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  1. I would be interested to see that as well. Can't say that I've ever seen one that had them.
  2. I didn't want to bondo the sheet metal so I just filled the areas that were under the graphics to keep them flat. The tractor has been pitted my entire life so I didn't want to take all of it out.
  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyone's input along the way.
  4. Thank you so much! Thank you! Wish I had a little better finishing experience but this has turned out far better than I anticipated.
  5. Oh, just a request. For the possible two people on this forum that may know my family, please keep my secret. My family won't get to see this until Thanksgiving. Thank you!
  6. Grandparents bought it new in 1943 so it was no details spared project. Thank you!
  7. Now I actually started a thread on this tractor over at the IHCUBCADET site 16 years ago about this time of year. Here we are all these years later and the job is done. I've been so thankful for all the positive comments and support that I have gotten from everyone in the community here and look forward to sharing it with you at the next Red Power or other shows this coming season. I had no idea when I started this project that it was going to take this long. It was way harder to balance work/life/finances than I anticipated without compromising what I wanted. This took way longer that it ever should have and should have been complete years ago. Since I started I have lost two aunts that will never get to see the dream I had as a child, come true. As disappointing as that maybe, life moves on and I'm very blessed to still have my folks, uncle and the youngest of my 3 aunts still with me. I'm hoping to unveil the tractor during the family Thanksgiving and be able to give back a piece of there past. My wife and daughters are over the moon that the project is complete and can't wait to see it at the shows and be able to travel around with it. We are very thankful for everyone's encouraging words and wise wisdom over the years of this project. You guys have been very patient and didn't want to leave you on the hook any longer. The timing didn't work out quite the way I had hoped but that's ok. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Just amazing Tony. I'm truly in awe of the time and detail that you folks put into your equipment. Just amazing how smooth it put out bales. Really hoping my project turns out half that nice. Thank you for sharing your journey with us as I know that takes a lot of time too.
  9. OK, I'm NOT HAPPY. I think I put more paint on the floor and my boots than I did on the parts. Grrrrr. So we picked up some appropriate tool(s) for the job. Great looking piece of equipment and I'm sure this is going to get things done. Can't wait to see how this lays down paint.
  10. My paint gun is dead. Packing has been leaking forever and it causing way too many problems. It was fine when it was new but it is not going any further. A new DeVilbiss is ordered and on it's way. This project is NOT going rouge over a cheap @#% HF gun..........
  11. Well, we're closing in. For what it's worth, I'm trying to save the pitting on the top of the tank and the hood. Oh, trying to make the decal areas flat so they lay correctly in case anyone is wondering. The hood looks awful here but is so smooth to the touch.
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