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  1. new guy

    Wacker PD3A with Honda GX120 4 HP run issues

    We all have operator failure at times. Your not alone. Some days are worse than others...
  2. new guy

    He got 9 to 23 months

    I stole a calender one time.... Got 12 months.... Thank you Thank you...i'll be here all night...🤣😂
  3. new guy

    Why $19 a month?

    Why not $9 or $29? Thankfully they are smart enough not to use the guy with "My Pillow". He has the most annoying commercials!! I mute the TV or turn the channel...
  4. new guy

    The same thing happens every day

    Easy now. Some of the ladies of Walmart need to rethink the yoga pants thing...
  5. new guy

    Why $19 a month?

    Why are they all asking for a donation of $19 a month. St Judes, Wounded Warrior, March of Dimes, Shriners hospital, etc... Is that a mental threshold of giving? Just curious. Seem like good organizations.
  6. new guy

    Do you get that letdown feeling

    Similar to the Mopar 8 3/4. Pretty simple to swap center chunks and go racing.
  7. new guy

    Do you get that letdown feeling

    Not sure but i think Boss 429.
  8. new guy

    Do you get that letdown feeling

    Dana 60. No doubt.
  9. new guy

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Rhetoric from facebook. I have never been to facebook. I live many sides of this discusion. I farm. I work in town. I have a small business(non farm). Farming is a way of life and a business at the same time. You dont seem to understand that. We grow what looks to be more profitable for our area. We market our crops all year from selling ahead to storing for later sale. You do not understand that. You obviously only understand the structured life the military gives you. You knew every month what your pay was going to be. A farmer never knows what his crop will produce and what the market will be. It is a world market and price reflects world supply. Basis reflects local supply. Subsidies. Government control to influence markets. Ag,oil,housing,energy,welfare, even your welfare payment for a career in the military serving in garrison having never faced an enemy in combat. Why am i funding my retirement and healthcare plus your retirement and healthcare? I served. Combat vet. I get nothing. I am subsidizing you and i dont think it is fair. That is life. It is not fair. If you dont like things where you are do something about it or move where it is more appealing. I did.
  10. new guy

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Whatever Rick. You non farmers voted the politicians in that are causing you all the grief. You dance around and blame the farmer because you need to blame someone. It wont work. We dont have enough votes. And i honestly could give a sh.t less about your problems in MN and neither could about anybody else here. Maybe one day you will realize this. You come on here and type big long responses and all kinds of links to whatever opinion fits your agenda. It has gotten very old. Go complain to someone who cares. We sure dont.
  11. new guy

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    I hate cats. I just buy 2 pails of throw packs. Each pail a different kind. Randomly toss both kinds among my cars. Seems to work and no cat sh.t to step in.
  12. new guy

    Wacker PD3A with Honda GX120 4 HP run issues

    Restricted fuel line/needle and seat? Not enough flow from tank to carb starving it after using up what is in the bowl?
  13. new guy

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    You keep saying 1% of the population farms(or something close to that). That means you are part of the majority that does not farm. The majority voted for a renewable fuels mandate in MN therefore your side is the ones who are to blame. The farmer simply does not have enough votes.
  14. new guy

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Exactly how am I forcing anything on you Rick? Your state says you are supposed to use ethanol. You say you can buy non ethanol at the Sinclair station so go buy your gas there. How thick heade are you? You come on here bad mouthing farmers and how they make their decisions. You blame farmers for your own elected officials in MN mandating what you have to use. If you dont like it just move or run for office and try to change it. Coming on an ag related forum and bad mouthing farmers about it makes no sense. Please go away.