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  1. I knew a guy in the service that could have been a contender on jeopardy. He watched it every day and rattled off the answers(questions) easily. And he had tattoos....if that matters....
  2. Took a few acres. Wish i had taken a few more....
  3. new guy

    As a courtesy,

    Just wear your seat belt and you'll be fine....
  4. You will catch a cat if you use cat food. You must use mini marshmallows. They work awesome. Have 2 of thise traps. Make sure they are tied up good to something heavy. Coons are pretty strong when they are caught. Little adrenaline. I only set those when i will be up late and get up early again in the morning to dispatch any thieves...
  5. They're all good til they breakπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  6. Takes 2 people to drive a Ford. 1 to push and 1 to steer. Sorry...i couldn't resist.....😁
  7. They are bad around here too. I kill them every chance i can by whatever means necessary. Haven't kept track how many and dont care. Saw 2 more up the road tonight but the semi didn't have enough get up and go to catch them. Time to bait the traps again....
  8. When my ins adjuster got done with my PP this summer i told her i will see her again this fall.....she commented that she will be seeing a lot of people this fall. Frost over the weekend finished my beans. They were turning color but lots of green pods and beans yet. Smells like fresh cut hay now....
  9. Does this moon mean the rain will finally stop?
  10. Exactly. A lot of misinformation out there has people spending way too much money on fears of filters plugging.
  11. They lost?? To Minnesota?? In football?? Wow.....that's rough...hahahahaha
  12. Your so called over production in grains is under 2 feet of snow in some areas and standing in mud in others. Could you or anyone predict that one? It isnt production til you harvest and sell it.
  13. Exactly. And each model year had grill and tail light changes. Every few years a whole new body style. Not the case for a long time now...
  14. Haven't even dug stuff out yet. Maybe later this week. A friend has some late planted corn to chop. Finally ready but mud....might be putting the 2+2 on the chopper this year.
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