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  1. thanks everyone, maybe that's the problem, no radio. Hmmm, radio sounds like an easy fix.
  2. well it happens, could always be worse. thanks to everyone for the help.
  3. you were dead on the pto gear. thanks for the help. i'm assuming (we all know what happens assuming) the tractor needs to be split to fix. is there any way to get the gear off the shaft and replace from the bottom?
  4. thanks for the advise, is there any way to work the shaft around to get the gear out of the bottom, or does the tractor need to be split?
  5. thanks for the suggestion, if there is a gear tooth, what would it be off of?
  6. I have a '59 farmall 460 gas burner, today I noticed a "knock" coming from the clutch, ta clutch center section when the pto was enguaged. I wasn't loading the pto very hard, just a 3 point fertilizer spreader, just not familiar with what might cause this, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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