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  1. Thank You FarmallFan!!!

    Here is the picture that describes the VW rims that my Grandparents added when they could upgrade to rubber.  There is a set of Firestone SilverTown 7.00X16's.  

    The head is on and ready to torque down, the clearance is there and I believe its ready to go.  Worked on cleaning the rocker assembly and things should mate up well with the fresh ground lifters.  Can't wait to get the parts lubed and installed......




  2. Hillman, 

    I did check what looked close with out the head gasket just to see what was up.  There was some close areas, of course, without the gasket but with adding the gasket of 85 thou I wouldn't think it would draw down past the mid 60's in my opinion.  However, Dad and I talked about it and decided to relieve the edge, just in case, after seeing what it looked like.  So at this point I don't have any concerns.  




  3. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!! These attachments won't go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dang...


    Ok, here we go.  A little bit of what went on this weekend.


    Checking clearances here.  Started without the head gasket just to see were we're at.  






  4. 10 hours ago, hillman said:

    did you put the distillate head on the engine yet with those domed pistons?

    No the head is not on the motor as of yet, the weather has not been cooperating real well the last few weekends.  To the best of my knowledge there should not be any clearance issues as the distillate motor was mid size chamber being slightly larger than the gas but not as large as the kerosene.  Now, having said that, this is my first IH engine build so I could be full of beans too so take it with a grain of salt until I can report back with some firm data and run time.  So stay tuned.  :lol:  Oh, and if any one reading this has that firm data please feel free to share, I hate doing things twice.  :rolleyes:

  5. The dollars are a real drag but as you may have seen in the pictures, it just has to get done.  I've waited over 30 years now to start this project and whats a few more grand any ways.  LOL!  Honestly though, I didn't think the cost was all that bad compared to what you fellas must have to give for those 'big' tractor tires.  Really makes ya respect anyone who goes all the way and puts all new tires all the way around some of these big 4x4's .  

  6. Found the missing wheel, the old spoke side has got to go.  Wish I had the steel complete but I don't so this is what it's going to be replaced with.  A buddy of mine has a bad key in his H and is buying the other.  One set found and two tractors fixed.



  7. Here is a few more updates on my snoozer of project.  :D  This weekend we got a head back from the machine shop (Thank You A&R Machine) after being hot tanked.  The head is NOS and has been sitting around my parents barn for about 11 years so it just made sense to get it hospital clean before getting started.  The only engine experience that I have is with my Cub Cadets so I don't know how to grind valves other than to lap them by hand.  The band looked good so I'm going to go with it.  My parts professional at CaseIH advised that I consider new valve keepers due to there possible wear and prevent dropping one but after seeing the 'new' keepers versus the original ones I thought the old ones looked much better built and warranted being cleaned and reused but that is just my opinion.







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  8. Brand new nos head getting ready for the hot tank.  Brand new CNH clutch, throw out, and pilot bearing.  IH dealer had one governor bearing but not the large front bearing so I'll have to wait till next week.  

    I was disappointed when I looked at the parts.  The clutch was made in China, one bearing was from Bulgaria and another from Argentina.  And yes, I know, it is an International company, and I'm sure the quality of the parts are just fine.  I was just a little bummed out.



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  9. After picking up a new oil float I was a little disappointed, the 'float' portion of the pickup has been deleted from the part, which is not to my surprise.  I'm thinking that I could have just drained the mineral spirits out of it and reused it.  It would work in the same manner as the new one.  Well, I know better now.

  10. Dad got a little progress done the last few weeks, managed to get the rear main seal installed and ready to go.  The rear main seal material is not to my satisfaction as far as material goes, the CNH seal looked far more compacted and tight compared to the one that came with my engine kit.  Hum....  Any how, the oil pump spring has been replaced and the cover bolted back on.  Just got a call from the IH dealer to let me know that the oil pickup float was in and ready so hopefully I can get some work done this weekend.

    Oh, the reason the float is being replaced is that the pickup was dented and cracked the seal around the intake tube allowing fluid to enter the float.   


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