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  1. LOL. No it's not. My handle is my mothers 1940 H at there farm. Had to memorize it to gets parts one day and thought it would make a cool handle, 20 plus years ago. The H in the picture is a 1943 Mine is slopped out enough that I need to do something but just trying to decide what I want to do with it. I was curious what was on the inside but wanted to keep as much of it original as I can. Not really worth the extra work but not awful either. This one has the grease zerk in one end as well but I couldnt find the picture of it.
  2. Anyone had this joint apart before? I'm considering tearing this apart and repairing.
  3. David Kirk has an entire write up on these engines and the mechanics behind it. I know that there are some who don't agree and others who are convinced. This crank was not individually balanced by anyone. I will report back good or bad. Guess I've done dumber things. 😆
  4. Crank has returned with Kirk Engine balance plate installed! Fun times ahead.
  5. Great news! Nothing better than seeing the Ol Axial Flow combine in the field.
  6. A few from the early days Our oldest Kathleen on the left. Seems like one of the girls was Art A's daughter but not sure about the other.
  7. Yes, she's a senior in high school this year! Doesn't seem possible.
  8. I will say that I have never had this engine apart before so I have no way of speaking to the condition of the parts that went into the engine or the level of attention that may or may not have gone into it. 😉 I have put an exhaust valve and a head gasket on it in years passed to I will pay special attention to the carb when I put it back together. I plan on putting a balance plate in it and ball honing the cylinder with a stock set of rings and piston. I also hope to recut the valve seats and have the valves ground if I can find someone to do them. This is a thumping little engine and I love it! It runs out of traction way before it runs out of power for us. Can't wait to have this back together!
  9. Good news! Rod journal and bore are in spec for standard parts.
  10. Block is empty and the components cleaned up. Guessing it has a Kohler piston but the rod is anyone's guess. At the minimum it's looking like valve seats need to be recut, valves ground, piston, rings and possible .10 over bore. Wrist pin and rod journal looked really good by eye. Waiting to get some tools to measure the parts up and see what we've got.
  11. Nice! I'm hoping I got all of ours taken care of on this go around.
  12. That's my plan. Hoping I can get the 122 back together this month. Lots of oil burning........
  13. It really does, had it apart 3 times to get it right though. Several things I would do differently after getting all the way through it now.
  14. Got the engine torn down this weekend. It was surprising how good the crank journal and con rod looked. The piston skirts were a little rough looking and possibly the source of the oil blow by but will have to measure to know what's going on. There is zero ridge in this block so I'm leaning towards a possible valve guide issues or the cylinder out of round. I'm also wondering if I should even bother replacing the main bearings. Here's a look at a few pictures I took this weekend.
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