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  1. Ok, lots of update pictures today.  Finished the fab work for the battery tray with a few cool tools from Dads arsenal and bought a battery and some temporary cables so as to go have some fun at the chapter meeting this morning.  Pray that all goes well and safely.  Wish there would have been time to put the wiring harness in but I really need to finish priming the block and getting some clean up work done so as I can move on to finishing and paint.  Hope to have some video's to share soon so stay tuned!  Thanks again for all your help and support.















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  2. 39 minutes ago, Nccattle said:

    I am looking for the inner axle bearing and am having no luck finding any.  The part# is    ST3009 or L265D. Thanks for your help trying to get this 1586 back together

    If you don't have a CaseIH dealer near by I would take the bearing to Motion Industries or Applied Industrial Technologies.  Also, an old school NAPA has the ability to order nearly any thing if you can wait.  I was able to order all of my expansion plugs through them for my H when most people didn't know the difference between an expansion plug and a freeze plug.  Worth a shot.  And if none of that pans out you can call Wells Equipment in Litchfield Michigan and talk to any of the parts guys as they are very skilled at working with older IH equipment and will do shipping with no problems. Phone # (517) 542-2376

  3. On 2/12/2019 at 10:50 AM, ny bill o said:

    looking good! I'm just catching up on this topic. I watched the video of your daughter's solo. she was sure being careful. make sure she keeps her thumbs outside the steering wheel spokes. if one front wheel should catch a rock, that steering wheel will spin so fast, the driver is apt to get a broken thumb or 2. not likely where she was driving, but somewhere else, possible. just something to learn on Hs, Ms, 300s, etc.

    Yes, those steering wheels do bite, kind of like the crank.  LOL!  That was her first solo ride for a few yards so we haven't gotten to all the do's and dont's yet.  That also is the same daughter in my avatar believe it or not.  Wow, time flies.

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  4. On 1/28/2019 at 8:25 PM, 55 f300 said:

    Looking good it took me 6 months to go thru it sand blast and paint this on my grandpa bought new in 55


    55 that 350 looks fantastic!  Great job!

    I've got to say though, this weather is a real drag!  I've got to find some small projects to get going or I'm going to go crazy.  Hate not making some sort of progress even if it is minuscule.  I think I'm going to make a run to Alro steel and see about finding some flat stock to fashion into a new battery mount, being that it's pretty simple.  That seems like a good plan to me, might also be a good idea to update my pintrest parts board as well.  Really need to think about what parts and pieces I need to rebuild the steering as it is a little sloppy.  Not death wobble sloppy just steering wheel slop.  I've also decided to take the tin back off and keep working till I get it filled and stick sanded as I will have to do some thing for the decal areas any ways.  Sorry, I'm just hear think 'think out loud' at my keyboard and formulate a game plane for this coming phase of the restoration.   Let phase II begin!


    Doesn't even seem real.  




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  5. Mag finally came back after spending another pile of money on it.  I will not be using that shop again.  Grrrrrrr.  Any ways, tractor is running and got a chance to put the no. 8 behind it and check it out.  Here are a few pictures from the other day.

    The first picture is plug #1 after about an hour and a half of running.  Pretty decent I thought.  Third picture is the pto shield making it back on the tractor since the 1950's according to Dad.  The shots of the temp gauge was trying to verify if the new one I put in the tractor was accurate, the whole time I have run it there was 0 movement, not even a little.  So after firing it up the last time I closed the shutters and let it idle for a bit.  The gauge finally moved and proved to be close enough for me.  Daughters first solo test drive
















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  6. 14 hours ago, SAM86 said:

    Before you slot the grill, are you out of adjustment with the radiator? If yes disregard the remainder of this post. When assembling the grill, radiator, and hood always leave the radiator mounting bolts and all of the hoses loose. The front bolster is slotted allowing the radiator to move forward and back. Bolt the grill onto the radiator and set the hood in place. You should then be able to set the hood to gas tank, and hood to grill gaps by adjusting the position of the radiator. Once  the sheet metal looks good, tighten up the radiator mounts, remove the hood, tighten hoses and support rod up top. I have had to cut the top radiator hose way back to get everything to fit right.

    Yes.  I will check that for sure.


    11 hours ago, sugarmaker said:

    I am getting caught up again on your work! I read the entire thread! You have really done a nice job bringing this tractor back from the weeds! Your work is similar to mine too. I call it refurbish, clean, and paint!  Your doing very good and really enjoyed all the pictures of your tractor and your work. I have some IH tractors but currently stuck in the world of Persian Orange!

    FYI Don't worry about the 'crickets'! You have 15,200 views! Folks are watching from every corner of the world. As told to me by a wise man on this forum, when I commented about the same thing. " You wouldn't want everyone to comment! You would be overwhelmed!"



    Hahahaha!  Ya, I was just being a wise acre.  Out of all of them I really thought the left side shot was pretty cool.  Gotta wait till the mag makes it back from Indiana any way.

  7. Coolest pictures to date and it's snooze town.  Got to get a better tractor must be.  :lol::lol::lol: J/K!!!

    As if the starter debacle wasn't enough to drive me bat crap crazy, the mag started chattering like a red squirrel in the fall.  It doesn't have two hour on it and it sounds like it spun the front bearing behind the rotor.........what gives.  Grrrrrrrrr.  Oh well, in the box it goes, back to the shop for round 2.   When it returns I will slot the holes for the grill to move it back and correct the gap then get prepared have it welded back in.  Not sure if I want to burn that myself or not but I guess well see how it goes.  Wish I had the hood tig welded as opposed to gas welding in brass due to warping but the metal wasn't perfect to start with anyhow.   

    Maybe I'll try and rebuild the original mag myself.  I put it on the tractor just to see if I would get lucky but not dice, had to try though.

  8. Stinking cotter pin would not come out for anything today.  Finally pulled the entire shaft and put it in the drill press to get it fixed, then a little time in the sand blaster to finish the ends off.  Reassembled with some Kendall blue and viola.  Also took the time to adjust the breaks to the 1 3/8" from the platform as described in the manual.  Certainly feels different from the operators stand.  








  9. 7 hours ago, IHRedDrive said:

    Did you try testing the temp gauge line in a mug of really hot water? Those new gauges seem to run on the cold , barely get to green sometime. Here's a pic of our H. 1947. Love that tractor and you are doing this job right. Congrats


    Well, I tested it up to 150 the other day.  The pictures above are both brand new gauges, the one in the pod is one I bought last year and the other that is sticking in the top of the radiator is one I bought for my Dads M 10 years ago.  Both pictures are taken at the same time @ 140 degrees.  Just a bad gauge I guess.  

    Here are a few from today.




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