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  1. 402–770–9529


    call me when you have a bit



  2. My number is 402–770–9529 




    call me if when you get a chance 

  3. Hello from Nebraska,


    I see you live in Canada so I have a question for you.

    I have a fairly large license plate collection , mostly car, truck, and motorcycle. 

    I would love to have some of the Plates shaped like a polar bear used in Canada but I never see them at swap meets here. Do you by chance have any around I could buy? 

    I have always thought they are the nearest license plate ever made.



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    2. lorenzo


      Here is the one I’m bidding on .

      I decided if I’m going to bid on one it might as well be an old one .




    3. lorenzo


      Also like the Nunavut ones but they always seam to go pretty high. 2E6DE404-9353-46C1-9C3B-C6025295439D.thumb.png.1fd6d52ce157a111e2630568e0e3b75b.png


      if if I miss the 1977 plate I will bid on this governent one . C0819291-9DB7-4DC0-9150-D030C0FE16E8.thumb.png.1a0e52facb1973cf058c6b83839a9025.png


    4. Qc.Can.IH man

      Qc.Can.IH man

       I see it’s your birthday today! ?

       Happy birthday to you sir! 

       Did you manage to buy the polar bear license plates you were bidding on? 

       I was delivering Hay the other day and I saw this plate on the front of my customers Winnebago.

       Hope you have a great birthday Larry!6BA95094-D77F-4829-9ACA-893FE7A2997A.thumb.jpeg.92847e63400f8c9c9eec5a9868db5fad.jpeg

  4. Boarding a catamaran this AM for some shark feeding and watching.

    If you don't see me on the forum next month I got eaten,  



    1. MTO


      some need extreme entertainment.

      If you want thrills, just drive down the road with no seat belt!

  5. A MILF.  is a.           Mom Id like to ****.

    1. MTO


      Yes dumbass, I know THAT!

      Just wanted to see if anyone offered to splain it to me via coffee shop.

      he he he.....

      My wife is one btw....

  6. Hello from Nebraska.

    My little saw is missing the starter rope knob.

    I guess its supposed to be a round rubber ball like this one in the picture. Is yours like that?

    I am trying to find one to keep it original.


  7. Where ya going? 

    1. dads706


      East for a couple weeks, maybe more.

    2. lorenzo


      I will be at epply  on Sunday also  . 

      I have a group going on a dive trip and half of them were on the runway when that SW flight slid off . They finally got out a couple hours later that night and are now stuck in Atlanta until i catch up with them . Perhaps i will see you in Omaha early AM



    3. dads706


      Darn. Mine is mid afternoon. We didn't get the weather they were predicting. Got ice, but barely a dusting of snow. I'm not complaining. Spent most of the day outside making sure there was plenty of feed, fences were good, waterers heated etc. Sun was out, really wan't all that bad.

      Have a safe trip.



  8. Are you coming to Lincoln for the farm show on the forth , fifth and sixth of December?



    1. Littlefeller


      I work the fourth and fifth.  Wasn't planning on it I guess.

  9. I can leave VP fuel in these guys for two years and they will start right up.2065735660_barttookthispicture.jpg.ef6c9fc8ee560ecbe680065f29e3cbbb.jpgDSCN0110.thumb.JPG.0daf38c372c7ea9637ad94e8a1d750d8.JPGDSCN0111.thumb.JPG.691dfdef8d970bbf773572a5b6e3881f.JPGIMG_0012_0139.thumb.jpg.bf89a7093bec796c78340d702d138991.jpg

  10. Call Mel. at Green acres in Ulysses Nebraska  402-270-1339.

  11. Hey there,  I sent you a reply from my phone, didi you not get it the other day??


    Larry  402-770-9529. Nebraska

  12. I just called him and found out they are no longer raising them,  It was Shawn Shultzcamp in West Point.

    I will watch the Lincoln area for you though if your serious I bet some will show up.

    You don't see them as often as other breeds though. So sorry about that, I wish they hadn't quit.


    1. RKO


      I don't know Shawn personally but had heard that he quit raising dogs.  My girl friend tried to contact him About a dog for me.  That would be great if you would watch. Not many people are raising brittany springer spaniel. 

    2. RKO


      Do you live in the Lincoln area


      I don't know Shawn personally but had heard that he quit raising dogs.  My girl friend tried to contact him About a dog for me.  That would be great if you would watch. Not many people are raising brittany springer spaniel. 

  13. ??? your probably right,  I would be glad to buy some from you 


    402-770-9529.   Larry 

    Call when ever 

    Thanks again


  14. You can call Mel at 402-270-1339 

    he is in Ulysses Nebraska .

    Follow a map across I-80 west of Lincoln about 20 miles to Seward Then North past Seward to Hwy 66 then west about 2 miles . BTW Lots of other members have asked so if you really want a set Ya better hurry.



  15. Hey Nate thanks a million for the help on the IH muffler, I called the one you mentioned first but was an hour too late,  I just hung up from calling about the one in Mankato and told them I would take it. They are going to check on shipping Monday so unless it's some ridiculous cost I will get that one.  They promise it's in great condition.


    Thanks again  Larry

  16. I will be spending a week in Peru starting in Lima then Cusco, Saqsaywaman, Ollantayambo ,and of course Machu Picchu prier to Bolivia.

    BTW  Easter Island was amazing.



    1. TroyDairy


      My fiend worked in the mining industry in Peru.  Took the travel contact gal home for a wife!  Her whole family still is down there.  I think it be cool to visit them, get real local experience.  I went to Chile few years a go for 2 weeks for a ag group tour of sorts.  I would have no problem living there.  S of Santiago is beautiful.  Tons of agriculture and a government/society that supports it wholly.  Funny, we were about 2 hours S of Santiago to 2 hrs N of Santiago and did a jaunt to Valpariso on the coast.  Felt exactly like being in Fresno to Sacramento California in the San Joaquin Valley.  But no mexicans!! ;)   

  17. I like Star Speedometer in Florida.


    Sort of hard to understand him but here is his number


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