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  1. My friend had a running one in the line up at his salvage yard the last time i was there. Besides parts he also buys and sells usable equipment . Would you like me to ask about it?
  2. Theres a car parts store on west O street in Lincoln called Snow Auto. They have it.
  3. A local car dealer that went by the name weird Wally had bill boards around town . one was, “ I bought my work car from weird Walleys and now I am working on it” 1967 Ford mustang, “RUST FREE” ”Buy it and get the rust for free”
  4. Dry land Soybeans planted 8 weeks ago today.
  5. If Dealers had new equipment on the lots it might be a different story.
  6. I put an addition on two years ago before the big price increase that same size with a 14 foot high by 22 door and one 10 foot door. It was around ? 36.000.00 if i remember right. That was only three sides because it was just an extension of an existing building.
  7. Soybeans are liking the 1 inch rain last night. With the 98 degree temp today you can almost see them growing.
  8. When its too hot to play might as well rest.
  9. Last one i went to the food was terrible. Clint Black was good though.
  10. It will kill trees. Been there done that.
  11. Lots of old Buses still in use around the world. Catalina island is still using this one, Fiji island also
  12. Hardees, lol. Worst fast food ever. But i Do you have a related story. Got a call one day from the local Hardee’s in Lincoln looking for someone to repair the walk in cooler. I avoided these places in the past because they are more often then not a high risk for payment. The sweet voice on the other end of the phone convinced me to give her a try. I continued helping them out for around two years, i even took some calls for Omaha locations and always got paid. I even started dateing the manager of the Lincoln location. Left her house one night about midnight and went home. Got a call the next morning from the restaurant, Have you seen - - - - ? No why? She hasent come into work! Ok i will go check on her. Fully furnished Three bedroom ranch with a two car garage, two dogs, 15 year old daughter, lawn mowers , and everything you can think of a normal family would have ALL GONE. Not a trace of anything . No one ever saw or herd from her again and the restaurant closed. 👽👽
  13. I got it, its in the dog thread now.😀
  14. Ya that was a lot easier a year ago. ill see what i can do because i have a good one for the dog thread
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