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  1. new guy

    Just my luck

    Stop looking as soon as you buy something! Never look will find a better deal 3/4s of the time. The other 25% of the time some friend will say "oh yeah i know where there is one for $$" at which time it is ok to kick him in the knee cap (or next joint up)...
  2. new guy

    Massey Harris fans

    A little soap and water would go a long way... Poor girl needs some wax too. Wax on..wax off...Grasshopper!
  3. new guy

    What not to use on a two year old Chevy pickup

    They all rust here. If you think they arent just crawl up underneath and look close. Seems the paint holds good a little longer on some than others but they all let go when you are in the salt belt.
  4. new guy

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    I dont think it is a cell phone problem here. It is a parenting problem. Get involved with your kids and know what is going on. Go get em Dale560. Start leaning hard on the parents too. Admins and board need to feel the heat too.
  5. new guy

    Bee's nest in gun barrel.

    Those robins can make a nest fast and in the dumbest places. The V at the front of the gooseneck trailers, loader brackets on tractor, on top of the batteries of my 86 series tractors etc....
  6. new guy

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    Kinda neat looking but there is a good reason they arent popular anymore. They suck.
  7. new guy

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    One thing we drilled into our kids heads from a very young age is always look out for those that are smaller than you. When my son was a senior in HS a girl with down syndrome started coming to our school because she was getting bullied bad at her last school. Some of the kids, my son included, went out of their way to make sure nobody messed with that little girl. She is now loved by everyone at the school and she is treated right. Admins talk a big talk but you need a few good kids to take the lead and change some attitudes. Peer pressure applied right does some amazing things.
  8. new guy

    dairy farms wis old news.

    A lot of those are just ground into burger. Beef price seems to be hanging on for now. I am guessing it is more to do with the cut of meat off an old dairy cow versus fat cattle. I would be interested in seeing the numbers on the imported ground beef. I would think it is much lower this year with the number of dairy cattle going to slaughter.
  9. new guy

    I wonder what will happen if it happens!

    Who is "they"?? Do farms move?? If a certain farming operation is not profitable in a certain area the only one to blame is the one trying to do it. You dont get to do something just because you want to. If row crops are unprofitable in your area you need to be doing something else. When too many people are raising the same thing we get a surplus. Surplus causes prices to go down because supply exceeds demand. Not because of some imaginary "they". The market does not owe you a profit!!
  10. new guy

    Was probably texting.

    Sometimes they just take the escalator instead...
  11. new guy

    Added cost of farming deer country

    That you Bitty??
  12. new guy

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    You will appreciate the auto on the winding roads paired with the jake brake. Tell the boss to bump the HP about 50 for the auto. Wish i had auto back when i had to fight the Chicago mess pulling a 7000 gal smooth bore tanker. Dont get me wrong, i still like to get in my old POS Freightliner with the 3406B Cat and row thru the 13 spd hauling grain to town but on a daily grind i DO NOT miss shifting gears.
  13. new guy

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    Tell em to get you automatics next go round so you can eat your fresh cheese curds going up and down the Sconny hills... I am not a fan of 10spds. Give me a 13 spd please. I have grown fond of the automatics now. A little more sluggish in the hills but going thru the little towns and some stop and go traffic i don't miss all the shifting.