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  1. I kill them when they get after my chickens. I like eggs more than skunks....
  2. No military surplus tires. TSL Super Swampers. Had to stick with a narrow tire to fit down the corn and bean rows still. Couldn't go much taller than stock for tire clearance.
  3. Not an expert but isn't there something in the Bible about those that don't work shouldn't eat?
  4. Super swampers have a low weight rating. Looks awesome but kills the capacity of the dually for hauling much. Years ago we put swampers on the pickup sprayers at the co-op. Sidewalls were giving out before the spraying season was done but we sure got thru the mud that year!!
  5. Burn it to the ground. Save you a pile of headaches.
  6. And yet stupid people ride right next to us in the hammer lane totally oblivious to what could happen. If you are going to pass a semi....pass them!!
  7. In the wind crank up the gas a little. Piece scrap plywood for a windblock helps a bunch. Rust and paint i just hit with the cordless grinder quick.
  8. Can you get aprts for the keypad still? I like my powermig with just the 2 dials for setting. Hasn't missed a weld in over 20 years.
  9. All those tractors with loaders will meet the same fate? Pretty sure it has more to do with age and usage buddy....
  10. Cab and chassis has a slightly longer frame. Depending on what kind of body/equipment is going on that could make a difference. On my 18 Ram 1t dually CC i would have to cut the frame and move the fuel tank to put a box on. 53 gallon fuel tank where the spare would normally hang. With a dually you already have 2 spare tires on the back axle. Single one out if you need a steer tire in a pinch.
  11. 1 with heat 1 with AC 1 with a working radio
  12. Same here. Just gonna rip them on some barbed wire anyways. No sense spending any more than i have too....
  13. Quick internet search says smoker pellets use food grade soy oil for a binder. Heating pellets use other products for a binder. I don't think I will lose sleep over the pellets.
  14. I have a friend who has a Green Mountain. He likes it so far. My brother just bought a Rectec? Neither have had theirs for long so cant say how they are long term.
  15. Do you have one? Have you had it a long time? I know the name. Have heard good and bad about them. Looking for real world experience. I will be buying a larger model probably for larger get togethers.
  16. Are those bisquets readily available? I don't "shop" much. More of a get n go guy so don't know whats out there.
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