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  1. Who did they copy...

    Rick would that be a JD thing? I ask because I hear ads for our local (Oz) JD dealership for mower pickup
  2. Scout Diesel engine

    Not sure if it applies here. IIRC IH used some Nissan diesels. At one stage Nissan were using ceramic pre combustion chambers. Which had some problems and that wasn't good for the engine if it happened.
  3. The "In jail" scam.....

    I haven't met or heard of this one in Oz as yet. The tax ones have made it.
  4. Who did they copy...

    IIRC here oil is one of the things you DON'T put in your rubbish and recycling bins
  5. South African Farmers

    Mike Julie Bishop, the foreign minister
  6. South African Farmers

    Australia is playing cricket against South Africa and there has been an on-field kerfuffle. http://pickeringpost.com/story/howzat-/8140
  7. I found a picture of IHrunner on the WWW

    Extending from what the muzzle brake could do. Marks and Spencer is a big UK clothing chain. Years ago they were sued by a woman who claimed that sparks from their electrostatic knickers lit one of her f25ts with dire consequences. She won. Their defence seemed to miss that the right diet can produce phosphane and diphosphane for self igniters. I'm afraid that they didn't go into what was required for that diet.
  8. Art Like turning on all the lights etc for earth hour make sure to have a big steak tonight More at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/03/20/climate-study-top-20-of-u-s-diet-blamed-for-majority-of-greenhouse-gas-emissions/ And http://joannenova.com.au/2018/03/pruitt-launches-science-bomb-insists-epa-only-use-data-that-is-public-no-more-secret-science/#comment-1992297 But https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/03/20/futurism-demanding-climate-data-is-evil/ When you see anything on the Union of Concerned Scientists remember that Anthony Watts discovered that the only qualification needed is a valid credit card so his dog is a member
  9. South African Farmers

    They had them before the takeover https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_City,_North_West
  10. Self defence IH Tractor

    Rick could be daring and different and build a trebuchet. I've got a reprint about such a project that could throw a piano or a Mini Minor car
  11. South African Farmers

    Relative to this thread - and other places http://pickeringpost.com/story/happy-st-patrick-s-day-but-ominous-clouds-ooze-doom-/8136
  12. Self defence IH Tractor

    They have had some practise. I have a reprint of a South African farm magazine article from the 1980's on farm suitable armoured people carriers. In Zim they used to use Nissan trucks with plated undersides and water filled tyres, steel seats with just carpet. Worked until the opposition started using 2 land mines instead of 1.
  13. South African Farmers

    Ripe for recolonising
  14. South African Farmers

    I don't have a link atm but the vote in parliament in favour of confiscation without compensation was something like 240-ish to 80--ish
  15. Got A New Sponsor

    Brings to mind a Road and Track (IIRC) cartoon of a prairie state hill climb
  16. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    I'd guess the earlier Mustangs would have been able to use the Oz Falcon RHS steering box given their common derivation? I was told that the Ford conversion place in Gympie 3-d laser prints their front and dash assemblies for the ones they do now. In the 60's - 70's there was a Jeep assembly plant in Brisbane. So any state government departmental requirement for a 4 x 4 got a Jeep. And Jeeps were pretty close to a nasty word here. One government department was so fed up that they lined up the specs for Jeep and other available 4 x 4's. And if Jeep had it it wasn't required, if Jeep didn't it was. Didn't work too well but attrition did eventually.
  17. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    IIRC Scouts didn't make much of a mark in the Oz market
  18. South African Farmers

    Rick That numeric for SA while true wasn't. A book I found in the 80's pointed out that the picture of politics from Ethiopia to Capetown needed to include the tribal level. And 500 years or so of European influence/interference hadn't changed who hated who's guts one bit but had changed the balance of tribal power in places. The book didn't boomerang from a loan so I'll try and find the reference. IIRC in SA the biggest tribe were the Zulus and NO ONE was going to let them run the show. The second biggest was the whites, who were often more trusted by smaller tribes.
  19. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    If the levers down the bottom were still in the lh drive position that might have been a mind boggling set of connections from them to the gearbox if it was a manual? I guess auto could be done with a cable though.
  20. Cat Sealant on Manifolds

    Check this product out. It seems to work fine http://www.crcindustries.com.au/products/specialty-chemicals/maniseal-exhaust-cement
  21. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    IIRC there were some weird and wonderful systems of not using a special transmission for both gears (with column shift particularly) and clutch when changing the side of the driver Then there were some UK cars that had right hand shifters in a RHD car
  22. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Gear shift not usually involved but it seems just shifting the column is how they cope with LH and RH drive in EU
  23. Get into Network settings and change to "Metered connections = ON. This limits what gets downloaded
  24. A new (recycled) challenge for the viral generation

    MTO Re too much milk. If it goes like usual it will be just what you need by the week after next
  25. Scary ladders

    Think of the tractors you could put in that shed