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  1. new guy

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    10-15-02. I feel the same way about abortions. Kill them til they are born but can't spank them after. We have something wrong with this picture. Have you thought about sandblasting to engrave the stone?
  2. new guy

    Prayers requested

    You sure she is yours? I dont see any resemblance at all...none...nada.... Just kidding. Best of luck to all you guys. We'll be thinking of ya. 👍
  3. new guy

    Kinda reverse land lease question?

    No pressure?!?!?!? Come to southern Iowa....
  4. new guy

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    Would have been a 383 if it was a Belvedere. If it was a Fury it might have had a 440.
  5. new guy

    Old tricks of the day

    I just went with the big motor and big cam. One guy tried me (my little brother). That night i taught him and his buddy the difference between a big block Mopar and a small block chevy. They both own Mopars to this day😁
  6. new guy

    Old tricks of the day

    Well look who crawled out of dA buSh
  7. new guy

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    Yeah that 62 Dart was an odd looking machine.
  8. new guy

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    Town cop back home had one with fat tires on Keystone Klassics. Said the only way he could spin a tire was with a jack under the car🤣🤣
  9. Every time i go to walmart i am positive we are doomed. There will be another civil war in our country but it will be short lived. It will be between productive society and the non productive society. The dog only lets you steal food for so long before he bites your hand.
  10. new guy

    Gps question?

    I'm just learning this stuff myself but it comes down to your antenna choice and having a subscription (paid signal) to get sub inch. There are some "deals" on used antennas but there is a rollover date in April where some older units may become paperweights if they aren't updated. Hopefully for your sake someone much smarter than me replies..
  11. new guy

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    So a 4 door and an ex cop car... yeah i can see why he maybe passed on it.
  12. new guy

    I guess he didn't read the directions

    One can't be too careful...
  13. Stopped once to look. Turned and left without buying a thing. Way to many yuppies for my liking. For guns i will go to B&W Outfitters in Anita, IA. Found them online. Close enough to drive over to look. Friendly enough to talk me into spending more than i planned. Prices beat those big chain stores most of the time.
  14. new guy

    another OSHA alert

    Must be a union job. Takes 2 to do the job of 1..