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  1. On 8/10/2018 at 9:02 PM, timbo1946 said:

    You are the down hill side, great job

    Thank you timbo!  I sure hope so.


    Here is a few more pictures from this week.  Nothing earth shattering but as we all know, " The devil is in the details." and there is no shortage of details on this one either.  Did run into a snag though, my starter, after starting the engine a few times, began to drag on the ring gear.  So, I go to the parts pile and pull another starter off the shelf (that looked like death warmed over), bolted it in and viola, no more drag.  That rebuilt starter will be going back to the shop for another look see.







  2. Thank you timbo!


    Here is a few more pictured from the other day, hope to get some more done today.

    A few things not pictured here that are completed;  1st/reverse shift fork changed due to excessive wear, clutch fingers adjusted, valve lash set up for the first time, thrust bearing for the worm gear replaced, original amp meter saved by the removal of brass nuts.  

    Need to get extra compressor set up for sandblasting today so that may be the focus over the tractor but I really should also go get an oil line for the pressure gauge.   More important than the tractor has been the time spent with my folks, my wife and daughters and some friends that have stopped by just to say hi.  I'm truly blessed!









  3. 2 hours ago, Reichow7120 said:

    Sounds good, The only reason I asked about the flat belt pulley is if you were in need of a pulley I happen to have a spare one I'd part with that's in good shape but since you have one forget I asked. 

    Heck my H is just a running tractor I use on the farm. It's not original but it has been in the family since Grandpa bought it in 1948. Same principle, no problem there.

    Thank you for asking about the belt pulley!  Dad saw one years ago along side the road in a pile of trash from a roadside clean up.

    Always wanted to make it a perfect original on steel but now that I'm married, it wouldn't be much fun for the girls to run so I opted for rubber.  Maybe someday.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Reichow7120 said:

    Very nice, you're doing good work on it. It'll be up and running before you know it.

    So if I may ask, how far are you going into this restoration?  Complete down to the bolts? Or just presentable? Do you happen to still have the flat belt pulley for it? Or were you leaving that off? I see in the photos above its no longer on it. 

    I'm going to start with being functional at this point.  I had to change engines due to a crack in the water jacket and the original steel wheels were cut off, so it will never be %100 but I would like to leave a little meat on the bone for later, so to speak.  I do have a flat belt pulley for it.  This is a family tractor that has been out of use since the late 60's to early 70's so any level of operation would be a God send.  My parents are getting up there so it need to get done.

  5. Almost up to date.



    This top picture here just blows my mind.  This tractor has set out since the late 1960's or early 1970's and nearly every piece of hardware has come right off.  All the bolts on the light bar were this bad and all four nuts came right off.  Some of the hex's were so bad that I had to pound a metric socket on to get on and they walked off like nobodies business.......  I should be buying lotto tickets or some thing.  This can't be the norm by any stretch of the imagination.



























  6. Thank you 1206!  

    I'm sure a shop could build one for enough money but I was mainly interested in a good used original, the old brass tanks are hard to beat when taken care of.  My goal here is to have a nice original with as many original parts as possible but I'm not trying to be impossible or 'no expense spared' type of guy just nice.  We'll see how it goes, if I ever get started this summer.........



    Michigan M is correct, they are just stop blocks to prevent the rim slipping.  Everybody tried to convince me that the originals were welded in, not true.  These were riveted in just like you see in my pictures.  The factory probably had a cleaner way of doing it but my way looks original for the outside and wasn't that hard to do.  The rivets were ordered from Fasenal and we used a piece of channel iron in the vice to back the rivets.  Heat the rivet up with a torch and break out the ball pen hammer and start working it into a head.  It really wasn't as hard as I thought it might be and really turns out pretty slick.

  7. Ouch!!  Crickets and tumbleweeds....  Can't wait to get the tractor unwrapped from winter hiding and get going this summer, lots of work to do.  I'm looking for a vintage Prestolite battery.  Hoping to find a vintage 6 volt replacement to add to the resto project.

  8. OK,  time for a little update on the ole' H project.  After talking to you folks and others in the restoration game I think I'm going to pass on the sandblasting, other than small parts that I can fit in my blast cabinet.  I just can't risk contaminating the internals of the trans and the rear end and there are just more hoops to jump through, so that's out.

    While I'm waiting for the cold weather to break, the starter and generator are going out, like this week so I'll drop a few pictures of my rusty pieces.  I can't wait to see how they come back after seeing how the mag turned out.  

    Hope your all staying warm!

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