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  1. Sounds ball park to me.  I put $800 just to have the block hot tanked, sleeves and cam bearings installled and crank ground and main bearings purchased.  Also, had the fly wheel resurfaced and hot tanked another $90,  nos head that had been on the shelf forever, hot tanked and checked $65.  On and on and on......... 

  2. 10 hours ago, ThePunisher said:

    Wow!! Looking good! What a nice job...you are really making lots of progress!!

    Thank you!  It's not looking too promising as far as getting paint on this year but all the detail work should be done.  There is still a battery tray that needs to be built now that I think of it, being that my parts tractor is missing this piece.  

  3. Here is a few from yesterday.

    The brackets for the pto shield are skewed on the left and right for a reason.  The shield was pretty bent up and the original brackets were gone or rotted off so it was centered and brackets bent to fit.  I bought a piece of 1 1/4" flat stock and left the center 6" long because it seems like someone always thinks that they make good steps and they really don't but just in case.











  4. Here's a few updates from the other day.  Got to get this thing done, its driving me nuts!!

    There was a decal on the side of the hood.  Anyone care to pontificate on what it might have been?  

    I have to say, cleaning up the grill was a drag with a wire wheel but the condition of it was a little better than I expected.  My weld repair leaves a lot to be desired but the holes are filled and ground back so hopefully they won't stick out too awful.  I love the look of the tractors all neat as a hat pin but this old war horse has earned its stripes so to speak.  It's really hard to blend all of the parts together, pitted fenders, gas tank and hood with a near perfectly smooth grill.  Makes me wonder if I should lean on the primer a little more with the heavily pitted stuff just to 'soften it up a bit' and make it look a little more cohesive.....hummmm...    Pardon, I'm just typing to myself here as I look at the pictures.

    Oh, interesting story on the pto shield, or at least I think it is.  My Dad never remembered seeing this on the H from an early age so it's been missing from the tractor since at least the early 1950's or before.  Back when I was still living at home, he remembered it was laying in an old junk pile across the road from his parents farm and picked it up on a hunting trip, carrying it home as we lived 1/2 mile away or less.  It was pretty mangles but I managed to get it close, some what, kind of back to normal.  The brackets are nearly all gone so I bought some flat stock and am going to see if I can put it back together.  









  5. 18 hours ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

    Clayton's live 4 miles southwest of me!  I am restoring a 450 for Ron this winter. 

    Wow!  That is too funny.  How are Ron and Judy doing?  Do they winter down in Texas like Judy always talked about?  I missing going pheasant hunting out there, they have such a beautiful farm.

  6. 7 minutes ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

    That summarizes what this forum is about in my opinion. Wonderful job!

    Poweshiek County.  Dad and I used to hunt there on Clayton farms.  Love the area!  

    Thank you for the kind words.  I hope to wrap this up soon so my family can enjoy it.

  7. 23 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    My hats off to you.

    You are doing it right. Take everything apart, fix it, clean it, replace all seals and bad bearings then paint it.

    Even then, things do not always work right.

    But when you are done, you will have a sense of pride in your accomplishment.

    You are close to a road test and that will feel terrific when it runs.

    Just keep going to the shop.

    Thank you Doc!

    I tried very hard to get the mechanical as close as I knew how with the best parts I could find.  I really don't know whowee about restoring tractors and don't pretend too but there is so much information out there and so many groups to lean on, like this one!  The real credit goes to my Dad, who is a mechanic, machinist, farmer, and general tradesman and those who have sold me the parts that I was missing; CaseIH, Steiner, many individual collectors and so on.  This has really been more of a group project with me just turning the wrenches and running the sand blaster.  

  8. Am I posting too many pictures?   Any way.

    Needed some clamp bolts for the wheel to rim.  Took a chance and called my CaseIH dealer and viola!  I know, there not dot bolts but I wanted a little meat on the bone to work on later so these fit the bill and were reasonable in price.  We'll find some original bolts later on.






  9. Replaced the front and rear seal on the hub, replaced the packing and lubed but now the dang pump has a weird squeak.  What the heck??  Maybe the packing is too tight now?  Grrrrrrrr.  Thing is driving me nuts!!!!  On the plus side though, it's not leaking out of the water pump or the water jacket cover.  Not one drop!

  10. I was running out of reasons to tear the front end off the tractor and just like that.....viola, I had a reason.  :rolleyes: (Please tell me that we are going to add the face palm emoji I could use it right about now)  The bearings are tight and staying in but the front and rear seals are shot and the packing has packed its bags for retirement.  Just in case you weren't aware CNH offers all the parts to rebuild including the packing.  Had to break down and permatex the water jacket cover also.  Due to the pitting in the seal surface and the water jacket cover being warped slightly, it would not seal correctly.  I know they sell new covers but this one was solid and in fine shape otherwise and wearing its original yellow paint from where ever it came from.
















  11. 23 hours ago, Reichow7120 said:

    Very nice, probably feels really good to hear it running and moving on its own power. 

    YES!  Been waiting since I was a little shaver to hear that run!  Funny, someone asked me how long it took to get this far and I just answered "38 years".  LOL!!!!!  You folks have read the history here so you get the joke.  

    Still a lot to do yet.  Water pump leaks and needs rebuilt, timing light hasn't been on it yet and there is still a pile of parts to get primed.

    This is a video before flushing the cooling system out.  Every thing was new or hot tanked but it still looked cloudy when I filled it up so out to the hydrant for a flush and fill.


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