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  1. Found a marlin in the weeds. Not overly bad shape but left it there and hauled the Mopars home instead.๐Ÿ˜
  2. 14kw here. Power never goes out to use it. 10 years old and still new. No candles here either Hiller....
  3. Best things i found in OK are a couple cheap Mopars and the Wichita Mountains. The Mopars are no longer there๐Ÿ˜‰ but the wildlife area was pretty cool to drive thru(we saw the buffalo). Not a real large area but totally different landscape than the rest of OK. If your in the area it is worth a few minutes out of your way.
  4. I am not big on crowds. Avoid them most of the time except for our annual trip to Eddyville to watch the drag races.
  5. Love it!! I am getting closer to the point of getting going on my stuff. Kids grown and married now. Next up is a little more shed space with a bunch if insulation and some climate control so i can work comfortably year round.
  6. In the user agreement there is a link to email any questions regarding the terms of use agreement. That is the place to ask the question the OP posted. I have my opinion of things going on in the world but the people that own/operate this site have kindly asked that we refrain from a few subjects here. Their playground- their rules. There are other forums that have political sections. No matter how many posts and how much you try you are not going to change minds on religion or politics. Those are personal morals. Right or wrong.
  7. It means exactly what it says. Don't like the rules? Find a new playground!!
  8. new guy


    Chicken wire and flex paste. If you can build a boat why cant you build a shed?
  9. We can do everything just right for beans but we get that hot windy week in August and it stops them dead in their tracks...happened this year here. 90s and windy for a week. Knocked 10+ bushel off them.
  10. Check your grounds to the frame.
  11. Like said above you can order a gooseneck with extra clearance/length neck. Alternative may be to get a trailer with a pintle hitch instead?
  12. You need to move. Between your circus leader and your fellow citizens i would be finding a new play ground. I leave my keys in the truck so i dont have to look for them most of the time
  13. Cull cow that hasn't weaned a calf for 2 years straight. Here at home waiting for me to take her to town. Guess she gets another shot at staying. Surprised me with a calf yesterday....
  14. Bomgaars has some in 5 gallon buckets that says it meets the specs for CaseIH Hytran.. Thats what i use now. Hytran just too expensive when blowing hyd hoses and my leaky old equipment.
  15. That looks awesome!
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