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  1. Yeah you will want the flex frame. Also make sure it has hydraulic fold. My buddy has a manual fold and he wants to add cylinders to his. Mine has hyd fold that was added by the previous owner. So much easier and faster.
  2. Good Lord...my mom was not abusive. Us boys liked to push the limits and when we got swatted we knew dang well that we had earned it!😁
  3. Burn it where it lays next year. They hold a lot off water. Takes a while to dry.
  4. Mine used the orange hot wheels tracks....and we deserved it every time
  5. new guy


    Of course you can. People are gullible.
  6. new guy


    You let your wife park in the kitchen too?
  7. Precision corn meters and the good radial bean meters are a must have for these.
  8. And the driver chewing on a half smoked cigar....cussin and swearin.....wife beater tshirt (stained of course)....half bottle of hooch in the toolbox....bobblehead on the dash....
  9. I have a 2200 with an agleader monitor. Never used the kp monitor so don't know what they are like but the planter is super simple and accurate. No till here.
  10. Your getting to be quite the Mopar guy!!
  11. Tag says 5hp. I just think it's a neat piece and will hopefully clean it up and find a place to display it in the future.
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