put on a 750 cfm Edelbrock. The magnetic pick up in the distributer died on me. No longer available. I put a pextroics ingition and the truck has never started as good as it does now. I will find out this fall when I use the truck to haul grain. I hope the new carb will help tame down the terrible thirst for gas.
  11. 461 or 549?

    From a 1958 chart, a v-461 has 226 hp @ 3200 rpm.Same stroke as a 549. 549 has 4 1/2" bore and a 461 has 4 1/8".
  12. TD-20 magneto

    I don't know what a variable light is.
  13. TD-20 magneto

    I put a timing light to it today. When it flashes, all I see is black flywheel. The marks had yellow paint on them. Oh well, it doesn't start any better or worse than before so I guess I need to be satisfied.
  14. TD-20 magneto

    The drive is a slot. I feel I am close being it does start and run. The light I will try tomorrow as long as we don't get rain. Would not feel bad at all if I got rained out. Been going through a dry spell and the crops need rain more than I need to get to the bottom of this.
  15. TD-20 magneto

    Yes. It went to Northbridge MA for total rebuild. 2 year warrenty. $ 275 dollar rebuild.