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  1. Emma wears em when we go to the Farmers market. Pavement is too hot. Hers have little lights that blink too.
  2. Lol. Lol. Thousands and thousands of them. Im starting to think every single tractor that left the factory was a gold demo.
  3. This guy was good at solving mysteries . Perhaps he can help. some of you young whipersnapers wont get it.
  4. I will have a Ford until the day i die regardless of what some internet video has to say. I am not influenced by advertisements in any way shape or form, never have been. I make up my own mind with regards to making a purchase of any kind. lots of good choices other then Ford these days. I could care less what someone else chooses.
  5. It would be just fine if some rain would fall from the sky in the near future.
  6. Stihl all the way here. I have the 090, three magnum 660’s and an 066 red light. A 260 pro, three Ms200, an 028 AV SUPER and a few other antiques i no longer use like this Indian. Regardless of your favorite flavor the most important thing to consider is a nearby dealer network. Sooner or later no matter what brand you choose you’re going to need some thing . there are literally dozens and dozens and dozens of places I can walk in and get parts and chains and air cleaners for my Saws. I use them hard and frequently. NEVER use cheap gas, set the choke before removing the air cleaner and 99 % of the common problems can be avoided. Good luck with Echo , im sure there a good saw .
  7. I was pheasant hunting with guy once and he kept finding arrow heads, after the fourth one i said oh come on man how are you doing that? Then he came clean, he was making them as we were walking. Really quite easy to make.
  8. In the late 70’s i was disking a field by a creek when it started to squeak so i got off to grease it. This ( see photo) was laying on the ground. Had it authenticated at the university of Nebraska. Still have it. Coincidentally a few months later my cousin and i were pushing dirt up the sides of that same creek with a dozer when we noticed bones coming up over the blade. I called my Science teacher. ( that wasent very well liked) and was known for NEVER giving an A to anyone. he came out, looked at the bones and called UNL. They sent out a team of people and set up a big tent over the sight, excavated a Bison with skull and horns intact . They were on sight about a week. I got an A that Semester.
  9. LS motor and a complete GM drive train on bags. He showed me a ticket he got on the way there doing 90.
  10. Neat looking trail, heres the Inca bridge trail near Machu Picchu Peru. we have done this one a couple times
  11. On that note, in 1984 i bought a pure breed Dalmatian puppy. Named him Freon. Registered him Trihydridonitrogen, R-717. Painted his name on the passenger door of my work van. sitting at a stop light in north Lincoln and a Cadillac convertible loaded with six colledge girls pulls up beside me. Six month old Freon is hanging half way out the window when they start calling him by his name and just as the light changed he bailed out to try to get in with them but that didn t work out so well for him. truck behind them ran him over breaking his back leg. I picked him up and rushed him to the nearest vet but there only answer was to amputate his leg or i could take him to K-State vet school. I said were headed to K-State, give him some pain relief and away i went . They were waiting for me and instantly did emergency orthopedic surgery on his leg. He fully recovered and lived 14 years after that.
  12. A dab of silicone caulking works perfectaly.
  13. A dip in the pool followed by a nap. Great to be a dog.
  14. They say the two happiest days of your life are when you buy a boat and when you sell it.
  15. At a friends place yesterday.
  16. I gave SCUBA lessons to the parts guy at Peterbilt. He called me about a new tank that got scratched when being installed and i could get it cheep so i welded four feet on it, put in a bung for the pump and its been pretty darn handy.
  17. Saw one very similar to that on Easter Island .
  18. Its simply because the alcohol deteriorates the rubber gaskets and o rings in the injection system
  19. I think he simply means off road fuel with the red die, non taxed. Its a little cheaper.
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