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  1. Round up will drift over into near by plants . Don’t use it unless you wife’s stuff is a long ways away .
  2. Welcome aboard, I will enjoy watching you improve on the ol gal.
  3. Folks took me to see Charlie Pride when I was six or seven . My first live concert. I remember it well. He was great.
  4. Went to see him at the Omaha music hall. Greg Allman opened for him . Greg’s hit single “ I’m no Angle “ was just out and he was banging Sher at the time. Stevie was one of a kind.
  5. I have seen a couple of those that looked like a cobbled up complete disaster of poorly welded chunks of angle iron and other assorted pieces of scrap iron that happened to be laying around. I have yet to look at one that looked factory built or OEM looking. We’re any of these factory built?
  6. Ya, he’s got one hoof in the grave for sure.
  7. Compared to buck deer in my area that thing looks pathetic .
  8. Great idea , wish there was something like that near by .
  9. Here’s 75 horse power for ya , guaranteed .
  10. You win the first place, blue ribbon , gold medal award for asking the most controversial , speculative question that even surpasses all the oil threads put together. 🙃
  11. Caster bean oil is my favorite . I still use Castrol R but it’s getting harder to find . Nothing smells like it and Everyone knows what’s in your engine when there around it .
  12. just left , even had some leftover for Emma
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jicT42CbDNfh6ht8VZgHrhaFhuA1hHG7/view
  14. lorenzo

    The Bear

    I blame shows like American Pickers for the current prices on advertisement signs. My interest in that stuff has dwindled to zero.
  15. Your thinking of the Alamite type grease gun. Yes I have two of them but no , it’s a syringe full of penicillin most likely. Those shots are huge, one in each butt cheek.
  16. Why would anyone farm half when they can Farmall?
  17. Yes and I’m sure glad she did because I was just getting ready to get out a crowbar pry it off the side throw a log chain around it and tie it to my truck you know like normal.
  18. Installing a commercial HVAC system for a buddy. This kind of stuff cracks me up . REALLY, is this what the worlds coming to . The manufacture thinks they need a sticker to tell the installer to remove the screws before removing panel? WOW People are that dumb now??
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