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  1. Also out. Still haven't cancelled the room yet, but guess I better get to it.
  2. Good on you. That was surely a BTO rig in it's day. It amazes me how many of those trucks were still in use for so long. An attest to IH toughness.
  3. Don't know how rare (probably aren't) as I have a few left over from my younger days. One just like yours @welkerfarmsfancame in a "Farm Country" set I got as a kid and the other has a loader on it. I got those in the very early 90's as a kid.
  4. X2 on this. My 806 sat for a year on a slight incline and I had no steering when I started it up. Did this and fixed my problem. Be aware, it will most assuredly spurt a good bit of fluid out when it picks up!
  5. You find all the good stuff. I can't even find a penny on the sidewalk these days.
  6. Picked up both books at RPRU. Haven't taken the time to read them yet but looking forward to it.
  7. I've heard such. Personally not an issue for me, as the most "modern" IH I own is a 1256.
  8. The Shell CNH containers (gallons, quarts) look like the Shell containers at any other auto or supply store, but black. My local CIH dealer (chain) doesn't intend to handle the Viscosity stuff anymore. I was personally kind of over Hytran, as it's tough to stomach over $100 for a 5 gallon bucket; but I will miss the No. 1 SAE 30 engine oil.
  9. This. Worth every penny. Have done this on my 806 & 1256. Makes things a whole lot less messy of a filter change.
  10. I enjoyed it (my 3rd RPRU) but like others thought it was a little spread out and less vendors than the other RPRUs I've attended. In seeing pictures posted by other I missed quite a few things, but overall seemed like a good show. Got to the grounds Thursday morning during the downpour which made things a little miserable for a bit. Friday was absolutely a perfect day. Didn't go Saturday as we left out from Carbondale about 8 am and drove all the way back to Tx.
  11. Yeah, sure, that's it.....guess that some expressions are lost on some folks.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Have one with almost 300k on the clock and still runs like a top.
  13. Won't make much difference in your tractor. I can no longer stomach the cost of HyTran personally, and have since switched to Shell Rotella HD fluid. But even the "cheap" stuff would work for your Cub.
  14. "Wrong" by factory/originality standards, but a fellow can do as they wish with their own machine. Not my cup of tea but not my tractor.
  15. No idea Brian. I couldn't get much info out of the guy - he wasn't in much of a friendly mood to say the least.
  16. Hey, finally one of these I can participate in! I bought this in November 2008 at what was a bank sale. Guy had a few good years baling hay with paid for older red stuff, then ran out and "bought" all new green stuff and things dried up for him... Anyway, for $5,550 I brought it home. 6k on the tach, I suspect it had a cab originally at some point with all the holes in the cowl and a sticker about maintaining clearance between tires and cab wall - also fenders are white under the red paint, suspect they came off a 1206? Anyway, didn't appear she was used too hard and she's been a good horse for us. She's developed some more leaks and really could use an overhaul at this point, but we don't use it that often anymore, if it gets 50 hours a year these days that's doing something. Hope to get a total resto done to it one of these days. First pic was pretty near when I got it home. Added the K&M steps and have since added a hand rail. Second pic with an old JD Surflex working terraces around Christmas 2019. Third is my 11 yr old niece, she says the 1256 is her favorite tractor.
  17. Good luck with Red Wings here, I get about two years of every day wear out of a pair. I haven't bought the USA made ones (too much $) that can be resoled so I can't speak for those. My most recent pair has been Thoroughgoods, but with all this rain I've been stuck in the office so I can't speak much for them yet.
  18. I think you're on the right track. I have a slightly more modern Ford disc that has a similar type set up, and yes, they look like rod or main bearings. I have never tried to source parts for mine, as I just plow the garden about 6 passes twice a year - I just grease the hooey out of it before I use it.
  19. Right. I personally can't stomach the cost of HyTran anymore, especially when the newest IH on the farm is a 1256. I'm sure the 36 year old spec covers my IH's just fine.
  20. How long are the planes going to be in McKinney? I have no desire to pay that kind of money (don't like flying anyway) but love the WW2 birds.
  21. Reese's Peanut butter cups, or Mr. Goodbar. Almond Joy and Kit Kat, too. Otherwise a lot of candy bars I can take or leave.
  22. x2. We went through it in 2017, you'll see nicer tractors at your local show. The cars weren't anything special, either.
  23. Some folks (like most of us) do it for the love and enjoyment, but a lot of folks (like the guy OP mentioned) do it for a quick buck. If he made his money back selling off the wheels and tires and what not, he could care less if you think his asking price for what's left is too high. When I was cleaning me place up 8 to 10 years ago, I was always able to buy any old iron I saw at the scrappers for whatever it weighed......of course the trendy thing to do down here is drop an old rusty tractor or plow in front of the house for yard art.
  24. Then don't go? Looking forward to it, Dad and I are planning on going if they do indeed have it.
  25. Had a locally run/owned parts store here for YEARS. I personally had a charge account with the guy starting back when I was 14/15. He'd been trying to sell out for years and finally got a buyer about two years ago. Would have kept shopping there but the new owner not too friendly and kept weird hours. O'Reilly's moved in and they get all my business now.
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