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  1. I've been working on my '36 F-12 on and off for a couple years now. Was getting some bits and pieces ready the other day, one of which is the crankcase vent pipe. Darned if I can remember how it was oriented and I can't find a picture in the manuals or in the pictures I took on disassembly. It must screw into the front of the block as shown in the picture, but what is the proper orientation of the pipe? It can't go straight down and doesn't look like it will fit behind the magneto. Only other option is the pipe goes down diagonally along the top of the timing cover. Anyone confirm if this is correct? Thanks!
  2. On my '39 (ser #647) - besides what has already mentioned, operators platform is different, with different seat support. PTO shaft is smaller diameter. Rear rubber is 36" on split rims. Mine somehow left the factory without a serial number tag (no evidence it was ever there), ser # is hand stamped on right hand frame rail, engine has matching ser#. Probably a couple more things I can't think of right now.
  3. Have said it for many years. If a couple want to adopt a child they have to go through interviews, have their background checked, have their finances gone over with a fine tooth comb, and pay for it all to the tune of thousands of dollars. But any two idiots can get together and spawn a child.
  4. Over 40 years ago I played football in a west coast "semi-pro" league. The inmates at the state reformatory had a team and our coach arranged for us to play a practice game with them. Even though I knew we were leaving, I will never forget the sound of those barred doors slamming shut as we entered the facility. The funny thing was the inmates watching the game were all cheering for us! Apparently the guys playing for the prison team had been getting special privileges and they were not happy about it. We were beating them pretty bad in the 3rd quarter when there was a ruckus on the sidelines among the spectators. We were hustled off the field by the guards and the game was called. Seems somebody got stabbed. That was the last time we did that.
  5. The politicians of today know the same thing that the high priests of ancient empires knew. That is using naturally occurring events to frighten the population to get them to pay more tribute to the King. The Egyptians, Incas, Aztecs of long ago had knowledge of celestial workings and could predict eclipses. These were used to terrify the population, "follow us, pay more tribute and we will make the sun come back". It's as old as the human race.
  6. Well......last time I checked grain and corn plants are technically grasses, so I guess mine are grass fed!
  7. I was purchasing an M once about 3 hours from home. The rear tires were set about 2 inches to wide to fit on my 20' car trailer. Guy I was buying it from and I worked for over 2 hours trying to bust loose the clamp bolts to move the rears in (in about 100 deg weather). Well they hadn't been turned in 50 years and we couldn't move them. Finally I took the fenders off the trailer and backed the tractor over the trailer tires to get the tractor rear tires in front of the fender/tire area on the trailer. Tractor rears were over the edge of the trailer about an inch on each side. Put the fenders back on, chained it down good and towed it home no problems.
  8. MTO - check his videos, there is one where he sits with his family and tells the story of how he lost his arms. Amazing what he has been through and his attitude on life.
  9. I've got a 1936 F-12 that I've been working on for awhile. Things are getting painted and put back together. The seat that was on the tractor when I got it is obviously not the factory seat. I've been curious about the origins of the seat. Only thing I have been told is that it is possibly an aftermarket replacement seat for the F series tractors, but I don't know if that is true or not. It's a pretty good seat and will be going back on the tractor, I would like to have an answer for those who will ask me "what's that seat off of?". I figure someone on here will be able to identify it. Thanks in advance for any information.
  10. That's a good show. I'll be there Friday.
  11. Here's a parts diagram of mine if it helps. It's a 8' model 12A. I believe they are all pretty similar.
  12. Remember when you were in college and thought you knew everything? Then you got out of school, got a job, got married, had kids, paid bills and taxes, and now look back and realize you didn't know anything? Now imagine when you got out of school you got elected to Congress. That about sums her up.
  13. They also take up a lot of money. One of the first in our county was installed in an intersection a couple miles from me. A former two way stop that had it's share of accidents, mostly folks assuming it was 4-way and getting t-boned in the intersection. I attended the public hearing on the proposed roundabout. The question was asked "Why not just install two more stopsigns and make it a 4-way stop, what would that cost?" Answer was $2000 to make it a 4-way stop. And cost to make it a roundabout? Just over a million bucks. Land had to be seized, electrical service had to be installed (never had street lights before), plus construction costs and landscaping. Of course the county went with the expensive option.
  14. Yup. Spent 35 years in refining. Called a hot tap. Usually weld a saddle on live pipe, pipe must be UT'd for thickness and have flow through it at all times. After saddle is welded on, install valve and hydro test. Install hot tap drilling fixture, drill and retrieve coupon. Withdraw drill, close valve and you have a new connection. Done it many times, up to 24" pipe with 12" saddle, on everything but hydrogen piping. Never an issue if done correctly. Those folks were taking an insane risk being that close and in contact with the product. I look at that leak, wonder if it was someone drilling pipe or if it was a piping failure. Looks kinda like a crack, not a hole.
  15. Our government at work spending our money. In all the area in the park they can't find a spot to pile up the wood and just let nature take its course, in other words let it rot? Isn't that what happens to trees that fall down?
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