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  1. How long a cheater for that?
  2. Ian Beale


    Tactics! No recipe given though.
  3. Looks a fair bit more sophisticated than the band I encountered one night in a one pub town rather more outback than we are, The band traded as "Rough around the edges" and you needed a few on board before the middle smoothed out as well.
  4. Hardtail That was more in hope than in anticipation! I lost any connection to the IH side when our 1952 TD 6 quit about 1995. By then IH parts here were like rocking horse product so that led to the current Fiat Allis 10. One of the attractions being the answer re parts etc from the case hardened old dozer fixer who put me on to it - "Boy! All you need to know is (firm) - plenty of them and cheap." And we still seem to be able to get most things - so far. The Fiat agricultural crawlers are in demand as they sold a lot and parts are still available. Why that is not the case in North America I have no idea. "Komaterpiller" seem to be ok by what I hear. Others ??? I've just had to put new brake linings in one of the control drive brakes on our AC Forty Five grader. The replacement lining material came from the wreckage of a 1926 Dodge. A good example of "That will be useful sometime".
  5. Also for producing split fence posts
  6. Or the axe answers back
  7. We have https://www.ruok.org.au/ I did a bit of that this morning
  8. An uncle had an English one like that. IIRC brand or name was "Puffin". And on that "half dozen" - that is likely the answer Mike N. will give you if you ask him what the number between 5 and 7 is.
  9. Way back in the early days of radar speed trapping in our part of Oz the local vet was a "stopped or full throttle" sort of bloke and copped a fine. Unfortunately for the cop his wife had a dog that needed vet attention. And came time for the bill. The vet was pretty forthright and the answer was "First there is $XX.xx for that speeding fine and then $YY.YY for the dog" (I told you that both fine and vet bill were from a long time ago)
  10. The title sounded like you might have been building a set of stocks to donate to your nearest marketplace! https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/how-to-make-prisoner-stocks-prisoner-stocks-also-called-pillories-were-used-as-punishment-starting-in-the-14th-century--304626362287903861/
  11. Here is a start to putting a JD engine in an Allis 21C http://www.vannattabros.com/dozer17.html
  12. IIRC Allis had the sale of a line of HD 41's to Russia vetoed because of "export of technology" in that the dozer finals lasted a lot better than tank ones of the time And rumour here hath it that the TD 30 had more than that one problem
  13. You don't have to think it . About the 1970's I got to show a US university English major the English exam papers I had to answer for graduation from high school. She gave them back and commented that she would see some of that in third year. And our education system has been ape-ing yours since then so we're catching up fast.
  14. And you could troubleshoot a land line way back then.
  15. And, to put it bluntly, Jeep hasn't had more than a murmur of a presence in our market for years. And the current ones have won a few "lemons". Failed on test. About the 1960's our state boasted a Jeep assembly plant, so most government 4x4 had to be them. One department eventually had enough, lined up the specs for Jeep, Land Rover, Landcruiser and Patrol. Anything the others had that Jeep didn't was required and v/v. Took a while to get through government heads though. And Scouts didn't put much of a blip on the market either. I'll grab my hat.
  16. Thanks for that Mike. I'll have to revise. I used to suggest checking what was between the ears before worrying too much about what was between the legs.
  17. KOO's opinion "After almost 20 years as a website on the internet i finally have true high speed internet with the help of Elon Musk. it is a good thing his mother is Canadian and remember us in the frozen north needing high speed internet. now i can update and make changes to my website." http://www.kingofobsolete.ca/
  18. But with those diesels "accelerate" was a word to be drawled out long and slow. A friend got issued one. A couple of his comments - "It is the sort of vehicle that, when you leave town of a morning, you have to floor it to get the headwind correction for the day" "You know, to pass someone doing 95 km/h, you need a very long straight and a fair bit of courage". We got Nissan Patrols here in Oz but they never really shook the Landcruiser market. A couple of friends did all right with them for a long time. But I think they've given up on the pick-up version here.
  19. Robin Dunbar (2010). “How Many Friends Does One Person Need? Dunbar’s number and other evolutionary quirks”. Faber and Faber. P214. On Education. “But my real concern is this. An education is not just a technical training in the arcane knowledge of a discipline (whether that be history, politics or a science). It is training in how to think and evaluate, how to marshal evidence for and against a position, how to approach a problem critically without falling prey to prejudice and preconception. Those are skills that everyone from bank manager to politician, journalist to local government functionary, needs every working day. But to train those skills, it is necessary to excite an interest. And somewhere along the line between primary school and university, we are managing to stamp out that sense of excitement and enquiry. We will rue the day we lost sight of that.” (My bold) I think we are. An interesting book IMO.
  20. Hey Mike Does this sound familiar? "I have my shoulder to the wheel, my nose to the grindstone, I've put my best foot forward, I've put my back into it, I'm gritting my teeth, Now I find I can't do any work in this position!" From https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/OldTruck/18066-commer-knocker-truck And check the advice on "collectables" a few posts down!
  21. For a different sound https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commer_TS3 Different in that 3 cylinder opposed 2 stroke with only 1 crank. 105 bhp@2400 rpm. Killed in the takeover by Chrysler https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2014/10/ferraris-flat-twelve-dyno/ UK and others at that time assessed road registration charges in steam horsepower style - number of cylinders and bore dimension. Which is why a lit of UK cars of that era were very under-square at the cost of high piston speeds and bore wear. This one was assesses as a 3 cylinder. As a bloke here who ran them says "they had limits but they made a lot of people a lot of money"
  22. One of the pests in summer in outback Oz are the bush flies. One of the reputed answers is the "Boulia fly-veil" - on the same principle. I've not used one. And not many footpaths out this way.
  23. A fair chance that, if you were wearing "towses"* you could walk straight ahead and be in no danger. (* trousers with the "r's out of them")
  24. If you mean that the glue was just smeared where the two pieces of wood meet then the technical description is that end grain gluing is NOT a good idea! And why sailplane joints are spliced at a low angle - a 5 mm wing rib splice is about 75 mm long and flat to less than 1/32 ". Or as a caustic old instructor was known to say as he laid a straight edge on your splice "I can see daylight under there"! If you have a feeling for woodwork you get to where you can do them by eye.
  25. We had a big push here in Oz for "ISO Standard Quality Assurance" which became an advertising gimmick and became known as "The Quality Assurance You have that doesn't Assure Quality". A friend (who had a short fuse) ran a shop that serviced the town fire engines. So he had to get QA. He was working on writing his version when the explosion happened - "30m years of repeat business is all the bloody QA we need!". Lost the fire trucks for a while until the edict came down that system to "Take them to where they'll get done properly". And these days such QA is hardly mentioned.
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