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  1. I'd suggest make sure there is a W10 version of your software. They play games - my scanner worked on an older W10 and not with the current unlocked 10S for example
  2. You can download an app from the Microsoft store that unlocks W10S when run. Been there, done that. This was just before Xmas 2020.
  3. Not IH and may be way off but - In a UK classic cars magazine there was mention of a Rover where the rocker shaft had been installed up side down so that the oil holes were on the bottom and thus restricted by valve action pressure. Possible?
  4. Any photos of it coming down?
  5. "Israel data: Vaccines only 16% effective after 6 months but still prevent 86% hospitalization" https://joannenova.com.au/2021/07/israel-data-vaccines-only-16-effective-after-6-months-but-still-prevent-86-hospitalization/
  6. Oops! My bad on the team. Still good on the book
  7. Re your women's hockey team - after all their dramatics seems they have a ticket home courtesy of the Swedish girls All this makes an interesting comparison to your 1936 rowing 8 that rained on Hitler's parade in Berlin. That crew sure didn't have a "woke" upbringing! I've just read "The Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James Brown and would recommend it even if you aren't into rowing.
  8. Or "like a brick dunny with the door open" A quote from back when Oz had Mirages and lost one with a flame out
  9. That is actually the secret training ground for the All Blacks rugby team
  10. Like the constipated clerk - with a pencil?
  11. "He" is the S African commentator on the video - you can watch it!
  12. Re lawyering up if your employer insists you get jabbed “Just read about a chap who might have found a way out of the “you can’t work here without the jabs'” policy of so many businesses. Through his lawyer he made it clear to his company that he would be demanding to know the status of all other employees’ health conditions with regard to communicable diseases. He would be demanding information on employees with flu, hepatitis, measles, mumps, STDs, etc. “If they were going to take responsibility for stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the building they were now liable for the spread of anything else … …. within 24 hours we were all informed that they would no longer demand to see our vaxx papers.” ” Via a comment at Jo Nova
  13. Reading the tea leaves. Also did you catch his take on racism and China - he worked there for years
  14. Re ivermectin in Australia From https://joannenova.com.au/2021/07/indonesia-and-the-ivermectin-donation-the-goverment-wrecked/ “It is legal for Australian doctors to prescribe ivermectin “off label” (meaning for non-standard uses). Even the Minister for Health said so:”
  15. Try this And listen to his comments
  16. "Wasn't me, sir" But - "Beale" is a surname where you should insist on the correct spelling as there are at least 7 other versions which sound the same. Ours seems to be the least common from my "world wide telephone book surveys" and seems to originate in the West Country of UK. A great uncle migrated to US - which may have no connection what-so-ever to that
  17. A reminder “July 24 is World Ivermectin Day” https://catallaxyfiles.com/2021/07/20/july-24-is-world-ivermectin-day/ I've been suggesting to politicians that they add it to their events calendars.
  18. O/T but depends where it goes missing - as with that Concorde crash "The investigation revealed that the plane that took off just prior to Flight 4590 had dropped a piece of metal onto the runway. When the Concorde jet ran over it, its tire was shredded and thrown into one of the engines and fuel tanks, causing a disabling fire." https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/concorde-jet-crashes
  19. Jim, This turned up while I was browsing re Fiat track gear https://trackspares.com.au/bulldozer-parts/ https://trackspares.com.au/undercarriage/ Looks like Korean
  20. Don't underestimate! Likely was as soon as Confucius was mentioned
  21. Like the bloke whose nickname was "Ten to Two" due to his feet positioning
  22. I've been through this. New computer arrived with no mention of 10s. Went to install non-Microsoft software that I use and no go. There was a hint that it could be done but no how to. And information on the net was not showing up then. So I posed the question on a blog that I follow and got the answer. You will have to unlock most likely for your mapping programs to install. And you will have to trust any others that aren't Microsoft store that you use - which shouldn't be a problem if the supplier is reputable. Try something like "Windows 10S unlock" in your search engine - there is a Microsoft service bulletin on unlocking
  23. It is said that the model for most books of advice is this one:- "How to do it and not get it", written by "One who did it, got it and can't get rid of it". Similar with the free stuff I guess
  24. “Dreaded Delta Surge Explained (Is it the Vexxine?); Cars Killing More Than COVID; Literal Ministries Of Truth; UK Pingdemic; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXX” https://wmbriggs.com/post/36632/ And the links to “mask articles” at the end
  25. For your social calendar “July 24 is World Ivermectin Day” https://catallaxyfiles.com/2021/07/20/july-24-is-world-ivermectin-day/
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