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  1. Just travel all over the country and look at all the windmills that are being replaced that all only a few years old. The original windmill had not even began to pay for themselves and they are junk. Travel to David City Ne and look at all the blades piled up that have been replaced. Nothing can be done with them except pile them up. They are hazmat material. . Now something has to be done with heads. They are worse hazmat material. All windmills are doing is making a few companies rich off tax payers. And piling up hazmat material that we will have to deal with some day
  2. Obama passed regulations so fly ash can't be used in many places. Fly ash was great to use as a road base stabilizer but that was stopped along with several other uses for it.
  3. Our wonderful power company hired a new manager. First thing he does is take one of the safest nuclear plan in the country and turns it into the worse in thr country so he can take it off line. We still get to pay for the next 60 years for maintance on it just the same as if it was producing electricity. Then he tops that by trying to convert two coal plants to natural gas. Big problem no large enough pipe line close enough to serve the plants. So all that money was wasted. In the end our electric rates doubled. They said they would have tripled if they would have converted to natural gas. All this green stuff sounds good. BIG PROBLEM WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT???
  4. Once this kind of stuff starts to happen everyone is on the look out for stuff. In my case I was first to find something and after that a lot of stuff was found. Only one more combine was damaged. Also sometimes you are just lucky and find stuff before it wrecks equipment. Why would a farmer plant a log chain in his own field and then take picture of it. Most farmers are way to busy to waste time on something that childish.
  5. Had someone doing that a few years ago to a BTO around here. One problem she was putting stuff in the wrong fields a lot of the time. I farmed right next to BTO and she got me by mistake. A log chain does a lot of damage to a 2388. My Insurance company was sort of ???? Until a couple other farmers started reporting damage Then the courts just slapped her on the hand
  6. You are correct on tornado doing the damage. Sutton had another tornado in 2014 that wrecked several farms west of town and some of Suttons down town.
  7. RKO

    Allis with a lift kit

    Could be that. I was thinking it was something else. Old age is taking over today and can't remember what
  8. It all depends on the state you live in and the examiner you get. Yes the pre trip is the most important part. Talk and tell the examiner what your looking for during the pre trip or some will fail you.
  9. RKO

    Allis with a lift kit

    You see those some in Oregon. That is a cutter on the front. I'm not sure what they use them for
  10. RKO

    04 Pete 379X

    Just because they have 40000 Lb rears does not mean they have a light drive train. What you are referring to the the weight that the drives can carry. Not the torque the rears can take. What has happen over the years is drive train parts have be changed and what is in a truck now might not be what came with it from the factory. I just bought a w900 that has 180000 original miles. Has an N14 set at 435 HP. Good part is it is a 2592 CPU which is the good motor CPU. You can set it to what ever you want. It Has a heavy drive train with 40 rears. Bad part is the 10 speed. I'm changing it to an 18 speed to take the increase HP. What happens a lot of time is when transmission has a problem guys don't want to spend the extra money to replace the heavier drive train part so a light 13 or other part gets used. Big difference in price between a 2000 Lb 18 speed a d a 1200lb 13 speed. Big share of over road trucks run 40 rears because they can only haul legally 34000 lbs on the drives. So why have heavier rears. Over the road trucks is where a lot of the used trucks come from
  11. Kern County was ┬┤assocated┬┤ Abilene tractor. Abilene tractor haa been supplying some stuff to All States for several years. Kern County was shipping a lot of their salvage equipment to Abilene tractor for many years. Way better market for used parts for tractors . Their old buyer use to buy a few tractors for me in California and Ariz. And would get them to Abilene Kansas for me. I was told the market for used parts is not the best in California. California EPA wants them out of California. Many of the tractors coming out of California have a hole cut in block and section of frame cut out. Also the larger farms in California do not trade equipment. They buy new out right and auction off the old equipment. All States main market is rebuilt or new after market parts. And Kern tractor gets All State in to California market
  12. RKO

    04 Pete 379X

    When I ordersd the W900 with a. High HP C15 cat. We could only get it with an 18 speed. They do not make a13 speed heavy enough to take the HP. I had no choice that was the only way it came from the factory. The part numbers are different between the 1800 2000 2200 and 2400 LB Eatons. If you take them apart there is a difference in them. There is no way Kenworth and Pete are going to put a light transmission behind a High HP engine. It would break them paying out on warranty. Hard telling what has been changed out over the years.
  13. RKO

    04 Pete 379X

    I like Kenworth a little better than a Pete. I feel Kenworth have a little more leg room. That's why I run W900 Kenworths. A Kenworth or Pete can be spec out for off road work also. A Kenworth or Pete has a way better cab than those old Ford's. Not sure how your guy got those trucks with high HP cats with small transmissions and rear ends. Manufactors always match the motor HP to transmission and rear ends. A 435 HP would have at least a 1400 Lb transmission. Most had at 1600 LB transmisions. A. high HP Cat would have at least a 2000 LB transmission and most have 2200 Lb transmission. What I bet he was doing was buying a low HP engine and turning up the HP. Thats the only way a High HP engine could have a small transmission and rear end. No dealer would turn up HP past what the transmission or rear end will take. They don't want to pay out on warranty.
  14. Midwest Diesel in Denver Co. Will rebuild yours or you can exchange yours for a rebuild. Pittsburgh Power does not rebuild ECM They just add a programs to your ECM.
  15. I think the same way you do. Watch way to many cattle die with plastic in their stomachs. What little time and what liitle hay you lose its not worth taking a chance
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