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  1. Refineries coming back on line. Cold weather done.Summer travel season a ways off yet. Gas sales are down right now. Plenty of supply right now.
  2. The servo needs to be after the flow meter on a typical Raven set up
  3. Sucks when you run out of talent before the end of the week....
  4. The flowmeter is working because he can read and adjust it in manual. We used to have lots of trouble with the transducers when they first came out with the nh3 setup. They improved them soon after and they were much more reliable.
  5. At the end of the day we are all deplorables....
  6. Do you have it hooked to 12 volts? I ran into that with a farmer with one of those old green tractors with 2-6 volt batteries. He had it hooked to 1 battery. Enough power to function somewhat but not enough to run the servo valve correctly. Next idea would be to double check your speed calibration. If i remember right they have a speed readout on the monitor. I played with them years ago before GPS. It was wheel magnets or radar back then. Wrong speed cal # would cause issues.
  7. Ouch! Turned a 7 1/4 Mopar into little pieces once. Never harmed an 8 3/4 or a Dana yet...
  8. Tape a quarter to the driveshaft. If it gets worse move the quarter around to a different spot. See if it improves. Keep moving it around the shaft til you hit a sweet spot. Weld a washer on. Duct tape and 25 cents may fix it.
  9. This what happened leading up to the crash in 08. 1st time buyers paying crazy money for a house they don't belong in, lease new vehicles to keep up with the Jones's,etc. Gas goes to 4 bucks, interest rates adjust, property taxes keep climbing, no money left to furnish the castle, and on and on and on..... Of course the banks and everyone else takes the blame instead of the homeowner that didn't realize that they had no business looking at those properties to begin with, evidently the parents didn't teach them a damn thing about budgets(school was supposed to do that).
  10. I'll be your neighbor if you float me a loan....🤔🤔
  11. The housing bubble is going to burst when foreclosures are allowed again. The cost of everything is going up too fast. All this reminds me of 06-07. Housing market is just as insane now as it was then. Time for a correction. Going to be a hangover from all the free money.... My shop project and new windows in the house are on hold for now. Hoarding cash is my game plan. Jump in when she blows...
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