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  1. Truck titling - are there any options?

    The only way a state can legally pull your IFTA is you did not file your quarterly report for three quarters. I file reports for trucks in Iowa and a couple have gone a year or more with out out of state miles and never had the state call me. I file each quarter report with instate miles and file 0 out state miles.
  2. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    All the schools i know of do not do it.
  3. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    That is part of the problem. There was a picture with two boys standing out side of a school after a shooting. The one boy said to the other he didnt understand why god let this happen and didnt stop it. The other boy said didnt you know god is not let into a school so he had to stand out side and just watch it happen
  4. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Dont know who told you you have to be a company to get a DOT number but that is wrong. Any one can get a DOT number it will be a temp number untill you finish the probation period. I just helped a guy get started trucking and he is not operating as a company. I tried to get him to start an LLC company. As far a IFT being not renewed if you had no out of state miles. You had to do something wrong. As long as you file your quarterly report with no miles you will be fine. I have several customers that go years with out out of state miles and i renew them with no problem. Good advice to do talk with the DOT. One problem with that' people have to be honest on what they want to do. So many times i see people ask a question in a way so they get the answer they want
  5. Truck titling - are there any options?

    It might be BS but it will save your butt. An accident can happen just as fast no matter how many tractors you haul Accident is More likely to happen with someone who hauls just a tractor because of little experience.
  6. Truck titling - are there any options?

    If you want to play you have to pay
  7. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Dont try to cheat the system. It will come back to kick you in the butt. Know a guy that ran farm plates for years and laught about it. One sunday he was hauling a tractor to a show and a young lady ran a stop sign and he hit her killing her. It was 100 per cent her fault. But His insurance said to bad that' not farm use. The DOT said miss use of farm plate your at fault. Last i knew the family of the young lady had him in court and they were winning. He was losing everything he owned. Go buy a real truck. A semi with a step deck trailer. Put apportioned plates on the truck. First year it will cost a little more because you dont have miles on your IRP. Second year your Cab Card (IRP) will be off the miles you drove the year before. Get a IFTA permit which is fuel permit cost is 10 dollars a years. File your IFTA report every 3 months which cost nothing. File UCR which is 65 dollars a year File MC150 which cost nothing. File Heavy HWY tax unless you drive under certain miles You dont need a elog unless you make 8 trips ouside your 150 radius in 30 days. Or the motor is 1999 and older Get in a drug program which is a one time 25 dollars. Then if you get called you pay for the drug test. Have a CDL and a medicial and your good to go Its not that' hard and you dont have to worry. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE WANT TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM
  8. Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    You making it harder t'han it needs to be. Load the tractor and haul it home. If it gets salt or ice on it give it a good bath. A 450 is not hard to power wash. We haul a lot of expensive equipment (like cranes Forklifts excavator) in bad weather. Sometime they look like ice cubes when we unload them. We just power wash them good. Never has any problems
  9. Truck titling - are there any options?

    You will still need a CDL even if you dont have air brakes. You just dont need air brakes endorsement. CDL depènds on the GVW of the truck. If your going to haul hobby tractors you cant use farm plates. You night get by with it but the wrong DOT officer will give you a ticket. There' is no cheap way to own a truck legally
  10. If you are good with a welder. Just cut the filter cap off a one piece cover. And weld in a piece of pipe for the extension. I did that on my 856 i have a loader on. Didnt cost much. Just a little time. Made a big difference in speed of loader. I also did the piggy back pump. Like Jones salvage does.
  11. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    You cant have many hours on your tractor if you still have that' much tread left on the front tires. Most of us have to tavel on roads and that' just kills tires if the MFD is locked in. Along with extra wear on the drive line if locked in on hard surface. The rear ends in the 94 series will not give trouble but the transmissions are junk and high price to work on. I bought a bunch of 94 series with bad transmissions just for the motors. To use in some construction equipament. Salvage yards didnt want them if the motor was gone.
  12. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    All the 94 series are white under the red paint. Only difference was the red paint and the decals. I painted a lot of them back during the fire sale.
  13. Tire Pressure Question

    Titan WHO FFA Tractor Ride Tire 12.4-38 13.6-38 15.5-38 Titan Tire's Comfort Ride Center Rib tire is developed specifically for tractor rides and parades, offering a conventional R1 but adding a center rib to provide an extremely smooth ride and to improve lug wear. This is built with the cooperation of WHO Radio, The Big Show and FFA with FFA receiving a donation for each tire sold. These tires are built only once a year prior to tractor ride season so once inventory is gone they are gone until next year, DON'T WAIT 12.4-38 6ply TubeType #104618 13.6-38 6ply TubeType #104628 15.5-38 6ply TubeType #104674 Call 800-234-5242 for current pricing This is what i put on my tractor i use on tractor rides. They have hundreds of miles on them and still look like new. And they ride great
  14. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    I was use to Buying a international or John Deere tractor turning the pump up and run it for years with out repairs. Fill it up with fuel every morning change the oil and use it. New experience with Case tractors. Dont pull it hard and you still have to Fix and repair. So yes that' did leave a bad taste in my and a lot of peoples mouth for case tractors
  15. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Case block man told several of us to use the 3594 like a 130 HP tractor and it would last longer. Case knew the transmission would not take the power the motor was set at.
  16. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    The magnum could of had International stamped / painted / printed all over it. And it would have made no difference After the 94 series case tractor joke people would not buy a magnum. International was getting its market share back after the 560 and 706 tractors. Then they had the fire sale of the 94 series and it cost them big time. Case IH should have dump those tractors to case people. Case IH promoted the 94 series as their new tractor. Even after the magnum came out They still pushed the 94 series influence on the magnum.
  17. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Bought a new 3594 during Case IH fire sale. It was a full equiped tractor. Cost me around 35000 dollars Worse buy i ever made. Spent more time in the shop than in the field. Case block man (think his name was Ken Wright) said it was my fault the tractor was so bad. Made a deal he would run it a day. First day it didnt make it from shop to truck before it acted it up. They worked on it a week and Ken ran it about 6 hours with a disc and the transmission ate its self up. Bought a John Deere 4850 to replace it and was so happy. Selling those tractors did not help Case IH market share for the next 20 years. Lots of Die hard Red people bought green and never went back
  18. lincoln ac dc welder ?

    Those are good welders but the Fan will quit working. Not a hard job to replace it. It worth fixing before more damage is done
  19. Things to see on way to red power

    Stop in Omaha Ne on the way home for the college world series. The Zoo in Omaha is well worth the stop.
  20. Older hybrid reliability?

    Friend lost 10 miles per gallon after VW reprogramed her car. She was getting 53 to 55 miles per gallon before. Now she is lucky to get 45 MPG on hwy and in the high 30 in town . She said it is a dog now also. She has complained to VW But they say that nothing is wrong But VW gave her 7000 dollars to settle with her. Told her not to get it reprogramed but she did not listen.
  21. Older hybrid reliability?

    I have 3 / 2012. And 2 / 2008 Ford escapés all wheel drives with 3.0 motors. They have from 14,000 miles to 325,000 miles The worse i get is 20 mpg and have got up to 30 mpg on hwy. Average is around 25 mpg. And im not easy on them.
  22. Dirt pan price per hour?

    I have a couple of Laplatte scrapers i pull. They built all the Allis Challmers scrapers. And they do pull easy. I have a couple Cat scrapers and the Laplatte scrapers pull way easier
  23. Dirt pan price per hour?

    That is a 75RF Soil Mover brand scraper. They use to be made in Columbus Nebraska. They sold out to Automàtic Equipment in Pender Nebraska. Which sold out to Orthman Equipment in Lexington Nebraska. Orthman had their own line of scrapers so they quit building this scraper. Pretty good scraper for farm use. But no good for continue use in construction field. Built and fixed a lot of stuff around the farms with one just like this 40 years ago. Two problems with them. If you are unloading gumbo have fun. And it is hard to lay out a nice few inch fill as the scraper just dumps the load
  24. Poor UPS service

    What is up with UPS. They have lost or miss shipped eight packages in the last few months. Spent two days tracking some parts that we needed today. 15 days from Illinois to Nebraska. The parts are in Pa. Gal told me i could pick them up there' at their depot. I blew up over that' statement. Told her i should have just drove to Illinois and got them One before that' was 4 new tires for my trencher. Only took 2 months and 50 calls to find them. I think it helped when they saw what they cost. Another shippment the tracking number just vanished from their system. It was an overnight shippment from kansas city to omaha. Last spot it showed was ohio. Today i spent half the day tracking down another package. Im just done with them.
  25. 1086 light switch

    All else fails fry Porch Electric. They have sold me several plugs over the years http://www.porchelectric.com