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  1. Yup. Semi steps from the frame rails behind the cab.
  2. From what i heard earlier corn has ro be planted at a very high population to qualify as a cover crop. That may have changed now too.... I understand the decision was made to try to help livestock/dairy with obtaining forage. Not sure if this will be good or bad in the long run. Due to circumstances beyond my control i have a few acres left to go still. I will be checking this new change out closer.
  3. You can get forage beans. They get pretty tall. Cut and bale them for hay. Ask your seed guy to track some down. Might have to look further south to find them
  4. Yup. Ok. Fiat is the only one with recalls. Thanks for the heads up...
  5. Since you brought it up...i have always wondered...do they even have drivers ed classes in Nebraska or do they just give away drivers licenses?🤔🤔
  6. 70 Cudas are cool but 68 Chargers rule! They might not look like much to most people but they're a pretty sought after pair of cars there.$$$$$
  7. And the right side needs replacing. Dang thing is broke!
  8. Friends and relatives in construction and concrete are having a tough time too. Mowing business is tough right now too. Yards are muddy and grass is growing like crazy. Pretty much anything outdoors is a battle this year.
  9. It's ok to pull up roots and try something new. We did and have never regretted it. MN is getting a little out there too. Love it here in Iowa. Been here 10 years now and am staying til i croak!
  10. We found out corn doesnt qualify for a cover crop unless its planted at a very high population so that is out the window. Tried a little corn this morning. Still wet. Markers are throwing up ribbons of mud.(no till) Maybe tomorrow....
  11. new guy


    They are cute but they sure do fight at the feeders. I like watching them go after each other!!
  12. Moving cows to pasture in the morning to get them out of the mud then gonna try planting a little more corn and doing some spraying. Rain starting again Tuesday evening and chances all week. Borderline conditions now. Gonna plant around the wet stuff and skip the poorer ground. Wont be pretty but i will be able to call it progress maybe....if i dont get stuck...
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