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    Your "parts" tractor is nicer than my chore tractor!!
  2. Any pics of it in action yet? What kind of bushes? Pics of the operation would be fun to see. Something different for us to see!!
  3. Whatever you did wrong i am sure wont happen again. These tough lessons stick with us and get double checked from now on....
  4. Its tough enough to do a restomod on a mainstream vehicle so tackling something like this you are lucky to get by with only one parts truck! Glad its turning out so nice
  5. Sounds like the rear main seal... And welcome aboard!!
  6. Grinnell you say.....i will be over that way after 6pm tonight. If you happen to be in town and see a caseys gas truck...stop and say hi. South and west stores.
  7. When you bring it to the show will you put your nickname from here on a sign so we know whose it is? I am guessing there will be more than a couple like it around the show and i would like to see your finished project in person.
  8. Around here a regular M with tires in that condition and not running is a $500 tractor. Running would add a couple hundred. Being your is an MV would bring more $$ but i am not sure how much. I would guess double but i am not sure.. I dont know on the F 14. Maybe about the same price as an M??
  9. She's a beauty! Good job on the resto and the plane even has matching colors too. Maybe see you in DSM in a few weeks
  10. I agree with you. It could be a great thing for Rob and his shop. There are dicks that want to tear your stuff down because they dont have it. But there are also dicks that feel they are big shots because they have something in a show and wont talk to people when they have a question. If you are gonna show be prepared to be a nice guy to everyone...good ones and bad.
  11. Looking great Tony! I agree with Smoker1 about the car show people. They are snobbier than a bunch of high school girls. Clubs are a bunch of BS too. I was at a guys place last year and he was talking about an upcoming show that his club was putting on. They already decided who was getting the top trophy and the show was still weeks away... My wife and i refer to those people as car snobs.
  12. On the sheetmetal get a DA sander. Hit it with 80 grit followed by 120 grit. Keep the sander flat with the 80 or it can leave some scratch marks. Prime and paint(with hardener added)
  13. Could you go with the tie down straps that fit over the tire on the fronts? You would then need to chain the rears front and back to control for and aft movement but would eliminate hooks on the front end.
  14. Dammit all anyway!! I feel sorry for the guys having to redo ALL that hard work!!
  15. Scoutparts.com shows a couple tanks for pickups. Dont know if they are close to what yours is..
  16. That sucks to hear. When they did the engine did they reuse the old sleeves? Possible pinholes?
  17. Was it faster when the weather was warmer? Did it move better after running it for a while? How cold out? Check fluid level and color. Milky fluid needs to get changed asap. Check the screen/filter(whichever it has) .Maybe warm the tractor up longer to let the hydraulics warm some maybe.
  18. Agree 100%. A new musclecar would look ridiculous with big old fat sidewalls on a 15" rim. An old musclecar looks ridiculous with a 20" rim. I understand having to go a little bigger to accomadate larger disc brakes but there is a line where it gets tacky in my book too..
  19. Could get a stock wheel widened and chromed to accept a stock hub cap too...that way you could customize width and backspacing.
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