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  1. They weren't open today but I'll give it a try.
  2. Nope. Axle carrier to rear end case. The big 'sea shell' looking gasket. Thanks for the help.
  3. Where can you get seals for the axle to rear end housing for and H? All the other seals have been done but I don't know where to source those. These is my last leak to nail down. Thanks for the help!
  4. Wow, the paint looks fantastic! Really looking good Tony, keep up the good work.
  5. Just a short clip of the wife learning to drive the H and helping out a friend. It just dawned on me the other day on how I can close my hood gap too. Hmmm. Got some work to do.... https://youtu.be/Uwfq4mRqEnc
  6. I have the same problem on mine and need to do the exact same repair on my H. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Little bit of balast to help with plowing. Not IH but they do get the job done for the season. Maybe I'll find a Massey collector to trade with.
  8. Great plow but was struggling to get good results. Adjusted the coulters and cleaned things right up.
  9. Steering was pretty sloppy so we broke out the old file and tightened up the coupling.
  10. Battling leaks. Water jacket, governor shaft seal and so on. I know that I should have done all of these in the rebuild but it's really tough tossing something to old but i digress.
  11. Warning! Lots of pictures ahead. Hope you enjoy. Oh, these Brillman cabels are fantastic. Great quality packaging, product and so on.
  12. Some plow action. Hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/5iGQdb1FIdU
  13. Question for the group. What is the bolt size and length for these hubs? I want to say it's a 5/8" and should be square head to lock in the casting but I don't have my books with me. Thanks for the help.
  14. Taking 10 days of vacation. Praying for good weather and a load of work gets done on this machine. Going to try and make the final push to get this wrapped up this week. I will try and snap a few photos and video
  15. Thanks for asking, I'm hoping to get it done yet this summer. I have to go back and fix some of my other screw ups but most of that is just leaks and drips that need further attention. If I had the foresight, the flat sealing surfaces of the block would have had a few tenth taken off in the mill to get things to seal. It just boils down to lack of experience with this type of restoration. It's nothing serious but need to be finished before paint.
  16. After a lot of waiting, I finally got to put the tractor out in the field and see what it would do. All I can say is WOW! Wasn't planning on it but I ended up running an old New Holland square baler and running up and down some pretty step hills. Everything ran very well and with no lack of power what so ever and my buddy who is a Deere guy even remarked how impressive it was to run. Pardon me as the video is very poor with me trying to keep the baler in the windrow.
  17. Great news! New cloth wrapped battery cables are coming from Brillman Company. I've waited a very long time to get these ordered. https://brillman.com/product/farmall-h-late-with-starter-button-negative-battery-cable/ https://brillman.com/product/farmall-h-late-with-starter-button-switch-to-starter-battery-cable/
  18. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After beating my head against the wall, for what seemed like forever, I finally figured it out. I set the drive gear 90 degrees out, so now the slot sits at 3 and 9 clock position where it was 12 and 6. The book calls for the mag to snap over as you rock the mag over and at tdc, which makes sense. After playing with the mag to see where the rotor was physically located and where the impulse spring started winding up it was clear that the drive was 90 out. So I pulled the drive out and spun it 90 and put back in and remounted the mag. The motor started instantly with no lag what so ever. Took it for a short trip through the field with the plow and there is no question that this was the fix. The tractor should really be put on the dyno and tuned properly but this works well for now. Here is a short video clip of the first start after changing. The real noticeable thing here, or at least as far as I can tell, is how it starts.
  19. Finally got a chance to get the H out and work on a few odds and ends that have been bugging me, fuel leak, plugs change over to D15Ys and the like. Put the No. 8 plow on, 2-16's and slammed it in the ground to see what it would do and most importantly, have some fun. Well, it was fun but there are some problems to figure out as it was really struggling to pull that plow. When it was near wot and would hit a tough spot it would pop, backfire and then catch up and go back to work. I'm starting to think that my mag drive is 1 tooth off. My next step is getting a timing light and confirm that it is off as it should show up with the light. Everything else seems to be in good shape as it starts easy, idles smoothly and doesn't seem to run poorly otherwise. Grrrr..... Hoping the timing light shows some problem and that I just made a silly mistake.
  20. I would love to say it's complete but there is so much more to do and learn. It's beyond satisfying to hear it run and pull a plow behind it which just drives you to do more. The engine is so smooth and beyond my expectations at this point with just a few minor issues. Good luck on your project!
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