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  1. No place have I said I want China to be in control of anything we need in this country. I want everything we buy to be USA built. But I know that is not 100% possible. One thing you don't understand is things have changed in every industry. We are not only a USA economy. We are a world wide economy. We have to learn to deal and work with that fact in order to survive today. Next its hard for small operations to compete with larger operations. Just the way its been for every industry. Things just get bigger in every industry. People want to buy things as cheap as tge can. But no way should any operation large or small have an advantage over the other (government handout) if they can't make it on their own to bad. Why is it fair farmers are getting bailed out by the government over the trade war and companies in the steel industries are not???? And no we can't just increase our prices. Thats not how it works. We would be out of business if we did that becauae some other company would build it for less than we said. Third everyone can change jobs/occupation. That is just a poor excuse so they can blame other people for their problems. There is so many employers hiring its sad. Labor shortage is one of the reason companies have went over seas. Its been to easy to collect disability the last few years. So people have the attitude why work. Now we are into generations of families who have lived off disability. Force these people to work would decrease the labor shortage. Also this would Cut government spending(disability payment).. Those two things alone would increase the money people would have to buy more UDA made products. Its a bad circle we are in right now. I think we are close to being a socialist country. (Goverment is take hard working peoples money (taxes) and giving it to lazy people who don't want to work (disability payment) that is how socialism starts.
  2. Unless it's only going to get a few miles of easy use (slow light loads) don't waste your money on them. Blow a couple and you will have the price of a good tire.
  3. How long has the trade imbalance been going on???? Change does not happen overnight. Sort of like wrecking your car. Only took a few seconds to wreck it. But it will take weeks to fix it. Look at the people fighting what he is trying to do. We have to change what we are doing and give it some time to work. Keep doing the same thing is stupid.
  4. If you don't feel you are not getting a fair wage. Then change your operation or job. No one is forcing you to keep doing what you are doing. Keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insane. If you feel the traders are making so much money. Why don't you start doing it. No one is stopping you
  5. Its not only farmers being used. At least farmers are getting some help. Try being in the steel industry along with several other industries. We are having to eat the increased cost WITH NO HELP. And no we can't just increase our prices. Thats not how business works. Wish we could do it. We have let this trade imbalance go way to far. China has had way to much control over us and its time it stopped. China does not want Trump in office. Trump has put a stop to the gravey train and control they have over us. Untill it get straighten out everyone is going to have to give a little untill it get straighten out.
  6. Time I figured the extra warranty and more cat gave me for my trade. The Cat was not that much more. Also it will be all over the country so I need a good dealer net work. They have helped me many times. Zieglers also have helped me many times. Can't say enough good about Foley. Foley went way above the call one day to help me. Bought some equipment from Wayne cat last year. The two ladies did everything they could to make everything go smooth. Its like I told the kubota salesman. Add in the cost of what kubota should have covered under warranty. The kubota is higher than the cat. And my problem with the kubota is still not fixed. He didnt know what to say then
  7. I liked the kubota just as well as the cat. Both dealers sort of got into a bidding war. But 20 thousand difference was hard to eat. kubota does not have dealer / manufactors support or parts in this area. Kubota warranty is a joke. Cat gave me more for my trade along with addiing extra years onto the warranty so that helped. With all the electrical on newer machined warranty is important.
  8. I have been renting/ trying a 299d cat and kubota 95 the last two weeks seeing which one i liked best. They have been used helping friends clean up their flood damage farm. The kubota has a bigger cab, you can see out the cab better and can see out the back window better. I liked the cab door better and switches in the cab better in the kubota. It was a brute. Caterpillar has a nicer cab. Cat Has an nicer heated seat and back up camera which the kubota does not offer. Apples to apples the cat was 20 thousand more than the kubota. But I bought the cat because of dealer service , parts and warranty. Kubota does not have very good dealer service or parts in my area. Also kubota warranty is not worth the paper it is wrote on. I learned that the hard way on an RTV kubota. Kubota had about every excuse in the book why they would not cover their screw up. I would have bought the kubota if they had a good dealer/ manufactors support. Dealer/manufactors support is important to me as I don't want a machine down for a long time when I need it.
  9. RKO


    Who did your surgery??? I had one eye fixed a few months ago and everything was good. Before I could not see to read but could see an ant a mile away. Now I'm just the opposite. I use to have a halo around lights that is gone. First doctor I went to screwed up the preoperative on one eye and I would not let him operate. Thats why I have not had that eye fixed. They are waiting for the eye to heal. What you are saying does not sound right. I would have another doctor look at it. I hope it gets better for you
  10. I travel all over the country and work. Good employees are hard to come by EVERWHERE. Second why would any business cut their rate to work on an older tractor??? The dealers cost for that employee does not go down per hour. The dealer is charging per hour for the guy so why drop the rate and piss off a guy that has newer equipment. It's not a local thing it's called business 101
  11. The number of farmers using older tractor along with the number of collectors is declining each year. So if some of these older tractors do not get knocked down their value will decline. You have to have someone to buy them. Also part suppliers have to have a large enough market for their products or they can not make them. Or the prices will go up to a point its cheaper to buy a newer tractor. Collectors help the parts supply the most on old tractors and cars. Collectors as a whole don't mind paying for parts as long as they can get it. So they help the farmer still using them. Old tractors are somewhat like old cars. Sometime you have to update to a newer model.
  12. Dealers around here have a hard time getting help. So in turn they have to take care of their good customers that are spend a lot of money. So why would they cut their rate to work on older stuff. Dealer is paying the same salary and benifits to the employees no matter what tractor they are working on. The dealer is charging so much an hour. So why would they charge less to work on old stuff. That is plain stupid on their part if they did. Second where do you make the rate cut at???? 86 series 88 series magnums??? . Last most of the farmers I know would quit doing business if a dealer did that.
  13. If it was not for salvage yards/people parting out good tractors you would not have used parts to repair yours. If all they parted out was junk you would not get good parts to repair yours also. I'm to an age I don't want to sit on an open station tractor any more. I Like my cab, power shift tractors. Another thing if you can't repair old tractors. The cost to have a shop work on them will be more than the tractor is worth
  14. RKO

    4840 vs 5488

    That is not how it works. The first test so the tractor could be sold. were done with tractors sent from the factory or pulled from dealer lots . But UNL keeps test the same model tractor several times to keep manufactors honest along with several other reasons. Those tractors were mostly pulled off dealer lots. One of my 1086 was a UNL test tractor. Manufactors do not want to get on the wrong side of UNL. There is a lot more to testing at UNL than most people know. You need to stop at the lab and look around its well worth the visit.
  15. RKO

    4840 vs 5488

    John Deere had the cooling problem fixed after the 4630 with power shift. John Deere increased the size of radiator on the 4840 and that fixed the cooling problem. Even if they were turned up. Something had to be wrong with a 4850 if it was getting hot or would not out pull a 5288.
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