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  1. Thanks for the info. Hadn't heard of them before. Usually stay away from reprints but their stuff seems to be really good quality. Will pick some stuff up for the Cub.
  2. I'm not sure. I'll look on the bucket when I get home this afternoon and see if it gives any details as to who makes it or where. The hydraulic fluid sure smells like hytran to me.
  3. I thought some of the tractors and cubs in the previous sales were worth the $ (didn't even look at this sale), wasn't too big of a fan of the added premiums and as others said the smaller stuff seemed a little high for what I would be willing to pay, especially the toys that would be considered more common. IMO.
  4. If you're asking me, yes, I really do. I like the simplicity of it compared to tractors it's size in it's class. Not a lot of electronics compared to other colors. It's the M85P with a cab.
  5. Some really neat stuff, I figured most places like that were all gone by now. Way too far off from me to do anyone of us any good.
  6. 806 & 1256 get Hytran. 4440 gets Hyguard. Mahindra gets Mahindra branded fluid (though smells like Hytran to me and is purple instead of red). Old 3444 backhoe gets the green bucket "Premium" fluid from O'Reilly's since it leaks pretty good, need to get some cylinders rebuilt. 806/1256/3444 get IH #1 30w. Everything else gets Delo 15w40.
  7. I'd love to live out that way, or even East Tx. I'm too close to Dallas and Dallas gets closer every day. Land prices getting outrageous around me, as I'm right at the intersection of three well traveled highways. I guess one of these days I'll get a good pay out...
  8. Beautiful! I hope my 1256 turns out that nice "one of these days."
  9. FWIW, I just had the Roosa on my 806 rebuilt, $625.00. I'm sure prices vary all over the country.
  10. Dad bought one new in early 80's when I was very small. It's a solid white unit where the ones pictured have yellow tines, etc. Unfortunately like most things he owned, he never took very good care of it, it does run but needs a good bit of work. Ruby Red, your unit looks to be in excellent shape.
  11. Nice pair, but you can keep the white stuff.
  12. Long before my time for most of this, Great Grandad had a Regular on steel and if memory serves correctly a BF Avery thrashing machine. Traded the Regular, two mules and a sulky-rake for an F-20 in 1937 which I have, but hasn't moved under it's own power since the 60's. None of us out of the generations following Great-Grandad ever farmed full time. Grandad started with a WC Allis after WW2, ran it a few years and got an LP M and a "Cyclone" B John Deere. LP M is still around but the JD B didn't suit him and went down the road when he got a 460 sometime in the mid 60's. He went "BIG TIME"
  13. Looks more like a photoshop creation to me. If you look at the "bed" are, there's a lot of distortion and the buildings' walls and lines are colored in via a paint program. See a lot of these abominations on social media.
  14. When Ertl had the "66 Series" set that came out in the 90's, did those sets not go down past a 966? I have my sets boxed away and don't remember.
  15. They're working on that as they move here one by one, abandoning the mess they made out of California while bringing their voting habits with them.
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