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  1. That combine has been there for many years. The guy use to advertise for plastic row unit parts for narrow row corn heads.
  2. Very few lumber yards carry it. Marks Trailer in Sioux City has it in stock. They have many different thickness and widths. If they don't have what you want they can get it in a few days. Good bunch of people. Just bought enough from them to rebuild two 53 foot step decks. Utility trailer in Omaha also carries some.
  3. The guys are right just order a new harness and be done with it. By the time you buy the wire and connectors and give your self anything for your time you will have way more than what the harnesses will cost you. I have had to rewire a couple things that a new wiring harness was not advable for and they were a pain in the butt and took a lot of time and money to do it right
  4. Dealer or farmer. Is it the one that sold on Big Iron that looks like they cut the top part of the cab off I buy some stuff off internet auctions and so far only had one bad seller. He was from Ohio. Listed tractor as with new tires with a little knock in motor. Was suppose to have 14 day to get have loading dock and would help load. Called him right after sale and he said if I didn't get it in the next two days he was going to resell it.. So I left that day got out there and the place looked like a junk yard. Loading dock was 2 2x12s 4 foot long and his help was him watching. He had removed the new tires and put junk ones on along with the 3 point weights and other parts . The motor was locked up with hole in block he had cover up. Would not let me get close to pull it so I could load it. He Didn't want me to back over his weeds. Had enough and called auction company and told them the deal. They said to leave it and they would check it out. I took a bunch of pictured and sent to auction company. Next day auction company called and said they would refund my money. And would help with expense of trucking bill. They took him to court and seller lost he was MAD as heck
  5. RKO

    Water Towers

    Still like Wahoo Ne water tower the best. It is painted with an American Flag waving in the wind on it. York Ne is second it is painted like a hot air balloon
  6. RKO

    Water Towers

    The one is bigger than the other
  7. RKO

    Water Towers

    No that is the way they are. Don't know if they still use them but they are labeled that way. Lots of towns added a second water tower as they grew or their wells gave them trouble
  8. The first couple years Ferguson's and Ford's had aluminum hoods/grills. Oil pans were used a little longer. Most hood /grills got broke and replaced with steel hoods/grills. A collector would love that tractor. Not sure about the transmission housing. Does it have an overdrive???
  9. If all you need is moved I will be traveling in the area the next few days and could move it. I wouldn't worry about a secure area. People in Nebraska are great. Sorry Don't have time to haul it to busy with work Have you called the people you bought it from. I buy stuff on Big Iron and Auction Time and always call the seller right after sale and talk with them. Never had a problem with leaving it longer. Talk with the seller first
  10. RKO

    High dollar 4020

    Made a BIG mistake and sold my 72 4020 JD with a power shift. Some one offered me way to much I thought. It was in needed of an over haul and tires so I took the money and bought a 6330 JD. The 6330 is a nice tractor. But I Wish I had the 4020 back. The 3020 and 4020 has to be one of the best tractors built. Thats why they bring what they do.
  11. RKO

    High dollar 4020

    4430 and 1086 even a 88 series don t bring much around here. A 4020 or 3020 will bring a lot more. Even a 1066 will bring more than a 1086. You can take the cab off a 1066 and have a chore tractor
  12. RKO

    High dollar 4020

    Most of the 4020 in your area don't have a 3pts which kills the value. I bought a real nice 4020 in western ND with out a 3pt. Took a long time to round up the parts to add a 3pt and took a couple days to add it.
  13. IH tractors were all over the board on HP. Some were over some were under. 1066 failed its first test at Nebraska. IH could not get the 1066 to claimed HP its first test so it had to be retested a couple months later. There was a couple others that did not meet the HP claimed
  14. Don't waste your time or money on powder coating. There is a lot of paint that would be better. Also don't waste your time on rustoleum paint. It will not last one day in Nebraska winter Do what paystar said. PPG has some good paint Another thing you could use on the underside is POR15. You should paint the POR15 as it will turn gray color over time
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