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  1. I disagree! Find the chick that likes what you like! My wife likes Mopars too! She has only gotten mad at 1 of my purchases but got over it.πŸ˜πŸ‘ Edit: I only collected 1 chick so it is not considered a collection...πŸ€” is it??
  2. Minivan, motel or stripper?
  3. Prefer sleeping at Motels. Hot shower,cable TV and continental breakfast πŸ˜πŸ‘
  4. We rent one on occasion for family trips. We call them minivancations. Not knocking them. Kids are married off now so no need to own one.
  5. Your my heroπŸ˜πŸ‘ Someday i will own a Carav...oops nevermind... I like trucks, tractors, muscle cars, shooting stuff, red meat, chewing tobacco, work boots, blue jeans, t shirts and.....flowers
  6. Wear what you want. No problem. I have the right to shake my head and form my own opinion....LOL
  7. I just wear socks. At the end of the day if my jeans are dirty i hit the shower and put on a clean pair. I will refrain with any comments pertaining to what i think people look like in crocs.
  8. No slippers. No crocs. No sweat pants.
  9. new guy

    I married up

    1 S is for shower...assumed soap and shampoo fell under the 1 S. Looks like you didn't include soap on your prep list? Might be a factor in the outcome of your tragic dinner outing? Redd Foxx always said " You gotta have a clean a$$!!"
  10. new guy

    I married up

    Take a nap in the office today. Tell your curmudgeon boss i said it was ok
  11. new guy

    I married up

    Try again tonight... I am familiar with the 3 S's. Do i dare ask what the 4th is?
  12. I was told 3/4 on the chebbies.
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