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  1. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    Glad you can say a prayer in school Thats the way it should be Our school cant have any thing to do with the church. Or say the pledge of allegiance. School was took to court. We were told we were viololating a student rights and hurting the snowflakes feelings. I almost went to jail for what i said to the court
  2. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Not sure what happen for you. When you filed the first thing they ask is are you filing with no reportable miles or filing with reportable miles which did you use??? I know most of the people in Iowa dot except for one lady in the permits dept are not very nice. What dept did you talk to??? You could file an apeal with the feds and the state has to give them an answer. Most times the state will just give into the truck state does not want to fight stuff Something else must of happen to your friend at Nebraska. They want everyone to have an IFTA and permanent plate in Nebraska If you have has DOT no. I can check and see what happen its public information.
  3. Truck titling - are there any options?

    they want to audit your books to make sure what you file is what is happening. So many people buy fuel in a high tax state. Then to get fuel tax back they file miles in a state with a low fuel tax rate. They just caught a guy from iowa filing most of his miles in Nebraska and he was Buying his fuel in Iowa. They checked and most of his miles were in iowa. Thats tax fraud. Can we say IRS audit
  4. Truck titling - are there any options?

    You could not have reported each 4 quarters because you said you only plated your truck from april to september. That' is only 2 quarters. As soon as oct 1 your plate on the truck is no good so you IFTA is no good How did you file a Quarterly report when you dont have a good plate on the truck Most of the time when i hear these stories only part of the story is told. Most people ask a question so they get the answer they want. Not the true answer. I was at the Mo. Scale on I29 yesterday and an Iowa farmer was getting checked. He was mad because the scale was telling all he needed to do. He said he asked the state DOT office if he could go to Craig Mo on a farm plate and was told yes. Which is correct. Part he forgot to do is listen to what else he needed to do. He admitted to hanging up when thee state DOT said yes. I have one truck that' has has permanent plates and IFTA for over 10 years it has not been out of the state or over 30 miles from the shop. I file every thing just like i do my other truck. No one has said anything
  5. I Don't Understand

    Problem is shop rates are so high they would have more in that mower than what they could sell it for. Different deck will cost 100 to 200 dollars. Overhaul motor plus you need lower grill and new tire. Then they have to sell it You can fix it cheaper than they can. Its a good looking mower. Well with your time to fix
  6. Truck titling - are there any options?

    IFTA is a good deal. That' way each state gets fuel tax for the miles driven in their' state. You can just buy a fuel permit for each state each trip if you dont want to Have IFTA. Same with plates. Just put a county plate on and buy a trip permit for each state each trip. Both trip and fuel permit time they are good vary by the state DOT number does not cost anything. Its just a way the feds can keep track of trucking companies. Lot of companies get in trouble so they change name and dot no and start over. Nothing wrong with a medicial. Dont think anyone wants someone driving a truck that' is not medicial fit. If i had a say there' would be one plate for all trucks. ( farm comercial recreation ) Everyone would need a DOT No , medicial card And IFTA. Do away with the rest. Look at the people driving some motor homes. Its should scare you to death.
  7. Truck titling - are there any options?

    you only plate your truck for part of the year. Did you file a report each 4 quarter?? You need to file all 4 quarter reports with reportable miles then enter 0 miles. Sounds stupid but that' is how you have to do it.
  8. Truck titling - are there any options?

    The only way a state can legally pull your IFTA is you did not file your quarterly report for three quarters. I file reports for trucks in Iowa and a couple have gone a year or more with out out of state miles and never had the state call me. I file each quarter report with instate miles and file 0 out state miles.
  9. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    All the schools i know of do not do it.
  10. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    That is part of the problem. There was a picture with two boys standing out side of a school after a shooting. The one boy said to the other he didnt understand why god let this happen and didnt stop it. The other boy said didnt you know god is not let into a school so he had to stand out side and just watch it happen
  11. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Dont know who told you you have to be a company to get a DOT number but that is wrong. Any one can get a DOT number it will be a temp number untill you finish the probation period. I just helped a guy get started trucking and he is not operating as a company. I tried to get him to start an LLC company. As far a IFT being not renewed if you had no out of state miles. You had to do something wrong. As long as you file your quarterly report with no miles you will be fine. I have several customers that go years with out out of state miles and i renew them with no problem. Good advice to do talk with the DOT. One problem with that' people have to be honest on what they want to do. So many times i see people ask a question in a way so they get the answer they want
  12. Truck titling - are there any options?

    It might be BS but it will save your butt. An accident can happen just as fast no matter how many tractors you haul Accident is More likely to happen with someone who hauls just a tractor because of little experience.
  13. Truck titling - are there any options?

    If you want to play you have to pay
  14. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Dont try to cheat the system. It will come back to kick you in the butt. Know a guy that ran farm plates for years and laught about it. One sunday he was hauling a tractor to a show and a young lady ran a stop sign and he hit her killing her. It was 100 per cent her fault. But His insurance said to bad that' not farm use. The DOT said miss use of farm plate your at fault. Last i knew the family of the young lady had him in court and they were winning. He was losing everything he owned. Go buy a real truck. A semi with a step deck trailer. Put apportioned plates on the truck. First year it will cost a little more because you dont have miles on your IRP. Second year your Cab Card (IRP) will be off the miles you drove the year before. Get a IFTA permit which is fuel permit cost is 10 dollars a years. File your IFTA report every 3 months which cost nothing. File UCR which is 65 dollars a year File MC150 which cost nothing. File Heavy HWY tax unless you drive under certain miles You dont need a elog unless you make 8 trips ouside your 150 radius in 30 days. Or the motor is 1999 and older Get in a drug program which is a one time 25 dollars. Then if you get called you pay for the drug test. Have a CDL and a medicial and your good to go Its not that' hard and you dont have to worry. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE WANT TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM
  15. Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    You making it harder t'han it needs to be. Load the tractor and haul it home. If it gets salt or ice on it give it a good bath. A 450 is not hard to power wash. We haul a lot of expensive equipment (like cranes Forklifts excavator) in bad weather. Sometime they look like ice cubes when we unload them. We just power wash them good. Never has any problems