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  1. Forgot about these. Didn't want to wait for gaskets so I made my own. Also found that the inspection cover had been hit at one time and the cover didn't fit quit right. Pulled that all apart and did some block and hammer work so it seated properly.
  2. Busted out the old rotted plugs, scrapped out the cavity and replaced the plugs with new ones. Finished off with some high temp paint.
  3. A little story on this group of photos. You may notice that the drive coupling going into the transmission does not have the proper dot headed bolt. I thought that was odd but I know that my dad had it apart in the early to mid 1960's so I thought nothing of it. When I got done replacing the seals and the gaskets I turned my attention to the mice nest that had been built on the top of the hydro pump and started cleaning. This is the point were I found the original dot bolt for the coupling trapped just behind the output lines, just sitting there. Hmmm. Threads were a little worn from rid
  4. Just some more picture of me cleaning up some things that should have been done in the beginning. Oh well. It's getting done now and it really wasn't that hard to do. A few buddies of mine helped me pull the top cover off and used a fork lift to take the wheel castings on and off. My friend that is letting me use his place (and fork lift) are John Deere fellas but they are sure impressed with how quickly I can pull the tractor apart and put back together again(thank you IH engineering!). I'm really blessed to have the support of all of my friends and family to make this happen!
  5. OK, trying to get it back in gear with some updates. Here i'm getting back to correcting some of my mistakes in the rear end. I knew I should have pulled those axles and put new seals between the rear end housing and the axle housings. They drip just enough to be annoying. 😆😆😆 Also, here is my original amp meter vs. the repop. Wow!!! Couldn't resist playing around with an original hood emblem.
  6. Not exacty my H but very closely connected job that had to get done. Tail wheel was getting really bad on the plow and needed a new tire. Just can't mount a new tube and tire on a rusty torn up rim so spent a day wire wheeling and cleaning and another day getting some color down.
  7. Wow, been awhile since I posted an update. My last 'time off' didn't yield all the work I wanted to get done and my window of time is slowly closing rather I want to admit it or not. Wife has given me the green light to really take the gloves off and get this project closed out and finished. Got a new shop space that has been offered to me so the H may take another trip to a new facility, for a hopefully short duration. The tractor still has an axle leak between the axle houses and the rear end case. Even after new seals for the pedal shaft and the last remaining original bull pinion seal
  8. Dad's Oliver Plow Master 100 had that exact style. Loved how it worked and one item I do like better than the No. 8 IH design.
  9. They weren't open today but I'll give it a try.
  10. Nope. Axle carrier to rear end case. The big 'sea shell' looking gasket. Thanks for the help.
  11. Where can you get seals for the axle to rear end housing for and H? All the other seals have been done but I don't know where to source those. These is my last leak to nail down. Thanks for the help!
  12. Wow, the paint looks fantastic! Really looking good Tony, keep up the good work.
  13. Just a short clip of the wife learning to drive the H and helping out a friend. It just dawned on me the other day on how I can close my hood gap too. Hmmm. Got some work to do.... https://youtu.be/Uwfq4mRqEnc
  14. I have the same problem on mine and need to do the exact same repair on my H. Thanks for the reminder!
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