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  1. Things i havent taken pics of include, all new glow plugs,rewired whole tractor,replaced all leaking seals, new steering wheel etc etc.the list goes on and on!
  2. Doing a lil disking and wood spliting with the ole girl during the restro
  3. I belive my tractor originally had a narrow frt end.someone switched it to the wheatland frnt end.i hope to get a row crop frnt end some day
  4. New range cover and all new parts inside.also had to replace reverse shift fork.it was broken and tractor wouldnt shift into reverse. Rebuilt all shifting linkage at this time also
  5. A few pics of loader removed b4 i removed cab and started cleaning it up.
  6. This is how the tractor was when i purchased it a year ago for $1200.00.the 10ftto bushhog didn't come with it ):
  7. Someone had rigged this wheel up to fit.i have new rear wheels and tires comeing soon.thats gona be the most expensive part of the restoration. Gona swap out front tires with smaller ones also
  8. My 706706 that im restoring. Ill post b4 pics soon.
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