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  1. RKO

    Neat Farm Auctions

    That one already has an opening bid. That is way to good a combine to sell for scrap. Put that combine and international truck together it would be a perfect setting
  2. RKO

    Prayers for Iowa

    https://m.facebook.com/combinesharvestersthreshers Down a little ways there is pictures/film of Marshaltown and Pella tornado Bad deal. Just glad no one was killed. Talked to friend at Pella he said it wrecked most of the cars in the Vermeer parking lot and two of the building
  3. RKO

    Cost to haul a 30 foot grain head?

    Freight rates for drop deck loads are all over the board the last few weeks. I've Never seen it like this. Best idea would be call a couple companies and get a rate. Price also will depend also on if you can load it at both ends and how fast you want it done.
  4. RKO

    This happened to me...

    Seems like more and more places don't want cash or checks. Pretty bad when green backs are no good 😢
  5. RKO

    This happened to me...

    Had a cop show me a little scanner that could read credit cards in your pockets. My credit cards were in my wallet that was in my T shirt pocket. The scanner was about inch and a half square and less that a half inch thick. He stood behind me and used it. He said it read my no ok. Guess you can down load it and make a new credit card What is going on today in the technology world blow my mind.
  6. RKO

    This happened to me...

    Don't waste your money or time on them. That is what I had when It happen to me. They did nothing
  7. RKO

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    If you got the time to waste to piss off people good for you. My time is worth more than that. You can fight with people over stupid stuff. That is plain stupid. You need to know the battle you can win. In the end postal people will win and you will be the one taking up the rear. I have a way better life than that and want to work with people if I can. Just working with my postal person last year I can get them to do anything for me. THATS WORTH A LOT
  8. RKO

    This happened to me...

    You can do it. I DID. You can't just call SS and change it. Its a lot of paper and legal work. My new no only shows back to the day I changed the no. Then SS has to pull up my old no
  9. RKO

    This happened to me...

    When I got divorced my X took out a bunch of credit cards. Bought a house with my SS NO and information. Then she posted my information on the internet for everyone to see. I had Life Lock which is a joke. I will not go into that. When I found out about all this I had a mess. First I put a lock on my credit which was in????? Then I started calling places. Everyone was pretty good. Except the credit reporting places, Sears and Chase Bank . I had 15 different Sears cards and 5 Chase cards in my name by then When I called Sears and chase all they said is you owe the money pay it now. Within a few days I receive notice they were taking me to court for the money. She was living in Iowa at this time and Iowa would not help. Sears took me to court in South Dakota. They lost. Problem they had already 15 negatives reported on my credit. Next Chase took me to court in New York. Don't think they thought I would show up to court. They lost but they had also already report it to the credit reporting companies. So I took both to court to removed the negative reports. I won but they did not remove it. So I had to keep the court records and show them ever time I did something. It took 15 years to get it all straighten out. Had to change SS no and most of my Information. It was a pain in the butt. SO I FEEL YOUR PAIN Good luck
  10. RKO

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Problem with renting a mini excavator. Is it always seems you need it when the rental place is closed. Second you have to figure in the time to go get it and return it along with the rental price. Figure rental price, hauling, insurance ans you time 3000 does not go far. Also if you own something you always find more uses for it. 3000 is not very much money to have an backhoe to use. Look at it as an insurance policy
  11. RKO

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Why fight with the post master. NO MATTER WHAT In the end she will win. If she would have worked with the carrier I bet they could have reached an compromise. Now its a pissing match that the carrier will win. What you are suggesting will just cause a bigger pissing match. Carriers don't change that often and they don't trade cars that often. If you would take the time to read the regulations you will find the measurements location are just a suggestion and post master can change them to meet the carriers or customers needs. So why not work with them Last year I replaced a culvert in the county road. My mail box needed to be moved because of that. Stopped at post office talked with them. Both the carrier and post master looked the site over and liked what I was doing and gave me a height to put box. New location is nicer and safer for the carrier, myself and the mail box its self. County grader can't hit the box were its at now. I have a good carrier now and want to keep him happy. Nice when he will put boxes and other mail in the house. So I want to do what ever I can to keep him happy and not get into a pissing match with him or the post master.
  12. RKO

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    I have two big machine sheds full of toys. When they are not being used I paid to much. When I'm using them. They are cheap. Girlfriend said something about my toys once. About a week later. The main power line to the farm blew in the middle of winter. Got up Started up my generator and went back to bed. She has not said a thing since
  13. RKO

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    I had one just like this before I bought a mini excavator. After I bought it I didn't know how I got along with out it. Could not believe how much I used it. They are not a mass excavator and long as you treat them like that you will get along fine. Problem with renting a mini excavator is you have to plan when you can get one and then you have to haul it to and from the store or hire that done. Every time I want to rent something is always rented or broke. Reason I bought the skid loader backhoe was one Saturday night the main water line broke. Everyone was already on calls and the rental places were closed. After digging a BIG hole. I didn't care what the backhoe cost. I had one Monday morning Price all depends on condition.
  14. RKO

    Almost made it a week

    Not a fan of extended warranties either. Last year I bought a new waaher and dryer. Girl friend talked me in to the extended warranty. One year four day old dryer. The motor locked up. So I called Nebraska Furniture. They said your in luck you have the extended warranty. And I will have to deal with them. That was over 3 months ago. First problem the warranty company does not come to were we live. So it took them over 2 weeks to find someone to check it out. Then it was two weeks before they could come to check it out. Then they tried to order the motor which is obsoleted out. I said how can it be obsoleted out its only a year old and they are still selling that model. Bought another cheap dryer so I can have clean clothes. We have been waiting to see what warranty company is going to do. NEVER AGAIN buy an extended warranty
  15. RKO

    Almost made it a week

    Hate to wreck your day. But one of the guys that works for us had one just like that same color and year. He had brake troubles several times just like you. It ended up being something wrong in the ABS system. Dealer told him they had several with same problem. Dealer fixed it Everytime under warranty. Then it did it again out of warranty. He traded it off.