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  1. RKO

    Bash Board

    I DONT Stuff like that kills its self Like I said like a bunch of little kids
  2. RKO

    Bash Board

    Great its almost dead. Like a bunch of little kids on there.
  3. JB weld is good. But don't weld anything that you used brake cleaner on The active chemical in the brake cleaner is tetrachloroethylene. When this chemical is exposed to excessive heat and the gas argon, which is used in MIG and TIG welding, it produces phosgene. Phosgene gas can be fatal with a dose as little as four parts per million: basically a single small puff of smoke.
  4. Sorry I thought were the cattle went after they were bought by buyers. There is more cattle that ever in the omaha area. Take a drive in Nebraska and look at all the feed lots. The sandhills is full of cow calf operations. Things have just got larger Nebraska is still either no. 1 or no 2 in Cattle depending on the year. Cattle is Big in Nebraska. Most of the fats are feed in large feed lots 10000 is a small lot. Buyers come to the feed lots and buy tge cattle there. The cattle are then shipped direct to the packing house
  5. Use to haul FAT hogs for my uncle to Sioux City. The buyer wanted them fat 350 plus and the more fat the better. The buyer had a small packing house that buthered them and the meat was shipped over seas. I think Japan?? Do you or anyone know the buyer or remember the buyers name??
  6. We hauled a few hogs and fats to Sioux City. They didn't have as good of a market as Omaha did.
  7. Never understood why they made a Latino center there. The latinos were not even part of the Omaha Stock yards. Many white worked there along with a few Chinese but the Bohemanns were a BIG part of south Omaha and the stock yards. It should have been made into a Ag/livestock center. Along With the nationalities that played a part in south omaha and the yards
  8. We shipped a load of fats every Sunday night as long as I could remember to Omaha. Then on Monday we would go early in morning have breakfast at exchange building watch cattle sell. Used Johnson and another commission company. Money would get deposited in the bank there and an order would go in for replacement feeders. Sometimes we would go for the Thursday special feeder sale. They had a big parking garage across the street from the exchange building. Someone would even park your car for you if you wanted. There was everything you could think of there. Doctor dentist eye doctor you could get your hair cut. Second level there was a boot store and clothing store. Two banks grocery store Couple ballrooms several places to eat. As you came in the main front door there was a line of guys to shine your shoes. Went to many weddings at the exchange building. It's hard to explain or discribe the importance of the omaha stock yards to Omaha Nebraska and the whole country to people who did not live and have a part of it
  9. There were major packing plants all around the stock yards. Trucks would be lined up L street for miles waiting to get unloaded. Now there is sadly only a couple packing plants left. In its prime they also had a day for feeder cattle. A day for Feeder hogs and day for sheep. About once a month they had a special feeder cattle sale on Thursday. Big runs of feeders out of Wyoming. Dakotas and Montania.
  10. RKO

    The death penalty

    What about Nikko Jenkins and his killing spree?? Just Google his family. They all have been in BIG trouble for many years. If there is a case for the death penalty he should be.
  11. T and L irrigation from Hastings Nebraska is setting up a center pivot next week on the south lawn of the White House. Its great this country is finally promoting small US companies and US built products. I don't have time to go see it does anyone live close that go take a picture??
  12. RKO


    The Corps original river management plan was for flood control first. Then barge traffic then recreation. In about 2009 they devolped a new plan and recreation was first. Then environmental second. Third barge traffic. Then flood control last. There was never major flooding after 1952 flood. Everything worked pretty good for almost 60 years. Then The Corps change the management plan in 2009 and we have the 2011 and now 2019 flood. They talk about recreation income. But what they forget is what that recreation income is costing. I will not pay as much income tax or property tax the next couple years because of the flooding. And I'm small in this area. Just think of the thosands of acres not being planted and amount of income that no taxes will be paid. I know of a couple farmers that are in trouble because of the flooding. . Environmental people want to turn the Missiouri river valley into a gaint wet land area. They want to return the river back to the way it was in 1800. They forget where their food comes from. O I forget they think food comes from the grocery store 😥
  13. RKO


    Sandhiller. Ive noticed a lot of the shoulders on the HWYs have started to break off because of the road bed being soaked The road beads under the concrete has to be soaked up. HWY 30 is like driving on a sponge. Platte and Elkhorn river have cut new channels several places. The flooding is going to effect thing for years.
  14. RKO


    River keeps going up and down. Earlier one farm had about 550 acres of 1100 acres under water. It went down to about 400 acres. But is back to about 500 acres today. The guy that farms it planted about 450 acres but 150 of that drowned out. Not sure what we are going to do. The guy that farms it said his crop insurance company is not saying much. The guy that farms it is young. He can't take to big a hit with out hurting him. We all took a big hit in 2011. And this looks like it could be worse. The state has said they want to reduce property taxes on land effected. But I'm not going to believe that till I see it. Between taxes and insurance we have a little over a 100 dollars an acre fixed cost. If the state does reduce the property taxes that would help a lot. I'm Not sure what to do about the cash rent???? How can you charge rent for something he can't farm??? Its going to be a wait and see game. Worse part is they say the river is going to stay about this elevation the rest of year. If this ground goes into fall under water. It will be to wet to farm next year. You have to work this ground in fall and let it freeze out. Also I bet there is dirt work to do. 2011 this farm went under water and we worked the rest of year moving dirt from that. The Corp tried to force me to remove a dike. Told them were to go. They had a drainage tube put in with out asking anyone and that is what is causing my problems. Someone needs to hold the Army Corp of Engineers liable for the screw ups they cause. They jave no clue what they are doing. The dams on the Missouri were built for flood control and the Corp was suppose to manage them for that reason. Now the recreation people and environment people are telling the Corp what to do. And look at how that is turning out. South Dakota want the dams full for boating and fishing. But then there is no room for flood control. The stupid environmental people want to save a bird and fish. So water can't be released only certain times of year. Then the barge people want the river at a certain level for barge traffic. There is very little barge traffic on upper part of river. For these three groups they flood homes farms bussiness roads and put people in harm's way. Think of the millions of dollars this is costing people for these few people. 😥
  15. Girl friend bought tickets to see it in Omaha. Not sure all what the tickets let you do. Its Rail Road days in Omaha that weekend. I have seen it several time before. But it will be interesting to see it restored.
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