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  1. No sh!t Sherlock. You are getting off course and babbling again. This time of year it is about our crop condition. Different time of year we watch SA crops. Pay attention....🤓
  2. There are guys this year producing much more than 20% less. Some 100% less. A majority of what is out there is late. That is the head scratcher that amsashooter is talking about. Commodities are just paper that is traded. Basis is what sets the actual price recieved. Basis tells whether an area needs more grain or less. The market is just a number that basis is added to or subtracted from.
  3. new guy

    Almost to hot

    They couldn't give them away....
  4. I love the car but the story is the best part!! So many regret selling something they had but you still have your baby after all these years. I still have parts from my 1st car that hopefully get transplanted into my other babies down the road.
  5. Not the 1st time I've heard of it over the years. FIL kept some bull calves many years ago that were worth nothing. Fed them manger cleanings and the poorer quality hay(milkers got the good stuff). By the time they were 800-1000# the market had come around again and he made out pretty good.
  6. new guy

    crate strapping

    Comes in different names. Should find small rolls in the plumbing dept at the big box stores. I have got it there before.
  7. new guy

    crate strapping

    Hurricane strap. Go to the lumber yard or check the plumbing supplies at a hardware store.
  8. Seperate the offending animals for a month. Might break them. Not always...
  9. Thats good. Heard shakin hands with the unemployed causes blindness...😎
  10. Oh wait....sorry....happy birthday anyway...
  11. Thanks for sharing. I have no interest in the state fair(too many people in one spot) but glad you posted pics so i didnt miss out. Very nice equipment!
  12. It will be interesting to see. I bet it comes up shy of 7 digit$ but will be close.
  13. Bet she can cook though...
  14. not a normal bunch of people.... Hehehe....what is normal anyways??? Glad to hear your brother is doing great!!!
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