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  1. just left , even had some leftover for Emma
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jicT42CbDNfh6ht8VZgHrhaFhuA1hHG7/view
  3. lorenzo

    The Bear

    I blame shows like American Pickers for the current prices on advertisement signs. My interest in that stuff has dwindled to zero.
  4. Your thinking of the Alamite type grease gun. Yes I have two of them but no , it’s a syringe full of penicillin most likely. Those shots are huge, one in each butt cheek.
  5. Why would anyone farm half when they can Farmall?
  6. Yes and I’m sure glad she did because I was just getting ready to get out a crowbar pry it off the side throw a log chain around it and tie it to my truck you know like normal.
  7. Installing a commercial HVAC system for a buddy. This kind of stuff cracks me up . REALLY, is this what the worlds coming to . The manufacture thinks they need a sticker to tell the installer to remove the screws before removing panel? WOW People are that dumb now??
  8. That was either “The Cookie Company” or “Eileans” or a place called “The Warm Cookie”. The warm Cookie is the best . Their on Highway 2 , South Lincoln .
  9. Best thing going in Lincoln is a BBQ place called. “Hog Wild” Lunch special is a Drink, pulled pork sandwich and one side for $5.99 Best BBQ in town . 30th and Cornhusker Highway , north side . Their slogan Dont Be Late We Close At Eight.
  10. The two wheel drive slammed ones are pretty bitchin. That was all the rage In California in the 90’s Unfortunately they become pretty useless for anything other then cruzing.
  11. How many of those do you want ?? Dime a dozen here. One or two in every tree line .
  12. All jokes aside you will spend in excess of 6k on it if you do it right. One thing you can count on is that once you open that tractor up there will be other things that show up needing replaced/ rebuilt along the way. Guaranteed!!
  13. Buy it . OR you could take a bucket full of hundred dollar bills and throw it at the ticket counter at a horse racing track . Either way about the same result.
  14. I know of an IH salvage yard near me that would buy that in a heart beat. See if you have a tractor salvage place near by I’ll bet they would want it. If I were closer I would buy it because I can see by the picture that there is a tiny itty bitty speck of gold paint left so it MUST have been a gold demo tractor .
  15. What’s their incentive to go to work when you can just stick your hand out?
  16. Jimmy John’s and mister goodcents are far better then Subway ever thought about being.
  17. Good to here, The Subway’s here in Lincoln absolutely suck . Won’t bother me to see them fold up.
  18. I have seen these guys a couple times
  19. Flown Lufthansa airline lately??? I counted 14 Blond bombshells on my last flight. Everyone of them was pretty and polite.
  20. Unfortunately the inconveniences, problems with Managment , customer service related issues, personnel and personality conflicts with employees, rudeness etc…etc… are not unique to the airline or travel industry, it’s everywhere. With a complete derelict incompetant idiot at the wheel it’s going to just get worse.
  21. That’s easy if you understand small business.
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