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  1. Not sure you could get one easily but these Honda powered ones seem to work AND LAST here in Oz. http://poweredby.honda.com.au/Star_Picket_Driver/Christie_Engineering
  2. Sounds a convenient time to come down with the Peking Pox and be "banned from travelling"
  3. According to the railway encyclopaedia left over from our boys the Shays had the boiler offset and the cylinders and drive train down the other side
  4. That video came up at SDA with this in comments " One difference is the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRmwobXCc4c http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/10/15/honey-i-finished-the-internet-124/#comment-1518133
  5. Mike IIRC north is traditionally at the top of the map so Nebraska is usually above Arkansas - or has that been woked too?
  6. A blower fan blows the hot air forward through the radiator so you can stand in the hot air and hope the bees don't like it
  7. From the Haynes "Rolls Royce Merlin Owner's Workshop Manual" "Diagram of Hand and Electric Turning Gear" Which has on the diagram "Engagement for starting handle" And Herschel Smith "A History of Aircraft Piston Engines" on Russian radial engines - "If the Fascist countries were Pratt and Whitney territory, the Soviet was largely Wright's manor".
  8. Recipe for inadvertent encounters with wild bees here is - if you have a blower fan get down in the hot airstream
  9. Not sure if this will mean anything but where in the distributor rotation sequence are those two good cylinders - together, opposite or ??
  10. FWIW "https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Complaint-Conformed.pdf New court case in California against mandatory jabbing. I’ve not read it all as yet, but the first 2 pages (of 40) are powerful. May be useful." From a comment just up at Jo Nova
  11. Mike That was in the spirit of "Why did VW Beetles get twin exhausts?" While adding to an unusual aeroplane. Like the Bristol Freighter. And how the world regresses - seems there is no longer a connection between the starter motor parts list in a FA 10 and the Marelli organisation. The auto elec that I've been dealing with for 50+ years says we need an armature and brushes. I've been eventually pointed at a second hand one and new brushes. Depending on his opinion we'll go the new one that is in Oz at current price - given the world wide cargo crisis has the next lot at about double in price however many months it takes to get here! Confident prediction for the last week of 90% chance of 10 - 20 mm. We got 2. Ain't agriculture grand?
  12. Mike An Argosy extra for you - "The sound produced by the Dart engines combined with its relatively unusual "pod and boom" basic configuration, which was similar to the earlier C-82 Packet and C-119 Flying Boxcar transport aircraft, has been attributed as the source of the type's nickname "The Whistling Wheelbarrow" [20]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armstrong_Whitworth_AW.660_Argosy
  13. Ian Beale


    A compromise - "dual duals"?
  14. A question from the periphery I was told that the life of a set of squeaker tracks was about 4000 hours without a pins and bushes turn. If so and those are original tracks that would still be a pretty young dozer?
  15. An outfit here had a Komatsu 155 AX The bloke that kept it going had to ban pressure washing. Another friend was taken on an inspection of the purchase of a new Komatsu. His report IIRC "You turn on the key and up comes a check list. 7 pages later if all is well it allows it to start. Just imagine when it gets to where we can afford it"
  16. But might be attainable?
  17. What I'm reading in here is that there are steps in technology that are accepted. As an example air conditioning. Adequate, useable cab, reliable was a step up. After that more things that whistle and whir, change the driver's underwear etc not so much reason to upgrade.
  18. Not NZ but you could also introduce him to The Seekers and Judith Durham. And you're the only person I've ever heard mention Kate Wolf
  19. Hector Then the chance for an exotic repower https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/International_BTD-20
  20. FWIW - This crew https://trackspares.com.au/ advertises that their parts are Korean via KBJ
  21. Tradition is that you grab the handle and swing the billy round vertically overhead to sink the tea leaves. Then pour gently.
  22. And tea drinkers take note. Sri Lanka is a noted tea producer. Their government has done a (s) "great leap forward" (/s) and deemed that their agriculture will be "organic" over night. Which is estimated to reduce tea production by about half, with shortages likely
  23. sandhiller The aim is to drink the tea, not eat the billy! And a recycled can works fine. But looks to me that Mike's billy has the bail swivelling in pressed metal bosses on the side - a mark of an up-market "boughten" billy. As an historical note - tea for refreshments at dances in the old hall in town was brewed in a bank of recycled 4 (Imp) gallon kerosene and petrol cans of the era - the square ones And to broaden the repertoire https://ozfolksongaday.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-old-black-billy.html Which shows a "Umade - it billy". And , for single sittings, there is the "quart pot" which makes 2 - 3 cups. The commercial version is oval section and has a one cup utensil that packs in the open end of the quart pot. And there is the "Tyrone quart pot" made from a suitable sized fruit tin with a side handle tied with wire. And here endeth the lesson
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