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  1. Your the one calling people names you said I lied. You don't know anything about slide up doors because there is three latches on them and two gas cylinders. All 5 things would have to fail at same time for the door to slam down So I know you never ran one. Again you never ran one or you would know tge gas shocks keep the door floating half open. No matter what ground your running over. All excavators, cranes and some other equipment have front slide up doors. They are the same design as the slide up door on track loaders or skidsteer. I own and operate this type of equipment and If it was a safety issue I would not have workers operating it let alone own it. if slide up doors were as bad as you claim OSHA would have files on it and they don't. You know nothing about job site safety but a big no no is not reporting stuff. You can and will get a big fine or even jail time. Workers or other companies on job site will report You its not worth not reporting accidents and non injury things have a way of leaking to other people and one of them is OSHA. You said your sell you have not ran track loaders excavators so why make a claim you know nothing about ????
  2. Wright tool. They make good tools at a fair price. Most of my bigger impact sockets are that
  3. From your last statements I can tell you have never operated a track loader with slide up door. Let alone own one. The door has three catches that you lock to keep the door up. And even if all three failed there is gas shocks that will not let the door slam down. The shocks will let the door float around 1/2 open. You might want to check out a more reliable source than some one like your self. I only found one claim of faulty door on web and they did not latch door up and had removed gas shocks. That not the design fault that's the fault of the stupid operator. Check OHSA web site they have no reports of accidents. That same design has been used on excavators, cranes and a lot of other heavy equipment for 50 years with no problems. If there was a problem OSHA would have a file on it. Also if it was a problem why would other companies be looking at the design for their machines. Before you call someone a liar you might want to know a little about what you are talking about which you don't.
  4. Sandhiller. Was The guy you were talking to from Beatrice Nebraska. Sold some parts to a guy in that area that had a nice collection of tractors. Can't think of his name
  5. If the glass broke in to a million pieces it was tempered glass and not laminated glass. Kubota front glass is laminated from the factory. Someone replaced it with the wrong glass thats not the machines fault. Its the fault of the person that replaced the glass with the wrong glass. Also the ROPS I'd built not to flex I've had my two in some bad areas and the cab does not flex As far as the slide up door on a kubota. For it to jam you would have to break off two 3/8 guide pins. Break two 3/8 x2 flat bars and have two gas shocks go bad. All at the same time. I knocked the glass in the front of my svl95-2 and you have to take all that stuff off to get the door frame to tip to get out of the track. No way would it jam so you could not get out The glass in a kubota door is glued in. It does not take anything to push it out.
  6. Most construction people want the door open so they can communicate with other workers. With an over head door you can operate the machine and talk with other workers and at the end of the day shut the door and prevent weather and vandalism damage. Can't do that with a swing out door. It has been a Great selling point for takeuchi and kubota. Both of those companies have taken over a big share of the track machine market. Rented a takeuchi machine this summer to use on a job. If they had a better dealer network I would not be afraid to buy one You will not be sorry you bought a track loader. There is no way I would ever go back to a wheel skid steer. Nothing wrong with after market tracks as long as you don't buy the cheap ones. None of the track loaders build their own tracks look at who build the ones on it and buy them. Camso SD tracks are the best i been around. They are good in mud and really shine in snow. Just keep the tracks cheaned out and don't make sharp turns unless you have to and they will last a long time
  7. It's impossible for a roll up door to get hung up on a kubota machine. Even if it did the glass will pop out easier than most swing style doors. You can knock out the glass in a kubota with your hand they are made that way. Some one put the wrong type of glass in the door if it broke up. Kubota uses laminated glass in the door so this does not happen. You can't fault a machine because someone didn't repair it right.
  8. Don't worry I will bail you out. 😃 and pay your attorney bill. Hate people with no muffler or people that roll coal.
  9. I tell the people I'm helping to tell the examiner what they are looking for, seeing and thinking on the Pre trip and also the driving part. Never had a problem until he didn't do it. I think the Pre trip is the most important part of the test. To many trucks running around that have faulty parts, And the driver has no clue. DOT did a road side stop by our shop this summer. The out of service trucks were parked every were. Took over a day to get them all hauled away. That does not say much for the safety of industry.
  10. I have a 14 month old grand daughter that those would not even begin to stop. 😥 I'm afraid she is going to be a problem child. 😥 Eats anything you feed her and is Not fat at all. Not afraid of anything and nothing stops her. Hates shoes and jackets. She unbuckels the child seat so taking her in the car is hard. You have to have an adult ait by her to keep her in her seat. I call her dozier. I keep telling them she is going to be driving by age two.
  11. You are right on with that statement. Few years ago I set up to do third partly examinations in Nebraksa Never did anything with it. But I help a few people get their CDL each year. Helped my cousin get his in Kansas in 2016 they gave him points because when he was checking gauges in dash he didn't tell the examiner what each gauge was and what they were reading. Was that you JD 😃 Most of the examimers are OK. They know the person is nervous. One examiner had my neighbor turn down a street. He didn't know it was closed. She was going to have to back down a narrow curve street and back out onto a busy HWY She was scared to death. Examiner let her call me and let me back it out.
  12. Had a nice visit with the commercial examiner that helped me yesterday. He read these posting and stated that Nebraska is very close to what JD Humm posted. He had a couple queations for you. First did you take your test at the Knox court house??. Or from a third party examimer?? Second did you get your licences from Knox county or did the state send it to you.
  13. You are right on that GE, Kenmore, whirlpool are the basic same company. Kenmore has not built any of their own stuff for years. Its all built by Someone else annd rebadged.
  14. Why do people call them hot water heaters???? If the water was already hot you would not need to heat it???? Why not just call them water heaters.
  15. RKO

    Thunder snow

    First we had rain, hail, thunder, lighting and high wind Then it changed to thunder lighting. snow and high wind. Snow was wet and with the high wind took down several power lines. Power guys didn't want to fix lines with lighting going on.
  16. I don't know about the ones at Menards. But We don't have a spotting problem with ours. but if your worried Use smaller ones and use more of them. We had what you are looking at and they were ok for a year or so then they were a problem after that. Power company wanted us to install them to get a better deal on power rates. What a joke. We wasted more on time and repair than we saved on power rates. Scrapped 40 of them that were two years old. They might last longer for you. Ours are on 18 hours a day
  17. Don't waste your money on those. We had those in our shop and after a couple years they were junk. Replaced with these and have way better light at a lower cost. HYPERLITE 5000K LED UFO High Bay Lights 250W Coollight 35,000lm 1-10V Dimmable 5' Cable with 110V Plug Hanging Hook
  18. Just because you hear gas does not mean you are getting proper flow. That's the bad part of a regulator. They only show pressure at gauge not at tip. We use flow meters so we can tell how much gas is flowing. Try new tip and Try holding the tip farther from the weld. As we get older it seem guys hold tip closer to weld. Try shorter tip. Are you pushing or pulling when you weld?? What gas and wire are you using?? Old wire can get a coating on it to mess things up. Try a new spool of wire. Those are known to burn part of circuit board. Is your gas valve working properly?? Good luck
  19. I can believe that. I went to Colorado/Nebraska border today with a load. Dropped trailer and came home with empty drop deck. I80 was closed. Along with several other roads. Had to drop down into Kansas to get home. Even loaded the wind blew me all over the road. Lots of cars in ditch.
  20. In the 60s IH offered planters that you ordered what you wanted. There were several in this area. Farmers were trying ridge till. This looks like one. You picked the width of the toolbar. Then the hitch you needed. Then you picked if you needed tool extensions. On these you could put coulters, spring tines , row cleaners to name a few. Then you picked your planter unit and boxes for it. Think they called them blackland planters. Uncle had one behind 560
  21. https://dmv.nebraska.gov/cdl/pre-trip-vehicle-inspection. If Nebraska didn't have a pre trip why would they have a video on their web page on how to do it??? I don't get mad over this stuff. I just don't like when people post false things. You where wrong on what Jass 1660 stated and you are wrong on this. Nebraska has a pre trip. Nebraska was against this change because the Feds wanted all states to dumb down the CDL test. ( Feds wanted to control the states) Feds don't care about safety. Feds are controled by a couple large trucking companies that want cheap drivers. Dumb down test so stupid people can pass equals cheap drivers. Look at where all the new drivers or poor truck schools are at. States that have minimum testing skills. Nebraska use to be good to deal with. But the New guy at the head of Nebraska DOT loves the Feds. So changes are going to happen and not for the good. If I remember right Nebraska licence is honored by all states but California. Not many states can say that.
  22. For several years all states did a lottery when you renewed your CDL. Couple states still do. The Fed's set a minimum standard and each state has to do at least that or more. The Feds could say you dont have to do a pre trip. But the state can say you have to do a pre trip. (That is more than the Feds require) In Nebraska you always had to do the pre trip since commercial CDL came in to effect. Some states use a computer to tell you what you jave to do on the pre trip. I would like to know what County you got your Class a CDL without a pre trip. I know many of the examimers One is going to help me move a crane Tuesday
  23. You were grandfathered in on the pretrip with your class b except the air brake. Which you did when you got your class a. So technicality you did your pre trip in two parts
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