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  1. I got it, its in the dog thread now.😀
  2. Ya that was a lot easier a year ago. ill see what i can do because i have a good one for the dog thread
  3. Let that be a lesson, just because you think all your stuff is really bitchin cool don't think for a second that your kids don’t already have an auctioneer on speed dial.
  4. I have had a Trinco model 36 since the early 90’s Since no one has mentioned it yet, get yourself a bag of crushed walnut shells for aluminum stuff like carburetor’s iI leaves a real nice finish .
  5. Certain kinds are real good . Most of the common stuff is pretty salty . Even the good stuff isn't something you eat a whole bunch of. Russian Beluga is some of the best.I have had it a couple times just to see what all the hype was about but it was no big deal to me. You can get it much cheaper then stated above .
  6. Emma always uses a pillow.
  7. I spent over 40 years in the commercial refrigeration industry, been in thousands of restaurant kitchens. If you had seen what i have you would never go out to eat anywhere. Believe me, the little mom and pop out of the way places are by far the best places to go hands down. Stay as far away as possible from chain restaurants.
  8. No of course not silly, no wonder you dont like em.
  9. I left Omaha one day in a chevy van with a huge load of copper pipe on my ladder rack headed to Good fellow air force base in San Angelo Texas . Got to the Kansas turnpike and my windshield exploded. Had too much weight on the roof . Drove it all the way to San Angelo with no windshield.
  10. An old friend of mine asked me to come look at his house air conditioner one time. It was an old two story built back in the days of plaster and lath with no insulation. Of course his complaint was terribly high electric bills. I asked him if he had ever been in the attic to check if it had any insulation . “No” he said. Up i went, found a big box too heavy to lift full of German War era Nazi Paraphernalia, flags, SS arm patches, black and white pictures of Nazi atrocities, death camp photos from Auschwitz in Occupied Poland,Dachau in Bavaria, Manowitz. Various 8 by 10 photos of Holocaust victims, it was sickening. I wish i would have never seen those pictures. We threw the whole box in the garbage.
  11. And saw either one of these places i would stop even if i wasn't hungry.
  12. Only one is auctioned off. Usually an out of state bidder. One year a guy from Germany, one year a lady from New York, Nebraska residents can get one the regular way like any other license.
  13. Back into the fund that pays for the annual round up using helicopters, and nets where they are vaccinated, weighed, tagged, ect…ect…, Also used to buy sheep from other states to keep the Geene pool new.
  14. That a north american world record big horn sheep was shot in western Nebraska last month? This is an Exact replica resin mold of it. Next years sheep tag sold at auction for $330,000.00
  15. I have a spare Y- block from a 57 that runs great ill make you a sweet deal on.
  16. Its real simple . As has been said a hundred times before, “ Theres nothing to buy at your local dealer”
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