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  1. RKO

    Bi-rotor combine to be auctioned.

    John Deere only bought some of the Patent Rights. Caterpillar held some. Most of the Patents ran out years ago. The Versatile combine is close to what they wanted to build. Been to there farm several times. Nothing Fancy. I'm a few miles from their farm today at a family deal and If I get time I want to go and see the stuff one last time. They built a self propelled augar wagon, sprayer and a couple other things over the years. Afraid some stuff is just going to get scrapped.
  2. RKO

    One piece at a time...

    Looks like he is doing a great job redoing it. He will learn a lot with this project. You can be very proud of him. More kids need to be like him.
  3. RKO

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    I have not needed anything yet for my Schulte mower. But I was not sure what model I should get. Called Schulte and they were great. Guy asked what I was going to do with it and what tractor and they told me what model to look for. Ended up Saving me several thousands dollars on what mower to buy. They have called and e-mailed several times to make sure I'm happy with it and make sure dealer treated me right. I asked about getting a Big 1000 PTO shaft so I could use it on another tractor. And they shipped me a new one at no cost.
  4. RKO

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    Sold my 2 year old John Deere last fall. It was broke down more than than it was being used. I still have my 10 year old Bush Hog its been a good mower. I looked at Woods and Landpride they are ok but they are built nothing like a Schulte. My Bush Hog dealer sells Rhino now. I have a Rhino finsh mower and not happy with getting parts for it. So I ended up buying a Schulte. This mower is built. I have a high school kid running it and he has done tires tree stumps fence post and I don't know what all else he has shredded up. Has not hurt it at all. They are not that much more than the other lighter ones but well worth the extra money.
  5. RKO

    7 Digits

    Keep fixing your old one. A million miles a truck is just getting broke in. Look at all the new trucks broke down along the road and in shops. I have a 2000 kenworth with over 2.5 million miles and we are going to rebuild it this winter. I have several trucks with over a million miles and not even thinking of replacing them. I bought a new truck a couple years ago. and it was broke down more than all the other trucks combined. One of the best days when I sold it. Bought a glider Truck a month ago and putting a 1999 Cummins N14 with 18 speed in it. No electronic log and no emission crap. Lots of guys are doing that.
  6. RKO

    Cast duals? Who runs them?

    Guess I better replace the bearing in the old 5020 John Deere. It has had cast duals with fluid since it was new. Its been on a sheep foot or plow disc since in bought it. Don't know how many hours it has Tach broke many years ago. John Deere used cast duals on many of the larger tractors. also Oliver used cast duals a lot. Neither company had more bearing problems with cast duals over steel duals.
  7. RKO

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    There is getting to be more of the old cab overs on the road every day. Two reason Lots of guys are retiring and still want to work part time. They want the first truck they drove and that was a cab over. Second reason is places are getting harder to get to so some companies have went back to cab overs They are not that bad. Most have air ride cabs and suspensions. That's a lot better than they way they use to be. We have a guy that hauls part time with one. He is 70 years old. He does not want to run hard. We use him when time is not a factor. He rebuilt his truck to be just like the one he started with. Its all old school on the out side and Looks great. Will post a picture next time he is at shop. Not many days when I'm traveling I don't see a couple. Prices for them at truck auctions have came up a lot. Few years ago many got knock down for the motor/ transmission I still have my first truck a 1971 Kenworth Cab over Just can't seem to, or want to, sell it. Had many offers but it has a special place to me.
  8. RKO

    JD 1020 service manual

    Dale is right on how it works That is what I was explaining to you. If lever 17 is not against roller 3pt will not work. lever 17 needs to be between the two sides of the link roller is on I have never seen Part 20 fall out of lever 12 but I guess it could happen do not remove bolt 7 That is in the rear end housing it will mess up your draft control. easiest way to get part 17 against roller is take a wire and pull back against lever 17 and watch thru fill hole as you lower rockshaft housing. If spring 18 is weak or gone 3 pt will not work. only other thing I have seen is there is a drop control screw on the top of the rockshaft housing between your legs as you sit in the seat. it controls the rate of drop. A small piece can plug the hole and mess the drop. count tge number of turn as you take out bolt so you can put it back the same. there is a ball in the hole that controls the oil flow also make sure the draft control lever is in the right spot and has not broke the roll pin to the off set link John Deere 3 pt is very simple don't over think it. It simple and works very good
  9. RKO

    JD 1020 service manual

    Some times the draft lever that comes up from the draft bar will fall out of the slot its suppose to be in. That will cause the 3pt not to go down. also are you making sure the lever is going into the slot when you put the rockshaft cover back on. You have to pull back on the lever and watch thru fill hole that lever goes into the slot. I've seen many people not do that and the 3pt will not work. They are very simple system and trouble free
  10. RKO

    JD 1020 service manual

    I know I have what you need at home. I own several of the John Deere in that series. There is two manuals dealing with the Hydraulics. Don't waste your money on an IT manual. Any John Deere manual from the 1020 to 2640 will work the 3pt is the same on all them. I will be home in a couple days and could copy what you need
  11. RKO

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    Go the right weekend Speedway has a car show. The testing lab also has a tractor Museum that is well worth going to. If you ask the guys at the tractor lab they might take you to Mead to see the research farms there. Or you can drive around out there yourself. Lincoln also has a nice children's zoo. While your in Omaha you can see combines being built. Travel west a little and go to Valmont and see large light poles and center pivots being built. Head to Hasting to T and L irrigation. Then up to Grand Isand to watch Case IH and New Holland equipment built. in Iowa this is the last weekend for the Clay County fair. Well worth going to. South west of there is a small tractor display . Charles City Iowa has a nice Oliver Hart Part museum.
  12. RKO

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    If you want to see the museum in Minden you better go pretty soon. They are having money problems. Even as good as it is attendance is way down. Nebraska gave them a big tax break a few years ago. but they are still having problems. As long as he is that far west he just as well go to the Military Museum in Lexington Nebraska. Its on right along side I80. and there is the Arch across I80 in Kearney.
  13. RKO

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    they moved the museum about 20 years ago.
  14. RKO

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    In Missouri Valley there is a nice farm equipment museum. Its mostly MM stuff but nice to look at. Also north of Omaha there is two private tractor collections that pretty good.
  15. RKO

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    You are right about what exit. Mahoney Park is first thing on the North side on I80 then the SAC museum. On the south side of I80 is a drive thru wildlife Zoo. It is part of the Omaha Zoo.