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  1. new guy

    Calling all gardeners,,

    Gonna go with AK on this one. Neighbor may have gotten his hands on some Trimec. It has Banvel in it. It will get up and move through the neighborhood if they overdo it. Beans are easy to grow so dont beat yourself up. It is something else.
  2. new guy

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Had the same mail lady make me move my mailbox 3 times. Whiners!!
  3. new guy

    DOT Physical

    Just because she weighs twice a normal girl doesnt make it a threesome...
  4. new guy

    DOT Physical

    Yeah but then you have that embarrassing thingy that looks up to see whats goin on๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. new guy

    Calling all gardeners,,

    Any guys growing Dicamba resistant beans in the area? Wont take much drift to wipe out a young greenbean plant. Try tilling the row again before planting? I usually have the opposite problem...i get them too thick.
  6. new guy

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    He!! of a deal at twice the price!!
  7. new guy

    life in our corner

    ^^look at the udders on that one๐Ÿค‘^^
  8. new guy


    Geez. Our mattress is 25 years old. There is an imprint where i sleep. Snuggle into my "spot" and i am out like a light. Wife says we need a new one but i am holding out still. Kinda like an old pair of jeans or boots...just a few more days...
  9. new guy

    life in our corner

    Doing my part tonight( and with every meal and with snacks know)
  10. new guy

    life in our corner

    I still think ag as a whole is circling the drain. Hopefully dairy has bottomed but crops are sinking fast. Some experts say we are near the 30 year low cycle in commodities. Gonna be tough times for the row crop guys too.
  11. new guy

    Sold the Sandblaster

    Vinegar is Acetic acid. If you want a better smelling but slower stripper try molasses.
  12. new guy

    Liver & Onions

    We always throw the deer heart in the crock pot with onions and veggies and cook it up like any other roast. Slice it up and throw it on a burger bun. Yummy sammich!!
  13. new guy

    Life in Alaska

    Almost missed it
  14. new guy

    Tool box question.....

    I bought this one not long ago and like the idea of the top closing to hide the clutter. Power strip is on top under the lid. It runs across the back. Some boxes have them on the sides.