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  1. Beginning Farmer Program

    Talk to one of your friends and see if you can "hire on" as a "farm manager" (for free of course)for a piece of ground they run. You need three years of managing some aspect on your own. There are also classes you can take to make up for some of that. I had to do a business class fot mine. It was just a thing thet mailed out and i did it at home. Open book test at the end. Had to pay a little out of pocket for it but still saving money on interest. Talk to them some more. Find someone retiring soon and ask if you can rent a small piece of ground and use their equipment in trade for labor helping them with their crop.
  2. Beginning Farmer Program

    Here in Iowa i checked about the tax credit thing for a farm i just picked up. With cuts to the budget there was no money available to sign up new farms. (Property tax credit). The money has to come from the ag side to pay the peoperty tax side and the FSA keeps getting cuts to its budget.
  3. I found a picture of IHrunner on the WWW

    Gotta wonder what he was searching for in the first place
  4. Beginning Farmer Program

    Paper work isnt that bad. Its more in depth than the bank usually is. I figure the savings in interest is payment for a little extra paperwork. If you qualify go for it. Your banker may need to refer you.
  5. Fireman`s Rule

    When i saw this title i remembered our motto on the fire dept. "Save the basement!" We were quite successfulπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!! Seriously we never gave thought to how something started or whether it was worth saving. We dove in and did everything we could to beat the fire.
  6. What ruled the roads then?

    None were very accurate. All makers were fudging high and low for marketing and insurance reasons.
  7. Guns

  8. What ruled the roads then?

    Those and the COPO Camaros. Dodges equivalent is Mr Norms Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership in the Chicago area. Did Ford have a standout performance dealership like these? Olds? Pontiac? AMC?
  9. What ruled the roads then?

    Hmmm...double trouble....gonna need a double wide dog house or someones gonna end up sleepin on the roof!!
  10. What ruled the roads then?

    Cool ride! I would like a street rod sometime. Wife isn't into them tho. I might have to cruise alone and borrow MTOs dog house for a few days...πŸ˜‚
  11. What ruled the roads then?

    Where's the like button?πŸ‘
  12. What ruled the roads then?

    The 62 and 63 Max Wedge (stage I, II, and III) the race Hemi in 64, the pontiac 421 (swiss cheese catalina), the chevy 409, ford 427, chevy 396 ( z11?? in 65). What a time that would be to be able to go back too and see them run. Most of the midwest guys know about the tractor salvage in Worthington,MN. What you might not know is his brother with the auto salvage next door went out and bought a new max wedge car in 62. He started winning and beating the factory sponsored guys. Flat towing the car around the country living off winnings and odd jobs along the way he ended up in the 62 WinterNationals. Dick Dyke picked his way thru all the high dollar factory boys to win the big pot! I got to visit with him years ago when i was picking over some of his old Mopar stash. Great stories!
  13. What ruled the roads then?

    You have the funds available to act right away? I may know where...
  14. What ruled the roads then?

    Hey now!! You been holdin out on me?? You never said you had one tucked away too! I have enough spare parts to put that one back together! Give ya a heck of a deal on them!πŸ˜‰
  15. Walmart/Dean Foods

    Thanks. I thought they were in bed together somehow.