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  1. My dentist always wants to see Emma and insist I bring her in while getting my teeth cleaned. She sits right by my side and the whole office just loves her. He informed me today that he is buying a trained therapy dog to work at his office . It will actually sit on his patients lap if they request it, all because of Emma.
  2. Thick as flys around here. Finally allowing farmers to thin em out. I need to shoot about 50 but not sure if i have time to bury em.
  3. They are at the Nebraska tractor test lab.
  4. 35 quart in the freezer so far.
  5. I put up some pictures, Larry, who restored the B that some of you likely saw at RPRU In GrandIsland is a long time friend of mine. His wife is one of my SCUBA buddies and they have traveled with me for 20+ years to dive destinations around the world. Two very genuine people . He went the distance with that restoration , it’s immaculate.
  6. Looks savable, might want a few more cylinders though.
  7. Open house with tractor show today from 10 AM till 2PM
  8. Ready to work? More like ready to work on it. Like a Craigs list add, ran when it was parked. A local car dealer often ran an add that said, “I bought my work car today , and now i’m working on it “ You guys crack me up thinking you could make 3K on it just from looking at a picture. My bet is that tractor is worn out from front to back and back again . How many $3500 dollar tractors do you want ? I know of a junk yard where you can get 50 of those and he would help ya load em .
  9. Went through there a few years ago, Kim wants to go back so im sure we will. Beautiful country.
  10. Boy i must be pretty dumb giving it away to friends and family.
  11. It dosent bother me one bit but as soon as there is even a microscopic hint of politics someone has a hissy fit.
  12. ☹️ My dealer throws a big party every year, gives us hats and T-shirts,sweetcorn seed, delivers the field corn seed and offers a discount if you pay before January first. But so do all the other dealers in this area.
  13. Found the first one today, just a in time for the holiday .
  14. No , however most likely my uncle did. Nothing written on the back of the photo
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