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  1. Tony, All I can say is 'wow', your equipment is beautiful and sounds great! I was wondering though, about some of your other projects, do you ever worry about getting rings seated on the ones you don't work as much? Your last post just made me curious. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!
  2. Both of my parents tractors take a few moments to read pressure as well, H and an M. I've put a new pressure spring in my H rebuild so I'm wondering what the difference will look like. My first impression would be that this is normal.
  3. Thank You Sugarmaker! The plan is to sandblast next then prime. It would be nice to get that out of the way before splitting the tractor to install the motor.
  4. I have one more place that I can take it to that is supposed to specialize in copper and brass only but I'm afraid that is may be dry rotted.
  5. Dang it! My replacement radiator can't be repaired..........Argggg! So was hoping I could save an origianal. Which leads me to a question; are all the repops the same or should I avoid any certain ones? Thanks for the input folks!
  6. Looks great! Makes me with they made reproduction dealer umbrellas from the 40's.
  7. Capable but the belly pump is pretty slow from what I've ever seen or at least compared to live pumps which must have better volume. Love the tractor in general though!
  8. Not too much done this weekend with the holiday but I managed to get the hitch off, wheels secured and the clamps removed. Still need to get that pesky radiator off, the car tires are right in the way to getting a good hand on those castle nuts and pulling the cotter pins out. Grrrr. Nearly ready for sand blasting.
  9. Weekend update. Getting the chassis stripped down for sandblasting. Also, a few short videos of the brake bands after being broke loose. Nothing super exciting just busy work.
  10. Looking good! Love the old three spoke front wheel castings, same ones I'm using on my project. Your right on point about keeping the mag covered because if there is the smallest opening for moisture to get it there done till noon, been there before. Old tire inter tubes make great mag covers too if you have any old ones around.
  11. Stinking holes in the new tubes. Dang mice found them before I had a chance to use em'. Grrrrr. Tube patched, last drive tire mounted and both wheels set back on the axles. Soon to move this party into the shop for some motor swap time.
  12. I've always heard of them but wasn't real sure that this was it but your probably right.
  13. I didn't know what was going to happen but had the same experience on the water pump as well. Didn't really expect to get them to work again just wanted to give it a try and see what would happen. Soaked in Kroil for about 10 minutes and a small ball pen hammer, set screw came out with the lock nut. Been sitting out doors sine the late 60's or early 70's which really blows my mind.
  14. Wasn't much but I managed to get the drive blocks riveted in primed back and a tire mounted. Pulled the starter and generator to get those ready to send out and managed to get the pulley free and moving again.
  15. Ya, got to thinking about it earlier and I think Concord turns to Pulaski Rd at the Jackson County line too. Here are a few more from this last weekend. Block location is finished being drilled and only needs to have rivets heated and whacked. Got the old rim seperated from the wheel and the seized brake petal freed from the shaft. Not much but still moving the right direction. Other items to deal with will be getting the radiator sent out for cleaning and any needed repair, generator and starter sent out for the same.
  16. Small world, my parents live less than four miles away from Godfreys, just a little east. When you are heading out that way, you pass the Sterling Rd intersection at Spencer Farms (Big twin Harvestore silos that are real close to the road which is about 2 miles before you get to US 12. My Dad worked at Concord Mfg when I was a kid so I've been out your way not to mention sub sandwiches and pizza from the Riverside Inn back in the day. I'm guessing it was just the cheap and easy ballast in its day. Been awhile since I've been to Oklahoma. Used to deliver travel trailers to a dealer in Oklahoma City years back.
  17. Not sure of the significance of the rear weight other than maybe just a cheap alternative to cast? Maybe cement was surplus in the area because of Cement City being so close till it closed in 1961? My project is in Jonesville at my parents farm, my family and I live in Augusta. I see your Eagle listed.....I'm jealous. LOL! Used to drive a Volvo but always wanted an IH for hauling toys.
  18. Got a couple hours in over the weekend and got a few small things done. I know the drive block issue has not been very popular but I was able to gather enough info that it should look close to correct and make me feel like there was an effort made at least. Also mounted the front tires on the rims Saturday and it makes me wish I went with the 5.50x16 instead of the 6x16 even though there listed as an option. Might just be that I've never seen period correct tires on the old rims( non adjustables), not sure? Any ways, it really doesn't matter as long as it rolls, for now. Firestone notched rib tires do look pretty cool as far as a classic look goes and appeared to be pretty weld made.
  19. It would be interesting to know what the individual exhaust/cylinder temps are and compare to a known unit.
  20. Oh, here is where the tractor has sat since Dad and I last moved from its home farm in 1998 roughly.
  21. The rims are my first prime and paint project.
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