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  1. So, here it goes. Been thinking about starting a thread here for a long time but just never seemed to get the project started because of work, kids, home life, funds and the usual; " Things that Kill my Cub time". Pardon me but I just had to add that quote as an inside joke for the benefit of those who recognize me screen name from another site and/or know me in person. Seems like you just never get enough time on your projects and I think that's why we tend to marvel at other peoples tractors......there complete. But I digress. My Grandparents were married in the Spring of 1942 if I remember the story correctly. They bought there Farmall H in new or nearly new condition, though I'm am unclear how this could have happened with a two year old machine but that just really isn't important so I'll move on. They operated a custom ground fitting service in there community for several years in addition to holding other jobs before actually moving to there own farm. After raising a family with the help of the H there boys decided to get in on the deal and also raised crops and farmed before and after school with my dad coming home from college to farm and work on the side. By this point my grandparents had stopped farming and had other jobs so my dad used the H for several years until purchasing an M. The H had originally been purchased on steel with a distillate motor, the steel had been cut off when rubber credits were made available and VW rim were welded in place on the front. At this point I've elected to make the tractor as close to original as I can and still keep it fun for the family to show and use. The plan is to use high dome aluminum pistons and retain the distillate head, not real sure what compression ratio that's going to give me but we'll find out. I've also found a good distillate manifold and plan on installing it so as to have the right 'look' and also managed to find a manifold cover, not that it will ever need it but I would at least like to have most of its original parts. The mag has been sent out for professional repair and came back looking beautiful, can't wait to see some spark! The original motor was cracked and welded several times so all of this work is being done to a donor motor, my plan is to hang on to the old block and do what with it, I do not know, glass top coffee table maybe? The crank has been ground, the rods have been sized and the bearings have been installed, plenty of assembly lube has been sufficently spread over every manual and article of clothing and some even made it on to the bearings! Even though just the motor work has been started, I can't help but think about the wheels. A good member of Michigan Red Power Chapter 11 sold me an older style clamp on hub where as my donor tractor had one of each. I think the old three spoke has an older feel to them so that's why I went with that. OK, ok, ok. I'm rambling just a bit here so from here on out I'll keep it to short notes and pictures. Some of you folks may have seen these in other places so if you get the feeling that this is a repeat, well.....it is. Thanks so much for all of you that have taken the time to read this and those who welcomed me at Red Power this summer in Union Grove. Hope to flood this with as many good pictures as possible. Thanks again to all those who make this hobby possible! God Bless.
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